Why is AMD better than Intel for gaming?

Intel Vs AMD

The debate between AMD and Intel has been going on forever. The only reason behind that is they are the only companies within this category that are making processors for gaming and working purposes. But the real and actual question is, which one is the best for gaming? Should you go for Intel, or should you opt for AMD? Well, if we take a look at some of the latest releases by AMD, it is technically proved that AMD is relatively better than Intel. But exactly how? Let’s check out!
Reasons why AMD is better than Intel!

These are some of the reasons that prove that AMD is definitely better than Intel. So let’s check them out and see where Intel is lacking!


One of the best things or aspects about AMD is that it produces budget processors for its users. It does not matter if we talk about the desktop processors or mobile processors for the laptops; AMD has always done its best to keep the prices minimal. Maybe this is the actual reason why gamers prefer to go with AMD rather than spending money on Intel processors, that too, to get the same performance. If you want to buy the best laptops for gaming, you can check out the ones with AMD processors. You will definitely find them a lot cheaper than the laptops having Intel chips.

Thermal control

We all have heard and read that AMD processors run at high temperatures. This is the main reason why AMD processors were bashed for a long time, but that is where AMD found a solution. They turned their biggest weakness into a plus point that is quite beneficial for all the gamers who actually want to play their favorite games.
AMD officially stated that their processors are made in a way that they can easily bear high temperatures. So the thing is, even your AMD processor is reaching 98 degrees Celsius, you will not have to worry about anything. But if the case is the same with the Intel processor, you can get into some serious trouble. So even if you are looking for the best amd gaming laptops, you can go for the ones with AMD chipset without worrying about its temperature. Just make sure to know the generation of your preferred processor as it will allow you to play the latest games freely and without any type of lag.

Impressive releases

If you take a look around, you will get to know how fast the world of technology is moving. The thing that was popular yesterday has become pretty usual for everyone as of today. The same case goes with the games and the programs. The latest games require more and more powerful hardware in order to run them smoothly and in the maximum settings possible.

That is where AMD is dominating the industry by releasing the whole lineup of new processors every year. Gamers can pick whatever processor they deem fit for their needs and enjoy all the benefits of the latest-gen processors. Another great thing about AMD is that it does not only release a single processor, but it comes up with multiple processors. So if you are wondering if you will be able to afford all those new processors, then you can simply opt for the one that is cheaper.

Better cache

If you have been following Intel and AMD for a long time now, you would have known that AMD always comes up with better cache memory. Meanwhile, Intel is stuck only to a 32MB cache, which can create problems with several tasks. Aside from that, higher cache levels allow the computer games UFABET to load the applications faster, and that is why it is necessary for the latest gen processors.


What will you do if you want to upgrade your processor? Will you replace your motherboard, too, just for the sake of the processor? You might not! AMD cares for its users and tries to develop processors for the same socket as before. If you take a look at the latest AMD processors, only some of them require different motherboard sockets; other than that, all of them are compatible with the previous ones.
The verdict!

So these are the five reasons that make AMD better than Intel in the current era. But as I have stated earlier, this era is quite uncertain. So let’s see what Intel will bring in the future and if it will be able to beat AMD in different aspects or not.

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