25 best money making apps to generate income from home

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Have you ever heard about money making apps?

Do you want to use such best money making apps to generate passive income from your own home?

Well, in this new post, have brought together all of the best money making apps for you to consider. Mobile advertising can be termed as one of the best to earn money from the mobile apps. In fact, it stands out among other advertising methods to a large extent. It also does not cost much. But, still the competition is tough in this field.

This means that you need to have a winning mobile app monetization strategy to make money online from apps. The aim of this article is to share some of the best of this kind of strategies with you. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money with mobile apps. However, you should make sure that you are focusing on the most profitable areas to maximize your profits.

You should also remember to research the market properly before making any investment. As long as you implement the strategies discussed in this article, you will be able to achieve your goals and make money. In addition, make sure to learn new strategies along with the ones you have read in this article.

Best money making apps

Making money from home has become very easy and prominent in the 21st century. Even a small child with the basic knowledge of the internet can do wonders. But have you ever thought of money making apps? If not then it’s the right time to earn money via some of the best money making apps.

25 best money making apps you should know

These apps mainly include live quizzes, product surveys, live games, app downloading, and advertisement viewing. You can easily complete the daily tasks given for earning points. These points can later be converted to real cash and you can withdraw it weekly or fortnightly to your connected bank account or virtual cash wallets such as PayPal, Paytm, etc.

1. Cointiply – Earn Free Bitcoin:

Cointiply is one of the legit and best money-making apps. This app is a bitcoin faucet also a GPT. Cointiply offers a range of ways to make a small amount of but quick money by completing surveys, playing games, chatting on the web, viewing ads, or sometimes just downloading the app they suggest.

cointiply Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Create a new account.
  • To begin, log-in.
  • Multiply your bitcoins up to 61x by playing multiplier.
  • Level up by completing tasks.
  • Earn more bitcoins by completing offers.
  • Complete surveys daily.
  • Earn bitcoins by watching videos.

Average income:

If you earn up to $2-3 dollars an hour and serve 10 hours a day, you can earn up to $7200-$10800 yearly.

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2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is an online earning app that pays you real money in cashback, offering gift cards for online shopping and in-stores. Swagbucks is from the real earning apps that make you money by providing you with a range of activities to complete in the form of SB (Swagbucks currency points).

swagbucks Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Get cashback on online shopping.
  • Make money by Complete daily surveys.
  • Answer daily trivia polls.
  • Complete daily goals.
  • Do everyday check listing.
  • Watch videos to earn money.
  • Earn by watching ads.
  • Earn money by searching the websites.

Average income:

Users can earn up to 7200 dollars yearly from this app.

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3. MooCash – Get Paid by Swiping & Taping:

MooCash is of the best apps to make money fast only by using the screen locker. MooCash offers you real cash by swiping left to unlock their mobile screens. It is the best money earning app that provides users to withdraw their money through Paypal or others whenever they swipe to claim an offer. For claiming the suggestions, you have to download the suggested app; if not, watch the short video.

moo cash Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Chat with MooCash anytime on the website.
  • Withdraw your MooCash coins to get cash.
  • Swipe to claim the offer that pops on your lock screen.

Average income:

You can make $1 a week and $52 as a side income.

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4. Surveys on the Go:

Surveys on the Go’ is the best money-making app and a mobile market research tool. This app will pay its user for sharing an opinion. This online earning app will offer you opportunities to contribute your views on various subjects like entertainment, shopping, sports, products, technology, and media. This app sends two to three surveys weekly to claim them; your mobile phones need to be updated.

surveys on the go Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Keep your mobile updated to get new surveys.
  • Complete the surveys.
  • Get paid by sharing opinions.

Average income:

You can make a 10 dollar survey that means you can make 3600 dollars yearly.

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5. Upwork:

Upwork is from the top of best earn money apps. It provides the platform for freelancers and agencies to make clients and earn money. It offers writers, graphic designers, web designers, and other freelancers them to enhance their skills by working with any person around the world. If you are a newbie, you can rack up costly experiences and no need to pitch the client’s cold.

upwork Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Register with the Upwork app.
  • Start sending proposals on Upwork.
  • Begin with short tasks.
  • Focus entirely on the positive response.
  • Get prepared for Upwork interviews.

