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Learning is the only constant of life. Whatever height you may reach, but the ambition for learning new every day never falls, be it good or bad. E-learning has enabled the learning process at its best and the easiest way possible. With the growing online learning, multiple platforms have been emerging to fulfil the need of the hour. With the increasing aspirations, different courses have evolved too. 

The e-learning and online course market will be worth $325 billion by 2025. Now you can guess the worth and usability on your own. 

Now the two types of questions arise here-

  1. How to find a reliable platform and courses to learn something?
  2. Which is the best platform to start teaching?

Both the questions have different approaches to answer. Though the best platform with a worthy course is an answer to all.

In today’s article, we are going to provide a good insight into various famous online learning platforms, why online learning is best, and how to choose from such a wide variety. 

Why Online Courses And Learning

If, traditionally, people have come a long way, then why online learning now? Many of you must be popping the same question. Well, worry not coz here are the top 10 reasons for online learning being the best – 

  • You don’t have to commute to attend mere classes of 2-3 hours.
  • Plans are often affordable in online sessions than offline ones.
  • You can enroll in a variety of courses at a single time without facing any pressure. 
  • You can attend the classes anywhere, anytime.
  • You can learn at your own pace in the comfortable environment of your home.
  • Flexibility in schedule lets you do other significant jobs along with. So it is a career enhancement while you’re employed.
  • Students often get global exposure while learning online which diversifies their thinking capabilities.
  • More options and opportunities in courses and school are available to choose from.
  • The best part is, females who aren’t allowed to move out of their houses can also enroll and get equipped with technical skills. 70% of online learners are females.
  • Studies found that online learning develops more sense of self-motivation and responsibility in students than offline students.

After all these advantages, students and many adults are opting for online learning platforms for a great career enhancement.

How To Choose The Platform And Course For Teaching 

If you’re a teacher and want to start an online teaching business, this is your call. Following pointers will help you to guide the selection – 

  • Choose a prominent well-established platform with good testimonials.
  • Choose a platform that is easily accessible by you and your learners depending on the skills you possess.
  • To show yourself as a professional, you might want to use certain themes. So make sure they are keeping appearances in priority.
  • Integration with other software like payment gateways and google analytics is a must to enhance the user experience.
  • A knowledgeable and responsive Technical support team is the backbone. 
  • Last but not least, if you don’t own a significant audience, considering the readymade market of the platform becomes an important deciding factor.

After a careful survey, you are ready to choose from the best platform to get going with online learning or teaching.

Best Online Learning Platforms

Here we have compiled a list of the 16 best online learning platforms and their dedicated courses. 

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform to help you easily create, market & sell your online courses. It is easy to set up and comes with seamless automation, total control, and powerful customization.

Though its free version has certain limitations, overall, it’s a good platform, to begin with.

The premium version pricing comes in multiple plans:

  • Basic package: $39/month
  • Pro plan: $79/month
  • Premier = $399/month

And the best part is they give a free test drive for all the software’s core features;

Some notable features include:

  • Dragging and dropping web content
  • Setting a course expiry
  • Supporting Google and Facebook ads
  • Effective reporting, and tracking.

They won’t provide you with a readymade market. You have to sell and market on your own. But considering other factors could help you understand your audience and their needs. 

2. LearnWorlds

LearnWorld is one of the best platforms for selling interactive courses to your audience. You can create, sell and promote your content with the help of interactive tools of this platform.

Its Premium Plan comes for different pricings as per the level of your tutoring (billed monthly)-

  • Starter plan ( for newbie course creators) – $29
  • Pro trainer (For professional trainers) – $99 
  • Learning centre (the most popular plan) – $299


  • Interactive video player and reader, which lets students interact with your content.
  • Multi-linguistics.
  • Advanced assessment engine.
  • Buil-in communication support.
  • Provides copyright protection for your content.

3. Teachable

Teachable allows users to Create & Sell Beautiful Online Courses, Websites, and iOS & Android App Instantly. Here you get unlimited secure hosting for unlimited courses, teachers & students accounts. They mainly focus on easy-to-use features and fewer tech headaches.

Pricing  (billed annually) –

  • Free (start with a core set of features) – $0
  • Basic (more integrated advanced features) – $29/month
  • Pro (Designed for boosting student engagement) – $99/month
  • Business – $249/month

4. Kartra

Kartra is a premium all-in-one platform that lets you create courses and provides abilities to create a membership site and even host your affiliate program.

