10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Theater Recliner

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A home theater will change the way you enjoy media in your home. Yet, setting up a proper entertainment room is about more than just the movie. The sound, the screen, and seating play a role.

This guide will focus on comfortable seating for your movie room. Read on for 10 tips to keep in mind when choosing a home theater recliner.

In no time, you’ll be kicking your feet up and enjoying the show.

1) Plan the Layout

Plan the seating layout before you buy chairs. Will your home theater have multiple rows of seating. Are the chairs staggered for viewing? Is there room for walking aisles?

A plan of the layout will give you an idea of how reclining seating will work.

2) Number of Chairs

You likely don’t have room for 150 seats like a true movie theater. However, your home setup should be able to accommodate many guests. Think about how many people will be using the theater and plan accordingly.

This number will influence the size of the chairs.

3) Chair Size

When you know how many seats you want, you can start thinking about the size. There is a reclining theater chair for every setup.

Custom recliners can be built to your exact specifications and sizes. Base shape, armrest size, and back support can all be tailored to your size design.

4) Material

There are many materials for seating upholstery. Leather, fabric, and vinyl are a few of the top options and they each offer benefits. Theater seats call for special consideration.

You will be sitting in the seats for extended periods. The utmost importance is the comfort of the material. Yet, if you are going to be snacking during the movie, the material needs to be easy to clean in case of a spill.

5) Accessories

What is the movie theater without popcorn and soda?  As such, you should think about some of the accessories available with home seating.

Consider cup holders in the chairs and swiveling trays for snacks.

6) Amenities

The accessories are for practical purposes, but what if you want to go beyond practical? There are many seating amenities available for extra enjoyment.

Seat vibrations, USB charging, and ambient lighting are ideas to elevate the experience.

7) Motif

A home movie theater is a statement piece. As such, the first impressions guests have when seeing the room is important.

Make sure the design of the recliners matches the motif of the room. Style goes a long way in a theater.

8) Color

If you go with hand-crafted recliners, there will be many color options. Not only do you need to select something that matches the motif of the room, but also a practical color.

Movie theaters are meant to be dark. Darker colors for chairs will help subdue the lighting and glare.

9) Individual or Bank Chairs

Theater recliners are available as individual or banks of seats. While individual chairs give the viewers plenty of personal space, they can be a bit bulkier. Meanwhile, banks of chairs are compact.

This design offers more seats in closer proximity.

10) Price

Think about the budget of your home theater. The seating is very important, but there are other big expenses required.

All the above tips will influence the price point of your home theater seating.

Find the Perfect Theater Recliner

Remember, comfortable seating is a critical aspect of a home theater. Keep this guide in mind when you are shopping for the right theater recliner. The only thing left to do is decide what to watch.

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