3 Ways to Protect and Restore Your PDF Files

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It is amazing to think that our technology is so advanced today. However, although we can do things much easier, we cannot deny that some problems may still occur. A few examples may be when the parts of an electric fan overheats, and this example is but one instance among many others. This is proof that technology is yet to be perfected.

One spectacular thing that technology brought into our lives is the digital and online world. Communicating from long distances, browsing and downloading things from the Internet, and even storing documents and other kinds of files are some features of it. Meanwhile, it is necessary to protect your files as we’ve mentioned that mishaps occur without giving you a heads up just like humans do. Learn three accessible ways to protect and repair PDF files here!

What is file corruption?

File corruption refers to the errors that happen on files when you are writing, editing, saving, and doing many other actions to them. What comes out of this situation is a damaged file. A damaged, or should we say corrupted, file is one thing that doesn’t execute properly. So, for instance, you have a PDF file that got corrupted, it may not open, and you might be frustrated at the thought of losing the file’s contents.

Why does file corruption occur?

Though file corruption may occur all of a sudden, it is not entirely without reason. You can think of it this way. File corruption happened because one thing that is out of place occurred. It may be your work or some other foreign factors. Check some reasons why your files get damaged below!

Interrupted power supply

Do you simply unplug your computer after using it? Is your area prone to power outages? Interrupted power supply is a factor in file corruption. For instance, you might have an open file and you are working on it. Suddenly, the electricity went off for a short time. When your PC is  on again, there’s the possibility of having your file inoperable already.

Error in saving a file

Admittedly, your software may be a culprit as well. They may suffer from a glitch at the wrong timing and what gets compromised may be your file. For lay people, it would really be a conundrum as they don’t really know what occurs under the hood.

Viruses and malware from downloading files online

Viruses and malware are almost ever-present online, hence the need for firewalls. You may unintentionally download them from visiting unsafe websites or opening emails from unknown senders.

How do I prevent getting my files damaged?

Setting up preventive measures would always be a clever thing to do, no matter what area or situation we are talking about. You can glean information and get the gist of what you need to do by just looking back to the factors of file damage. Here are some things you can do to increase the chances of saving your file.

Ensure stable power supply

Literally the opposite, ensuring that your computer doesn’t shut down while you are working is a good measure to prevent file corruption. You must also correctly turn off your computer and ensure that no software is left open.

Update your software

This measure is a little self-explanatory. Keeping your apps up-to-date ensures that the bugs inside the software get removed by the updated features. These updates may also come with improved file retrieval and restoration.

Install antivirus and antimalware software

Antivirus and antimalware software help deter dangerous viruses and files that you may download online. Although you may have to pay for a subscription, rest assured that it would be a worthwhile expense.

How can I restore my files?

If your files still get damaged, there’s no need to worry. We can’t really be completely sure that our files are damage-free. What you can do now is to look for ways to repair your files. One standard file format is PDF, which is a popular choice for rendering and archiving files, so let’s assume that you’ve got damaged PDFs. You can repair them with the help of GogoPDF. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Visit GogoPDF.
  2. Upload your corrupted file.
  3. GogoPDF will attempt to repair your PDF to the highest quality that is possible to restore.
  4. Simply download and save your repaired file!

Though GogoPDF isn’t guaranteed to restore your files completely, rest assured that it will try to restore everything that can be restored. It is one of the most convenient tools that will be your friend in the case that your files get damaged.

Final thoughts

Our files may suffer from damage due to reasons we may not be aware of. We can prevent this situation from happening by setting up some preventive measures that we’ve mentioned. If you’ve got damaged files, just go to GogoPDF and restore them to their workable conditions!

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