Along with teaching, you can prosper a good business with them. It has advanced tools to market your courses. Fewer Tech-specs and hence are easier to operate. It is a cloud-based platform, no worries about losing data.

They have economical pricing in 4 packs:

  • Starter = $99/ month
  • Silver = $199/ month
  • Gold = $299/ month
  • Platinum = $499/month

They also provide an additional 25% discount when billed annually. A 14d-ay trial for $1 is available to get the hang of the platform and its functionality.

5. ISpring Market

Ispring is the simplest and yet fully loaded with a multi-functions course selling platform. It allows users to set up their market, customize the look in a few clicks.

They have 3 steps to headstart the selling. Create an account, set up your courses, and track results.

Some notable features include –

  • Adaptive content
  • Better communication and feedback from learners
  • a variety of learning formats
  • gamified learning, certificates, and a user-friendly

Using this platform, You can easily promote the courses as they have 3rd part integrations too.

Pricing is affordable with no hidden fees:

  • Free trial
  • 500 user – $77
  • 1000 user – $147
  • 2000 user – $277

Also, the tech support team is responsive, so you can contact them too for further assistance.

6. Podia

Podia is an all-in-one digital storefront. They have the easiest way to sell online courses, downloads, webinars, and memberships where no technical skills are required. You can also sell your digital products here. Features like combining courses, digital downloads, locking content, best email list marketing, and multimedia courses made it stand out. 

Key features:

  • Excellent UX, UI, and ease of use.
  • It allows you to host your own videos instead of using Vimeo or Wistia.
  • All inside one platform, Podia offers you the ability to design courses, memberships, and digital products.
  • Prices are reasonable for the features Podia offers.
  • The ability to set up your own affiliate program so that your fans can promote your products for a commission.

Pricing is as follows after the free 14 days trial version –

  • Mover = $39
  • Shaker = $79
  • Earthquaker = $149

You can choose the easy-to-use package according to your usage.

7. Kajabi

Kajabi is a complete online business solution platform for serious entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers. You can build, market, and sell your online courses, membership sites, and digital products here. 0% Transaction Fee.

It has a Vibrant Community with 24/7 Support. No tech skills are required to operate. You can try Kajabi for free as a 14-days trial. It is a great blogging platform, too, with 3rd party integrations. Themes, marketing automation, and supported on android and ios too. 

Key features:

  • All in One place
  • Constantly Developing
  • eCommerce – fully integrated PayPal and Stripe
  • Email feature
  • Membership system
  • Motivation Digital
  • Secure
  • Simple to use
  • Video Hosting
  • Website Builder

Pricing comes in 3 plans. 

  • Starter $119
  • Growth $159
  • Pro $319

8. Pinlearn

Pinlearn is an online tutoring platform solution that is 100% customizable and comes with the source code. You get built-in options to sell courses, one-to-one live classes, and group webinars. It is a self-hosted marketplace with self-paced courses; you do not need any design and development skills to launch them.

Key features:

  • one-time payment to buy the source code.
  • marketing tools.
  • detailed analytics.
  • easy management.
  • integrated payment gateways.
  • multilingual, and mobile responsive. 
  • Auto-recorded sessions for both tutors and admin.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Detect Time when the tutor starts the meeting.
  • Limit trial classes per student from the backend.
  • Trigger email notification by tracking host did not start zoom class.
  • Unify the subjects, categories and topics, and grades together.
  • Zoom-Handle if the Tutor leaves in the middle of the session.

There are two packs – regular ($399) and premium ($999). The main difference is that you cannot sell courses in the regular pack, and no course content protection is offered.

9. LearnDash

LearnDash is a WordPress learning management system (LMS) trusted by companies, universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses.

Powerful and intuitive features include course awards, advanced quizzes, course and learning progress, white-labelling, custom messages, etc. Best for learners as only one-time payment is required. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Drag & Drop Course Builder
  • Dynamic Content Delivery
  • Flexible Prerequisites

For tutors, pricing comes in 3 plans.

  • Pro $329
  • Plus $189
  • Basic $159

10. Zippy Courses

Zippy is an all-in-one tool for teaching and selling your courses. Simplicity and easiness are the keys to an all-professional look. The course building and launching are done in a few quick steps. 

You can also customize your course material and sales pages to match your branding. It has the ability to create infographics and complex quizzes. The support team is not only responsive but also knowledgeable.

It has got a standard and professional plan that are $99 and $199 respectively per month.

