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If you are free and want to cash your wasted time, then, online data entry jobs from home can be the best choice. The best thing about online data entry jobs without investment is that it can be done with a flexible schedule. Like, you can work for the whole week, or you can look for weekend jobs only.  

Now, millions of more people seem interesting in data input tasks from home to make money online from home. However, online Home based data entry jobs, stand out well because they are easy to do not need any specific degree. Entry-level or beginner may only require some necessary skills related to the computer, some excel skill, or maybe a high school diploma.

These types of jobs suit well for homemakers, students, who have some time after their classes, or anyone looking to make decent earning by working part-time or full time, regardless of the location and time.

Online data entry jobs from home basic introduction

Online Data Entry from home is perhaps the easiest of phone work from home opportunities ever created. With little or no specialized skill or education required, you could literally be up and running generating income in the same way as a telecommuting employee. 

In fact, it is so easy and simple that many beginners begin their online ventures with data entry work simply because it does not require a large learning curve and with this attitude you could begin to earn money in your sleep for the first time in as little as a few days! 

If that isn’t a sign of a good opportunity, I don t know what would be. Online Data Entry Jobs without investment is so popular and there are so many different types of job opportunities available, that you will need to do some research before committing to one opportunity or the other.

Skills required for Home based data entry jobs:

It is said that it is easy to make money online from home through data entry work, but, some necessary skills are required before entering or opting for any job. Just like data entry also requires some skills which include, computer skills, communication skills at the top.

 Communication Skills

However, communication skill is most important to have in data entry or any freelance home-based jobs. You have to deal with a diverse client before the appointment. If you lack communication skills, you can not be able to convince the client and consequently, will not have a job. 

Computer Skills

Computer skills come to the second according to me, after convincing the client, you have to work for him. To work, you may need some necessary computer skills to include typing, how to work with a spreadsheet, document formats, and mainly all Google products. 

In addition to these skills may here come some organizational skills, which are required to get quality reviews and avoid panic attacks at the last moment. These skills may include tacking deadlines, keeping folders in the right place to avoid sending the wrong one to the client. Last but not last is attention to detail. If you lack this can ruin your reviews and efforts.

How to Choose the Best Platform for online Data Entry jobs from home

People might wonder what the best platform for them to work on when it comes to making money from online jobs is. The truth of the matter is that there are so many different platforms out there that you will be spoiled for choice. However, if you want to work online and make some money then there are certain things that you will need to know about. 


You should first think about what kind of data entry work that you do on a daily basis. This will help to narrow down your search and help you find the right platform for you. You will find that there are several different platforms for this type of work. You could work as a paid survey taker, freelance writer, virtual assistant or even as a telecommuting worker. So you will have a lot of options to consider. 

Skills You Have

Another important thing to consider is what skills you have. This will go a long way towards determining which platform will be best for you. For instance, if you are not very good at English and grammar then using a non-English speaking platform may not be the best platform for you. On the other hand, if you are an expert in these things then you will have no problem finding the right platform for you. 


You will also need to keep your options open. Some people like to work solely online while others like to do it with contacts from work or with clients that they meet offline. So this will all affect what the best platform for them is. The options that you are given will depend on what you are most comfortable doing. You might like to do freelance writing or telecommuting but if you are more comfortable communicating by phone or meeting offline people then it would be better for you to use one of those platforms. 

Once you have narrowed down your options based on your skills and preferences then you can start looking at the platform options that are available. The two main options are to do contract work or to do freelance work. Contract work involves getting someone else to do some work for you to pay them per job or assignment. If you are an expert at a particular field then you will probably want to focus on one type of contract work. The other option is to do freelance work where you get to choose which projects you want to work on. 

Job Search

Once you have done your research into what is the best platform for you then you will need to find out what jobs are available on the platform that you have researched. There are many sites where you will find jobs. Some of these sites are paid sites where you bid for work and when you have won you will be paid a set amount. Other sites will pay you in kind. However, you do not want to choose a site just because there are jobs available, you need to make sure that you are getting the best pay for the work that you have done. 

You can also choose to sign up with affiliate programs and get rewarded for every person that you send to their site. These are just a few ways that you can make money with a data entry site. The best platform for you will be one that combines several of these methods in one.

As you can see, choosing the best platform for you is a process. It is important that you keep in mind what you are looking for in the platform and how you will be able to use it once you have chosen it. You also need to look into some of the other tools that may be needed as well. This is a very involved process but if you follow these steps you should be able to find the best platform for you and your data base.

