A Few Unknown Facts About PF Withdrawals

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If you search for the right way to secure your future, then PF will be a perfect choice. For salaried people, PF will be nothing but the best way to save money. With PF, you will avail plenty of benefits, but also, there are a few things that very few people know when it comes to PF or ESI. A PF ESI Consultant will be able to help you with some unknown facts; we are here to give you a glimpse! Did you know that you can withdraw your PF or ESI without the signature of the employer?

The Process Of EPF Withdrawal Without Employer Signature

We know that getting the signature from your previous employer can be a huge hassle if you have already left the job on a bad note. Previously, it was mandatory to get the sign of the employer to withdraw the PF amount. Nowadays, the EPFO has completely erased this process since it is very much impractical. You might as well have a wrong term with the previous employer, and he might not give you the signature. The UAN and EPFO’s member portal has successfully erased all processes related to PF, including withdrawals. There are basically two steps to make the ESI withdrawal without the employer’s signature. The two are given below.

●       With an Aadhaar card

●       Without an Aadhaar card

No matter which process you are going to apply for, a PF ESI Consultant will always have your back, and they will make sure you are getting the amount without any hurdles. So, what does it take to do it with an Aadhaar Card? Let’s find it out below.

With An Aadhaar Card

  • First of all, to make things clear, the EPFO has a great withdrawal option on its member portal just by linking your Aadhaar card. In this case, you will not require any attestation from your employer; still, you can simply carry out the whole process
  • The salary bank account and your Aadhaar card should be linked as well as verified by your employer. You need to put the details on EPFO’s member portal
  • You need to activate the UAN. Once you have successfully done it, you can start the process of making the withdrawal without your previous employer’s signature
  • You will have to download the EPF forms from the EPFO portal and fill it properly
  • You will have to attach a cancelled cheque for the EPFO so that they can verify your bank account number. You will have to submit the form to the nearest EPF office. In case you are hiring a PF ESIC Consultant, they will do whatever necessary
  • The bank account number should match with the mentioned bank account number on the UAN database.

How To Withdraw PF Without An Aadhaar Card

  • For the employees who do not have any Aadhaar card, the whole process of making the PF withdrawal without the employer’s signature might get very tedious
  • You will have to download forms from the EPFO’s portal, fill in the details, and attest the copy from any of the officers such as magistrate, member of the EPFO, bank manager, and Gazetted officer

Different Situations When You Can Withdraw Your PF 

We would like to share some of the situations when you can withdraw your PF on an urgent basis. 

●   If you have worked for less than ten years, then you can withdraw the PF + EPS amount.

●   If you have worked for more than ten years, then you can withdraw your PF balance, although it will reduce the pension.

●   If you have worked for more than ten years of service, you can withdraw the PF amount.

●   After 58 years, you can withdraw the PF balance + full pension without any deduction. 

We would like to talk about the most common situation people withdraw their PF amount. 

You can get a pension after retirement, and you have rendered a minimum of 10 years of service, then you may go for this. In case your service period has been more than ten years, then you must have to be between 50-58 to get the full amount of pension. You will get a form 10D, and it has to be submitted along with the composite claim form. 

Once you have completed ten years of service, the EPS amount can never be withdrawn, and you can only issue the scheme certificate by filing Form 10C and Composite Claim Form. In general, the pension is to be paid from age 58. On the other hand, you can get a reduced pension from age 50. If you want to go for an early pension policy after 50 years, you will have to complete ten years of service without any break. 

So, we have explained both processes so that you can go for whatever suits you the best!

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