5 Celebrities Who Love Wearing IWC Pilot Watches

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A Pilot Watch is a type of wristwatch that almost all watch brands try to produce, but which brand is the master of making them, you might ask? The resounding answer is International Watch Company or IWC. To this time, IWC still manages to produce Pilot watches with astonishing designs that can impress both watch aficionados and aviators. With easy-to-read dials, big crowns, and pronounced push-pieces IWC is renowned for optimal legibility, precision, and effortless functionality. It’s no wonder why several famous people are avid wearers of their pilot watches. If you want to know which celebrities are loyal to their IWC pilot wristwatches, and what models you can find on their wrists then below are the stars who are always spotted to have an IWC on and off the camera. If you are looking for a superb Pilots watch then you might be inspired to follow suit from these personalities.

1.  Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady, has been wearing IWC since 2002, long before he became an ambassador for the brand. Today his IWC collection is deserving of a Superbowl Collection. This athlete’s collection includes the Pilot’s Watch Top Gun Chronograph, the Top Gun Miramar, the Rodeo Drive Big Pilot, and the Pilots Watch Timezoner. He also owns 20 watches from the IWC brands which include IWC Portugieser, IWC Ingenieur, and GST Automatic alarm models. Curious about these other models from the IWC brand? If you want to explore more of IWC then check out Watch Shopping where you can find various IWC timepieces and other quality luxury wristwatches.

2.  Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper has been assigned as an IWC ambassador since 2018, however, he has long before been a fan of the IWC Big Pilot Watch. He has been spotted wearing the Big Pilot camera and has even used his pieces during his 2015 film Aloha. He owns a couple of Big Pilot watches which include a Big Pilot Automatic, a Big Pilot Limited Edition, and a Big Pilot Single Piece which he wore on one of his Oscars. The red gold, blue dial timepiece was an on-off piece that was created for the benefit of Antoine de Saint Exupery Youth Foundation.

3.  Rosamund Pike

Pilot watches were considered before to be men’s watches. But times have changed since, and the lines between what men and women can wear have also been blurred. Rosamund Pike, the actress who stars in Gone Girl, Jack Reacher and I Care A Lot, loves to wear 40-millimeter watches that carry more wrist presence than traditionally made watches for women. Her choice of timepieces comes from the IWC Pilot Mark series which has friendlier case dimensions, and symmetrical and minimalist dials which can be appreciated by both pilots and non-pilots, and men and women alike.

4.  Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has a vast collection of watches from Rolex, Richard Mille, and of course – IWC. When it comes to Pilot watches, he is loyal to the IWC Big Pilot. Given his towering height, the generous proportions and no-nonsense design of the Big Pilot are a great fit for Michael. This basketball superstar was spotted having three IWC Big Pilot watches, the IWC Big Pilot Platinum Edition with the blue dial and blue strap, a Reference 5002 in stainless steel. Another one he owns is a rose gold annual calendar Antoine de Saint Exupery and was limited to 250 pieces.

5.  John Mayer

John Mayer, an eccentric musical artist is also known for being an avid watch collector. His enthusiasm for wristwatches made his taste and standard for quality wristwatches refined. However, it was IWC Big Pilot watches that cemented his love for collecting timepieces. He loves the legibility and functionality of IWC Big Pilot. He wore one during several of his on-stage performances. An IWC was the most expensive object that he bought in the rise of his career, giving the watch sentimental value among his collections.

Where Can You Buy IWC watches?

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In Conclusion

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