10 Reasons the Tampa Housing Market is Hotter Than Ever

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According to a recent report, Tampa has been named America’s ninth-fasted growing city. With a rising population and growing Tampa housing market, this Floridian city is moving up.

If you are thinking of relocating to the Tampa area or are curious about Tampa housing market trends, this region has a lot to offer first-time home buyers and investors.

With a large international airport, extensive business opportunities for employees and company owners, good school districts, and access to some of Florida’s best beaches, nightlife, and shopping, it’s no wonder real estate in Tampa is on the rise.

Read on to learn more about the growing Tampa market and why you may consider moving soon!

1. Strong Local Economy

Tampa’s economy has been on the rise since 2011. With solid job growth fueled by professionals and business services, Tampa has a lot of opportunities.

Tampa has the infrastructure and demonstrated history to support this undertaking, whether you want to open a new business or relocate your enterprise to the area. This strong local economy can encourage buyers to invest in Tampa real estate in both residential and commercial properties.

2. Safe and Secure Place To Live

As one of Florida’s leading residential and business cities, Tampa is a place that welcomes families and singles alike. Tampa is a safe place to call home–with everything from luxurious and secure high-rise apartment buildings downtown to suburban gated communities.

3. Good School Districts

Did you know that Tampa has quality school districts? For families looking to raise their children in the Tampa Bay area or those hoping to move to a better school district, this region of Florida can be an attractive choice.

After all, good school districts can significantly influence the Florida housing market. If you have questions about which districts are best and what neighborhood to move to, check out alexplotkinrealestate.com for real estate listings and insight.

4. Exciting Social Life and Nightlife

Real estate in Tampa, like in every market, is dependent on location. More buyers are drawn to the market as the downtown Tampa area grows with new nightlife venues and entertainment facilities.

As a young professional launching a career, downtown Tampa offers excitement and fun while still being close to work.

5. Up-and-Coming Dining Scene

Tampa is considered an up-and-coming culinary destination across the United States and the world. If you’re a major foodie, you’ll love exploring new restaurants and tried and true favorites downtown.

But when it comes to the Tampa housing market trends, cosmopolitan city centers with all the benefits of urban living attract buyers from all walks of life.

For example, restaurant owners and developers are drawn to commercial spaces to open their next greatest venture. At the same time, families, young professionals, and even retirees seek a neighborhood feel to put down roots.

That typically makes for some great local dining, which in turn builds community.

6. High Salaries and Quality of Life

It’s one thing to buy into a growing real estate market. But what job opportunities exist in Tampa to sustain a house purchase and attract buyers to settle in the area? On average, Tampa’s salaries are higher than other Floridian cities and southern cities.

This enables professionals to upscale their home search and afford a more relaxed and higher quality of life in Tampa. As a job seeker, you’ll find many of the countries biggest businesses headquarter in Tampa.

That means you’ll have the opportunity to find work and advance your career, all while affording your monthly mortgage payment.

7. Tax Benefits

Did you know that the state of Florida is one of the few areas in the United States without personal income tax? This tax benefit is a massive appeal for the Tampa Bay housing market. This tax benefit is particularly enticing for professionals looking to save and grow their earnings.

8. Job Opportunities

Besides the high salaries, there are plenty of job opportunities across unique sectors in Tampa you may not find in other parts of the United States. For example, the hospitality industry in Tampa Bay is a vital sector for promising job opportunities and growth.

Port and maritime job opportunities offer unique roles aboard ships and cruise lines. These employees may find the Tampa Bay area the perfect place to settle down and invest in housing. As the dining and entertainment scene continues to grow, restauranteurs and investors may find Tampa the ideal location to attract new talent and grow their brand.

Educators will find the school districts and universities to be excellent places to find employment. This industry also helps drive the demand for well-priced housing across the Tampa Bay area.

9. Well-Connected City

Tampa is one of the most internationally and nationally accessible cities across Florida.

The international airport allows tourists and locals to travel with ease just 30 minutes from downtown. The modern infrastructure such as highways and city streets allow for easy, safe, and quick driving.

As a well-connected city, Tampa is an attractive investment to live full-time or visit seasonally. This prime location benefit is a positive influence on the success of the housing market.

10. Big City Benefits With Small Town Charm

You may love the benefits of living in a big city. But sometimes, the energy can feel heavy and tiring. Not in Tampa!

You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of downtown, and within 20 minutes, pull into the driveway of your suburban oasis. Or, depending on your neighborhood, you can stroll to the beach or local restaurants.

This relaxed way of living allows homebuyers to enjoy all the wonders of city living with the relaxing lifestyle that only small towns can deliver.

Tampa Housing Market: More Attractive Than Ever

Do you see the benefits of investing in the Tampa housing market? The Tampa Bay area offers buyers a lot more than Florida sunshine and beach getaways. Tampa is a modern and metropolitan city brim with opportunity.

From excellent school districts and an up-and-coming dining scene to a growing job market, it’s no wonder that homeowners feel pulled by Tampa’s charm.

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