11. Academy Of Mine

Academy of Mine is the type of platform that would be used to help businesses roll out training materials to their staff and are less focused on individual or small course creators.

They mainly focus on certificates and corporate clients. You can white-label your cases to match the standards of your brand. It has a customizable and user-friendly interface. It let you easily integrate with other marketing tools and make convenient self-paced courses.

Key features:

  • Corporate and group onboarding
  • Course marketing
  • Live virtual training
  • Personalized branding
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Self-paced courses

The essential pricing package is $499/ month, while the professional one is $899/ month. You can get a customized package too for the enterprise.

12. WizIQ

WizIQ is an enriching cloud-based education platform to access teaching and training modules through smartphones and laptops. Wiz IQ is a free-to-use app.

Videos, pdfs presentations, and documents are provided for a better learning experience. Both live and recorded lectures are available.

Key features:

  • Course Builder
  • LMS eCommerce
  • Mobile Learning
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Tests and Assessments
  • Virtual Classroom

WizIQ pricing is based on the number of attendees, rooms, and registered users. So you can choose accordingly or get them customized with the help of responsive customer care.

13. Udemy

Udemy is another online learning marketplace with over tonnes of courses available to learn and enhance from. Ranging from the basics of a subject to expertise, they present you with a resource library for anyone around the world.

Udemy is quite cheap, and the course prices are also discounted. The platform is intended for professional adults and students. The application makes it easier and handier. It does a Quizlet check-up to verify comprehension and an autoplay feature making the user’s hand full almost all the time, and an auto-progress is a boon to such an enhancement program. 

Key features:

  • Action-Based Email Campaigns.
  • Ad Hoc Email Campaigns.
  • Course Catalog.
  • Earn Extra Income.
  • External Partnership Promotions.
  • Retargeting Ads.
  • Teach Hub.
  • Training Videos.

It is free to use and even provides lessons to help you publish courses. Though a share of your revenue goes to Udemy. And the best part is they present to you a ready-made market, so you don’t have to lurk around for the audience and do marketing.

14. Skillshare

Get set go with the creativity classes on Skillshare. One of the leading platforms for learning skills or sharpening the older ones.

Topics like drawing, watercolour, calligraphy, photography, graphic designing, illustration, hand lettering, icon design, pattern design, and more. You need to purchase a subscription that gives a 30-day free trial as well. And you can opt out of it if it doesn’t suit you. 

Key features:

  • Building Channels.
  • Catalog of Premium Classes.
  • Class Creation.
  • Free Classes.
  • Group Classes.
  • Learning by Support.
  • Publishing Classes.
  • Shared Learning Experience.

For tutors, it’s a great starter. It is easy to use and manage. You get a ready-made market and monthly earning. Active engagements and social media integration smoothen the gameplay.

It is free to use till a 14-days trial. Then you can continue the access by paying $8.25 per month.

15. Coursera

If you are not a study person and looking for skill development in programming, music, art, or language, then this site (as well as app) is just made for your righteous needs.

Coursera provides certificates as well for the courses that you’ve completed. Joining Coursera is free, but the specialization courses are needed to be paid for, and they are quite reasonable.  

Key features:

  • Course Videos & Readings.
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback.
  • Graded Programming Assignments.
  • Graded Quizzes with Feedback.
  • Practice Quizzes.
  • Self-Paced Learning Option.
  • Shareable Certificates.
  • This Course Plus the Full Specialization.

They are very selective while appointing creators, and they are paid 15% revenue of the course they generate. This is not a great place to start with, but with experience and wits, you can certainly top among them.

16. LinkedIn Learning

Apart from being a job provider, they also provide learning courses especially for in-demand business, tech, and creative skills from industry experts.

But before joining them, you must verify the quality as well. The learning on this platform is more business-oriented. The subscription cost is $29.99 for the monthly premium. 

Key features:

  • Add Media Files to Your Profile. 
  • Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages. 
  • Export Your Connections. 
  • Hide Your Connections.
  • Hide Your Identity when Viewing Profiles. 
  • Manage Your Skills & Endorsements. 
  • Record the Correct Pronunciation of Your Name.
  • Save Your Searches.
  • For tutors, it is very selective, and only high-end experienced qualifies. 


Selling an e-course and learning on online platforms is a great way to put your knowledge and skills into creating a profitable online business. The three key factors to take into account for beginners are Pricing, marketing, and student experiences. Rest can be managed later. 

Learning never fades and outweighs every other obstacle in success and achievements. So it is wise to learn daily. 

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