Average income:

This one is quite interesting; you can make $20 an hour from Upwork that means $72000 yearly.

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6. Acorns – Invest, Earn, Grow:

Acorn is an online earning app as well as investing one. You can’t grow your savings without any investment. Acorns app has made the investment simple and effective. You earn money by purchasing gift cards and a free spin wheel. Acorns app has generated its debit card for cash back in Bitcoins. This app is not going to make you rich overnight but can change your life. You are not needed to invest a vast amount, but the spare change left after shopping.

acorns Best money making apps

 How to earn:

  • Grow your investments with inflation.
  • Get cash backs on qualified purchases through their card.
  • Automated investments.
  • Withdraw money with Android apps.

Average income:

You can earn up to $12000 every year on the investment of $6000.

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7. Google Opinion Reward:

This is the best earning app from Google. It will give you points on your google services such as downloading apps, surveys, movies, or books from Google Playstore. Google will offer you twenty to thirty surveys to complete; weekly. You can withdraw cash after your points make one to two cents. This offer is only for android users!

google opinion rewards Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download apps and movies from Google.
  • Download and read books of your choice.
  • Complete Surveys weekly.
  • Withdraw your cash once the total points make one to two cents. 

Average income:

You will be paid $1 on each survey and $52 yearly.

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8. MyPoints:

Mypoints is from legitimate apps that pay you real money by giving you points for taking surveys, reading emails, searching web pages, and shopping. MyPoints also offer you points for completing the various business-centric tasks. Once you reach the required points, you will withdraw your cash and get gift cards.

my points Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Shop over 1900 retailers and get your points.
  • Get coupons for shopping and make points.
  • Earn points by reading the emails.
  • Share your opinion on different subjects.
  • Watch different videos to earn points.
  • Figure out contents and deals to get points.

Average income:

You will be paid $1 an hour from collecting points that means 7200 dollars yearly if you work 10hours a day on the app.

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9. Fiverr:

Fiverr is the premium earn money app through freelancing. Fiverr app provides a platform to the freelancer to make money online. It is one of the best money-making apps that let the buyer pay you in advance for the ‘gigs.’ Earning through fiver is so easy that a beginner can also register. You can provide any freelance services from content writing to voice-over. 

fiverr Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • To make money on fiver, you need to register first.
  • Generate a seller profile.
  • Generate your gigs.
  • Send different offers to buyers.
  • Deliver fine quality work and get paid on time.

Average income:

You can earn about $1000 weekly and $52000 yearly.

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10. Foap:

Foap is another earning app that lets you upload photos taken from your mobile phones. Once you upload your images, they are for sale globally. These images can be sold as many times as you want or sold to the required clients. Buyers figure out searches for the photos here. This offer is only for iPhone users! 

foap Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Register yourself with Foap.
  • Join regular Foap missions.
  • Earn money by uploading pictures of high quality.
  • Unlock premium missions by Foap points.
  • Earn by watching videos. 

Average income:

You can make up to $1000 per month and about $12000 yearly.

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11. Qureka

It’s a live quiz app with tonnes of quizzes and real cash rewards for your empty pockets. You can simply join the live quizzes on time available via reminders to answer them and make money in the easiest of ways. It is one of the most famous and best money making app via quizzes in the market.

qureka Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download and open app.
  • Ragister through email address and verify it.
  • Start playing game and earn.

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12. Roz Dhan

This is something different and exciting app to make money in India. You need to read news in the feed, complete surveys, installation task and play games as a daily task to earn daily rewards and wallet cash. You can invite your friends to earn more and withdraw money immediately.

roz dhan Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Install and open app
  • Register and verify
  • Start playing games and start earning
  • You can make extra income by inviting friends to use this app.

13. Meesho

One of the best making app especially for the homemaking women available right now. People can resell the relevant products from the wholesalers available there. Just browse, share and start earning. It comes with zero investment and zero stock-maintenance. So buckle up and start reselling to make money from the apps only.

mesho Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Install meesho app and sign up
  • Share on various social media and make sales
  • Get handsome commission.

