7 Streaming Tips You Can Use for Your Next Stream

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Hoping to become a professional streamer on YouTube or Twitch?

Before you do, keep in mind that it’s not as easy as turning on a camera and talking. You could end up with no viewers for months.

Don’t fret; we’ve got a few helpful streaming tips so you can launch your career right. Continue below to read 7 streaming tips beginners should learn quickly.

1. Simple Setup

One of the most crucial streaming tips to keep in mind is to keep your setup nice and simple. Minimize how many tools you use. This reduces the chances of something going awry.

2. Test Run

Before you go live for your audience, make sure to run a test run. Go live but keep it unlisted and share the link to the stream to yourself. Watch your own stream on a separate device to check the quality of your work.

3. Get a Good Mic

An effective step to improve Twitch stream quality is to get the right mic. Prioritize a good mic over getting a good camera. At the end of the day, people watch you for the gameplay and commentary.

If you have a podcast set up, which is the most common, get a condenser mic. For people streaming additional sounds, like music, a dynamic mic may be the better choice.

4. Invest in Good Assets

Do you want to look more professional? This can help you stand out from the dozens of streamers out there. Use tools like Adobe Spark or Instagram to announce a stream starting soon or to highlight Super Chats.

5. Measurable Goals

Most Twitch streaming tips focus on the technical aspects to consider. However, you also need to work on listing and aiming for realistic goals.

Don’t state “earn thousands of dollars on Twitch.” Instead, state something like “gain 400 followers in three months.” The latter is a more measurable goal, one you can test.

6. Know Your Platforms

Should you focus on Facebook live streaming or Twitch? Do you want to get on IGTV or YouTube?

It all depends on the content you focus on. Twitch remains the most popular platform when it comes to streaming video games. You can get on IGTV for fashion vlogs or YouTube for lifestyle vlogs.

7. Engage With the Audience

Engaging with your audience is among the most oft-repeated streaming tips for beginners because it matters. Reply to Super Chats, talk to your viewers, and respond to comments on your content.

Don’t let yourself appear as a lifeless robot. Engage and let the audience help you fight off dead air.

Follow These Streaming Tips for Success

There’s no denying that streaming is a difficult career to jump into. There is a lot of technical aspects and marketing factors to consider. However, you can get a head start and find success with these streaming tips.

That said, these tips will only help you put a good foot forward. You also need to learn how to edit videos and work on your content. For more tips and tricks like this list, feel free to dig into our other posts today.

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