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Business strategy is the creation of a certain position and value by developing activities and working systems that are different from those of competitors in the same industry. So what is a good business strategy?

In this article, we will learn about that topic. Follow along with the article below!

  1. What is a business strategy?

Business strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position by developing a set of activities distinct from those of the industry peers.”

So a strategy of how to create the conditions for businesses to create such a position in the market?

As a mentioned strategy, people or contact the mission and vision of the company. The mission and vision of the business, although always included as part of the strategy, do not give a clear direction for the operation of the business. 

Strategic businesses need to have the other elements help bring out clear operational orientation clear for now.

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  1. Steps to build a business strategy with good results

Goal Setting

Construction, setting the goals or objectives that companies are desired direction to and get in the future.

The target, the purpose must be realistic and easy to figure out accurately what the enterprise wants to obtain. In the strategy development phase, the goals and objectives that need to be obtained are Revenue, sales, profit, market share, etc.

Setting goals is a key job leading to the success of any company, especially for small and medium-sized companies or startups, these businesses often don’t know where to focus on one goal. whichever first.

How the company established purpose will decide now that the opportunity to achieve it or not. Most of the leaders of the company have agreed that the goal is extremely important, but only a few people grasp be objective and strategy of action to complete the objectives that are not up to 10%.

Assess the current position

To do the goals set out, who is responsible for the management needs should be the criteria for comment so reasonable. After this is the two factors the managers need to concern when holding a clear goal:

  • Assess the business environment: Study the current business environment and market to clearly understand which factors in the current environment are threats or opportunities for the organization’s long-term strategy and goals. 
  • Evaluation of the company’s internal resources: A complete and detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise in the following aspects: management, employees, marketing, finance, budget, production activities, research research, and development.

Product and service strategy

Strategic products and services play a mission and position particularly necessary. It can be said that it is a foundation, the backbone of a business strategy.

 Product or service strategy helps businesses determine the direction to invest, design products and services suitable to customers’ tastes, limit risks and failures, direct the implementation to achieve results. good results the solution was launched earlier.

Therefore, companies need to focus on factors related to products and services to improve the effectiveness of attracting customers. Factors that are: quality, price, brand name, customer support.

 Product and service strategy is the art of combining an organization’s potential resources to create a competitive advantage and a long-term competitive way for each product or service in a changing competitive environment. Product and service strategy requires solving three problems: 

  •  What is the goal to be achieved?
  •  Who is the competitor?
  • What is the competition like and what is a competitive advantage?
  1. 5 Principles of Building a Business Strategy

Business strategy: Compete to be different

Many people assume that the strategic business of the enterprise is to turn into units of the best, the most outstanding of the sector which, however, however, as it sometimes can not be fulfilled.

In sports, there is only one victory only, but left when the sales, the 2 or 3 companies led equally beneficial is something very commonplace.

The worst sales strategy is to try to knock the strongest competitor in the industry by copying their every move. Please access the different values to succeed.

Business strategy: Competing for profit

Doing business is not only about having the largest share in the market, or the business is growing at breakneck speed, it’s also about the profits you make.

So in the end, if all the strategies you do not carry out the purpose of clarity about the amount you can earn, well it is important you not take time and effort to implement them.

Understand the market before building a business and sales strategy.

Each company will be part of the economic ecosystem – the market. Each market will bring its characteristics and personality. And these characteristics will affect the profits you can achieve in the future.

Understanding the market, competitors will form strategic thinking for the company, on how to help you exist and compete.

Identify the target buyer

Of course, you need to determine the exact audience you are targeting, and how you serve files shoppers. You can’t sell your product or service to everyone, because you only have a limited number of potential customers who share a common need.

Therefore, it is important to understand clearly the steps to make shoppers feel satisfied with their needs with the products and value you bring.

Learn to say no

When you have to understand the market, understand shoppers, build values ensure the enterprise, you’ll gradually realize that much of what we have said no.

There will be a lot of files of shoppers you don’t serve, activities you don’t need to perform, and products and services you don’t offer.

In the sales business strategy, having a clear understanding of what to do and what not to do is equally essential.


In the above article, I have just introduced briefly business tactics as well as the steps to build effective business strategies. Hope this article will help you in your future work. Thank you for following this article and good luck!





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