5 tips to become more popular on instagram

If your Instagram account is not turning out to be as popular as you wanted, then it is probably the right time to make some changes and sharpen your Instagram skills. Building engagement and popularity are two of the most difficult tasks on Instagram.

But, they are not unachievable!

Read on to find out 5 of the best tricks to become popular on Instagram!

1. Have A Consistent Posting Schedule

Whether you are a brand or an aspiring influencer, always remember that posting consistently is key. But how consistently?

As per surveys, the sweet spot is a steady 1-2 posts every day. This way your feed remains fresh and significant, and you have more chances to engage with your audience. Figuring out an ideal posting time is crucial as well, particularly when managing Instagram’s algorithmic feed. 

The ideal posting times generally depend on your target audience’s demographics. Broadly, you can go with 8 AM – 9 AM or 2 PM – 5 PM for your first post to even 5 AM for your second, this irregularity can create loads of confusion when scheduling content.

Basically, there are no fixed best timings to post.

What you need to do is use Instagram’s insights features to understand your audience’s demographics, age, gender, and online behavior. You can access this using a business Instagram account. 

This assists you with finding out when your followers are generally dynamic and permits you to plan accordingly, guaranteeing your posts at the top of their news feeds. Doing so will also help you gain popularity on Instagram. 

2. Stay Away From Fake Instagram Followers

There’s a clear distinction between an Instagram account having real and fake followers. It may appear to be enticing to just gain cheap Instagram followers, however, finding authentic websites on the internet that provide real followers is very difficult. There are very few of these. 

Fake followers are most likely to:

  • Misdirect new followers: If clients go to an inactive Instagram account with a huge number of followers, it will bring down the account’s credibility. Try not to trick individuals into following you. Construct trust and stable connections for better engagement. Fake followers will not help you gain popularity on Instagram.
  • Have no ROI: It may appear to be simpler to purchase followers, however, your procured bot or automated new followers will not be buying anything. Individuals follow accounts on Instagram because they genuinely like your content and products. These are real buyers and can increase your sales.
  • Make practically no buzz: If you have 15,000 fake followers, will any of them engage with your posts? In most likeliness, Instagram will delete fake accounts very soon and your posts will be left blank – no comments, or likes.

Real followers can share, like, comment, and interact with your Instagram posts.

3. Add Links To Instagram Everywhere

Increasing your brand’s exposure and perception is a standout amongst other approaches to get noticed. If you are really looking to gain popularity on Instagram, make it easier for people to find you. You could add social media buttons to your blog to assist with advancing social shares across the entirety of your social platforms and also to let people discover you on Instagram. 

You can also use the approach of cross-promotion to ensure traffic is directed to everywhere that you have your presence online. You can include your Instagram buttons on Facebook and vice versa. 

But also ensure that you’re not simply requesting a follow. Rather you should attempt to advance great content on your Instagram so clients have the motivation to follow you there. Luckily, with Instagram adding a huge load of new content and video highlights like Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you have an incredible chance to gain followers through inventive substance.

4. Choose Relevant Hashtags

Make your hashtags excessively nonexclusive! — think #beauty or #covid — and your post will definitely face a huge amount of competition. The trick is to use a blend of trending and niche-specific hashtags. Research well before choosing your final hashtags.

When researching hashtags, pay close attention to the sort of content and the amount of likes on its top-performing posts it gets — If you can create content along the same lines, you’re winning!

Also, remember that users consider posts with too many hashtags as spam and will probably not give them any attention. The maximum limit that Instagram provides is 30 however, you should never even be near this limit. A post over flooded with hashtags looks amateurish and untargeted. According to some surveys, the magic number is 10. Posts with 10 hashtags get the most interaction. To maximize engagement, you can even consider some of the best sites to gain active Instagram followers.

5. Be Real And Transparent

You should want to make genuine connections on Instagram and being fake will not help you with that. You should be raw – vulnerable and authentic. Instagram content is all about being “relatable.” Being open and straightforward will go far to assist you with engaging your audience.

Remember that even a single genuine connection is much better than 200 fake ones. Committed followers will stay with you over the long haul, trust your brand, and are bound to routinely engage with you.


Always remember that gaining overnight success on Instagram is extremely rare. We suggest that you keep your spirits high and use these tricks as much as possible – Instagram stardom is within your reach!

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