5 Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting for Entrepreneurs

QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software alternative with millions of clients around the globe. There are two primary QuickBooks products provided by Intuit: QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Online is hosted in the cloud on reliable Intuit servers and available to access from any PC, tablet, or mobile phone with an internet connection whereas QuickBooks Desktop is hosted on local servers and installed on a PC. There are several advantages of choosing QuickBooks Hosting for your business. 

Below mentioned are 5 significant advantages of QuickBooks Hosting for Entrepreneurs:

1. Instant access to data anytime and at anyplace

It is mandatory now for each company to be available to its clients all the time. In such a competitive market, it is necessary to have access to the latest and updated real-time data. Hosting makes it viable for businesses to utilize their important software data anytime they need it. Data can be accessed and edited in real-time. This function also reinforces the collaboration of several users without any restrictions on physical appearance. You can also avail of cloud services from a Virtual Cloud Desktop Provider at affordable prices.

2. Complete IT assistance and maximum server uptime in one plan

Hosting services provide complete availability of the servers with minimal planned or unplanned downtime. Additionally, the IT assistance is also friendly and satisfactory. Many QuickBooks hosting providers give comprehensive technical assistance for free and are available all the time to solve customer problems as quickly as possible.

3. Total protection of data with most advanced antivirus and spam-filtering

Your data will be protected even when it is online. Several encrypted software and level-3 firewalls have been established to make your data secure from being sabotaged by any harmful software and unauthorized personnel.

4. Facilitates cost-savings and time-management

By conserving time, you save money indirectly. There is no need to install physical server setups, create complicated links, establish a common database with several users, and system maintenance, CPAs and accounting professionals save plenty of their monetary resources and eliminate the complexities and the effort required for it. Hosted QuickBooks is just a service that customers can access and utilized without any complicated physical equipment settings. Only a stable and robust internet connection and a supportive device for accessing the remote server are needed.

5. Quick customization and exceptional integration with several add-ons

QuickBooks hosting is quickly customizable as per the requirements of the clients. These requirements differ from small to large and can be changed at any time. It has compatibility with all sorts of devices like PCs, mobile phones, laptops, notepads, etc. Multiple QuickBooks add-ons can take up the corresponding server resources and work in total integration with QuickBooks.

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