6 of the Most Common Car Accident Injuries

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Have you been in a car accident recently, or are you preparing to start driving soon?

Car accident injuries happen more often than people think, and they can also be more serious than they first appear. It is essential to know what to expect when driving and how to respond if you or someone you know is in an accident and needs help.

Keep reading so you can be prepared for any situation.

1. Whiplash

One of the most common injuries from a car accident is getting whiplash. If you had a fender bender, hit something, or had someone hit you, you could suffer from whiplash. This is usually not a severe injury and will heal on its own, but it’s still a good idea to visit a doctor to get a diagnosis.

Knowing what to do after auto accidents can be confusing, but make sure you get the help you need.

2. Scrapes, Cuts, and Bruises

If you’re injured in a car accident, you’ll likely have a few bruises from the seatbelt or the airbag impact. And depending on the kind of accident, you might also have some scrapes or cuts from broken glass.

These injuries might sound superficial, but they could require stitches or other immediate attention. Getting car accident help right away can prevent these injuries from getting worse.

And if you have these kinds of injuries or need to see a doctor after an accident, you should speak with an auto accident attorney to make sure you understand the legalities of the accident.

3. Broken Bones

A car accident can lead to a few broken bones, especially for the ribcage, since the impact with the steering wheel or airbag can be too strong for the body to handle. These injuries are typically noticeable and need to be treated by a physician.

4. Head Injuries

Auto accidents can be hazardous, and some of the worst injuries are head injuries or traumatic brain injuries. You can get a concussion from even a minor accident. If you suspect you hurt your head in an accident, see a doctor immediately to make sure you are okay.


Post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t often talked about when it comes to auto accidents, but it is very real. Different causes of car accidents can result in different outcomes of this disorder, preventing you from driving in the future or being a passenger. PTSD can severely affect your life and needs to be treated like physical injuries if you want to get well quickly.

Careful About Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries are often more severe than they look from the outside. Drive safe, and if you are in an accident, look out for these and other injuries. Don’t forget to visit a doctor and explain your injuries to your attorney to make sure you are covered by insurance.

If this helped you know what to look for following a car accident, check out our website for more helpful information.

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