Average income:

Meesho app user are earning $200- $250 per month.

14. Glow Road

This is something similar to Meesho and you can resell even more trendy items at wholesale prices. This is the most trusted apps with a lot of users and highest margins to make money at better levels. It comes with refundable and 100% free shipping policies. You can definitely make more money with interest and dedication.

glow road Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Install app and sign up
  • Select job and apply
  • Get selected and start selling
  • Start earning

15. Paytm First Games

Another gaming app launched by the Paytm for their potential customers. They provide an arena to bid for a game with the bonuses or Paytm cash you have. On winning the game, the bids of both winning and loser teams are credited to you. True gamers can surely take chance at it and make money simply by playing game.

paytm first games Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Install app and sign up through mobile number
  • Get OTP code and verify account
  • Get reward by playing game

16. Cashbuddy

It is also known as Data buddy. It offers you cashbacks for shopping and in wallets as well. On using this app for your browsing and shopping let you earn rewards and free data coupons. You can earn and redeem those cashbacks within seconds.

cashbuddy Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Downalod app
  • Install and signup
  • Earn handsome cash by completing simple tasks

17. Olymp Trade

It is an app for online trading with 24/7 support and the best part is, it is free to use. Trade, train and analyze from your smartphone. Monthly payoff reaches $13,000,000 to more than 30,000 traders around the globe.  If you don’t know trading, this app lets you learn and train you for doing so.

olymp trade Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Go to their website
  • Sign up and verify account
  • Deposite fund through VISA card
  • Start trading
  • Start earning

18. TaskBucks

Well this is not a money making app but you can earn daily coins to recharge you mobile phone almost free of cost. You can make those coins by playing game, quizzes, completing digital tasks, invite friends and participating in daily contests to win a free recharge. Try your luck, and have fun.

task bucks Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download and open app
  • Register and activate account
  • Get paid by playing games or completing simple tasks.

19. Cash, Inc. Money Clicker Game and Business Adventure

This is another best money making apps available to grow cash and become a rich business capitalist on all eras. It is basically a clicking & tapping game which can make you a money-crazed business tycoon in no time.

cash inc Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Install and open app
  • Register and activate
  • Make money by playing games

20. Lotto Quiz

It’s a daily free quiz to win millions based on your IQ. This gaming app is all about luck because the matching right answers are chosen randomly via a computer selection.

lotto quiz Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Install app and sign up
  • Get verified and earn by playing quiz games.

21. Guru Trade7

This is another thrilling trading app for making money through apps. They let you start trading via a free practice account first. It offers flexible trading and instant deal execution.  It is a reliable platform with a 24/7 multilingual support to make the best trader out of you. It is useful to earn money without any doubt.

guru trade Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download and open app
  • Sign up and verify account
  • Get $1000 demo cash to practice
  • Deposite fund and start trading

22. Dream 11

Gaming apps have overtaken the market, Dream 11 being the top most ones. It’s an imaginary cricket app that lets you create your team based on the abilities of the players available. Then you can play a match with that team to win and earn lavishly. The trick is to create a strong team. If you are also a cricket fan, than create your team today for winning real cash.

dream 11 Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download app
  • Open app and create account
  • Select a match yo want to play
  • Join a contest
  • Win and get paid

23.  IQ Option

IQ Option is another leading money making app available in the market. It lets you do day trading, buy and sell stocks, view shares and make your own portfolio. Multiple rewards, intuitive interface, education support and wide range of payment methods make it much more legible to the users and make money.

iq option Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download app and open it
  • Sign up through email and verify account
  • Get $1000 demo cash to practice
  • Deposite fund and start trading

24. Play Rummy

Card playing has never been so intimidating until the launch of this. Play rummy avails the gamers play games and earn points which can later be withdrawn in real cash form multiple payment options and easy pay outs.

rummy Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download app and open it
  • Ragister and activate account
  • Start playing and earning

25. Toluna

Last but not least, it is one of the widespread surveying app to earn rewards on the go. Easy payouts with better interface.

toluna Best money making apps

How to earn:

  • Download app and register
  • Get paid for each surveys

Wishing you all get unlimited success with these best money making apps.

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