The Best software to remote control PC Free [PC & Phone]

How can I remote control PC?

“Hi there, does anyone know any free remote desktop software that I can run in a business environment? I have a work PC running Windows 10 and a home PC running Windows 7. How can I remote control PC? Thanks.”


AnyViewer: Free software to remote control computer [2 cases]

Whether you need to remotely manage a PC from your home, access a file from your work computer while on the road, or share your screen with friends or colleagues, professional remote access software Windows 10 such as AnyViewer should always be your first choice.

Why choose AnyViewer:

  • It has initiative interface and straightforward operations, a green hand can get started with this tool within no time.
  • It is secured by ECC encryption, protecting your data and privacy during the whole connection.
  • It will adapt to different network environments automatically without extra settings, besides, you can change image quality according to your network variety.
  • It offers multiple methods of remote control and remote desktop file transfer, besides, multiple sessions, view screen, lock/restart/shut down remote PC, etc. are also available in AnyViewer.

AnyViewer has released apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Download and install AnyViewer on both your devices, then we will show you how to remote control computer from another PC or phone.

Case 1. Remote control between PCs

As we said before, AnyViewer offers you several ways to achieve remote connection, you can achieve one-click control with the same account or remote access with the partner ID.

Way 1. Unattended remote access with one click

Step 1. Launch AnyViewer on your host PC, go to Log in interface, and click Sign up to register a new AnyViewer account.


Step 2. Fill in the following information and click Sign up.


Step 3. On your client PC, log in to the same account, and then you can see the assigned devices.


Step 4. Go to Device interface, select the remote computer you want to control, and click One-click control to achieve unattended remote access.


Now you can remote control device like you were sitting in front of it. Besides, there are several functionalities you can choose from the upper toolbar, for example, resize resolution, transfer files, open Task Manager, etc.


Way 2. Remote control with a partner ID

Step 1. On the client computer, enter the device ID of the host computer and click Connect.

Screenshot 2022-11-02 173516

Step 2. Then you are prompted to choose the way to control the remote device.

Screenshot 2022-11-02 173757
  • Send a request to your partner

If you tick Send a request to your partner, then the host computer will receive a connection request, click Allow and the connection will be established.

  • Input security code

If you choose Input security code, you need to enter the security code of the host computer, and click OK.

Screenshot 2022-11-02 173943

Tips: Each account has a temporary security code for a one-time connection, you can go to Settings > Unattended > Set my security code to set a regular security code.

Screenshot 2022-10-17 145226

Case 2. Remote control a PC from phone [Android & iOS]

AnyViewer for mobile also allows remote connection in various ways. Log in AnyViewer on your host computer and follow the next steps to remote control your computer from phone.

Way 1. Achieve unattended remote access with one click

Step 1. Open AnyViewer on your phone and log in to the same account you used on your computer.


Step 2. Go to Device and tap your host computer.


Step 3. Tap Remote control to achieve unattended remote access.


Then, you can see your PC from your phone and use the computer as if you were sitting in front of it. It also supports several built-in operations in the right bottom corner. 


Way 2. Remote control computer with partner ID

Step 1. Go to Device and input the partner ID of the host PC, then tap Connect.

2022-11-02 15:38:37.512000

Step 2. Choose the way you prefer to achieve the connection and follow the on-screen instructions.



This post introduces a reliable remote control PC software AnyViewer. If you want to remote control computer with the most efficient and secure experience, AnyViewer could be the best option for you.

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