Can You Develop PTSD Due to a Car Accident?

It’s a widely known fact that car crashes can result in some extremely serious physical damages. It’s not uncommon for a severe car accident to result in permanent disability and pain of a lifetime. However, other than those physical injuries, these accidents can also cause mental trauma. Many car accident victims develop PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. 

PTSD is a condition commonly found in soldiers coming back from war. This happens due to the traumatic situations they need to deal with when on the battlefield. However, studies have shown that the condition can bother any individual who has witnessed dangerous situations such as a car accident. A qualified Portland car accident lawyer can help you to get financial compensation and and actual medical help if you develop PTSD after a car accident. 

Impact of PTSD on a Car Accident Victim’s Life

PTSD can have both short and long-term impacts on the life of a car accident victim. The bad news is that mental trauma can cause serious problems in everything one does in life. You can lose your ability to drive a car. There might be notable changes in your personality and behavior. What’s more, your performance at work may also suffer significantly. 

Here are the most common problems you may face due to car accident-induced PTSD:

  • Flashbacks whenever you see or hear events that remind you of the accident. These may include loud bangs, screeching tires, honking horns, sirens, etc. 
  • You might not be able to drive a car again due to severe fear and anxiety. 
  • Experiencing behavioral changes such as stress, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. is very common. These symptoms tend to get more severe on every anniversary of the car crash or during dreary weather. 
  • You might also need to deal with sleeplessness, nightmares, thoughts of self-destruction, and more. 

All the above-mentioned problems can aggravate if you don’t undergo proper treatment for PTSD. If you get the right treatment, you will experience serious improvement in your quality of life. Avoiding problems such as depression and anger issues will become much easier for you.

How to Deal with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Different people suffering from PTSD require different treatments. So, the primary duty of your physician would be to determine what kind of treatment is best for you. Your treatment regimen might include ongoing therapies, procedures that would assist you in coping with anxiety and flashbacks, and so on. 

PTSD patients might need to undergo prolonged exposure or cognitive processing therapies. Your doctor might seek help from your near and dear ones by asking them to create a powerful support system around you. The support system should consist of individuals who can provide you with the much-needed mental support when you experience PTSD symptoms. 

If required, your doctor might need to prescribe certain medications to help you in coping with anxiety and depression. 

Final Words 

It’s also extremely important for you to ensure that your family doesn’t suffer due to your PTSD. As PTSD can result in temporary loss of income, you should also speak to a lawyer to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your loss. 

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