Best Online data entry from home To make money online

Online data entry jobs without investment include, online typing jobs and transcribing data from the source provided by a company to a process able format into a computer. The only accessory, which is required for Online data entry work from home is your personal computer, laptop, and some of the primary soft wares. However, these Online Part Time Jobs From Home  can be done by your smartphone. But, we recommend not using smartphones regularly, because, sometimes it can be complicated.

There are many sites and companies offering data entry or different kinds. In this article, we will cover some of the legit Remote data entry jobs, which help you to make money online with your flexible schedule. 

Make Money Online from home With These Best Online data entry work from home

1.   Xerox:

It is one of the leading company which offers work from home opportunities, including data input and verification. There are many chances of scam in online data entry jobs from home sometimes you didn’t get paid for the work you have done, or sometimes your efforts get rejections. There is no case of scam with Xerox

xerox data entry from home

However, they offer data input jobs occasionally which means you have to keep visiting their site for regular updates. But, the best way to get yourself updated with any job offer from the company is by uploading your resume in their database. This will get you notified by email on every job posted by the company. 

How to start:

  • Sign up
  • Find data entry work
  • Enjoy working !

Avg Income

  • According to Zippia The average employee at Xerox earns a yearly salary of $38,422 per year.

2.   Fiverr: 

Fiverr allows freelancers to make money online from home  by posting their gigs related to the services they offer. There is a wide variety of buyers and sellers on this site. You can provide your profile gig on data entry. On Fiverr, reviews and ratings of the buyer of services matter a lot. Efficiency, dedication, and correctness are the keys of tops rated Fiverr profiles. 

fiverr online data entry jobs from home

You can sell your services on Fiverr by presenting the best gigs about data input work, and the least amount to offer for the basic package on this site is $5. However, this can be increased with your experience, efficiency, and packages.  

Fiverr is the right place for practicing and negotiating with clients in every type of online data entry from home. 

How to start:

  • Sing up and verify account
  • Post gigs
  • Get orders
  • Start working

Avg Income:

  • According to a research Fiverr worker earn 60$ per order on average.

3.   Sig track:

Sig track hires remote workers for data entry services. This is the legit mate online data entry work from home site in United States Sig track provides the opportunity to work with flexible hours and schedules. So it can be easy for many to work with sig tracks.  

Although this site does not offer limited pay, the pay rate depends upon the efficiency and accuracy of the work you are providing to the site. It is possible for the deduction in pay rate on any inaccurate works according to the guidance of the site.

sigtrack ways to make money fast

However, according to reviews, it is said that new users can double or triple their speed of working by working on an online data entry job with a sig track.  


  • Must be US citizen
  • Reading and writing skills

Avg income:

  • According to a Sigtrack review, its said that You earn approximately 3.7 cents per signature and 15 cents for handling registrations.

4.  Mechanical Turk:

Mechanical Turk, which is also known as amazon Turk. This is the growing platform that offers micro-tasks needing human little human expertise. This platform is the best opportunity to make money online from home. But you have to be careful as sometimes tasks take more effort than the pay rate.  

mechanical truck Remote data entry jobs

MTurk is one of the platforms that offer different kinds of data entry tasks from home. For example, there may be a job posted for audio transcribing of the lecture, which is the type of online data entry from home. This site focuses on data input tasks which can include removing duplicate data and verifying the list on the computer. 

How to start:

  • Create an account
  • Find jobs that fits your skillet
  • Start earning

Avg income:

5.   Click worker:

Freelancers on click worker work as an independent contractor. There are several micro tasks posted on this platform that you can bid according to your skillet. The more special skill leads you to more jobs. For example, if you know more languages than English, you can also find employment in other languages which leads you to more jobs.  

click worker data entry from home

Click worker primarily works as a micro tasks platform, including Remote data entry jobs. But it also includes other tasks like writing and researching. Like many other sites clock workers also pay to their freelancers, piece-by-piece.

How to start:   

  • Register and verify account
  • Find jobs according to your skills
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • According to a review on Indeed.com, Clickworkers can make about $8 per hour on average

6.  Flex jobs:

Flexjob offers remote, freelance jobs. This is a reputable board which provides freelancers to work with flexibility. There are tons of jobs posted, including online data entry jobs without investment. This can be the best platform to make money online from home. 

flexjobs online data entry jobs free registration

Flexjobs make sure to keep their user’s stay away from scams and low-paying jobs so, the jobs posted on flex jobs platforms are verified by the real person which allows the users to make their earning more secure. 

How to start:   

  • Sign up and verify account
  • Find various online data entry jobs
  • Start working
    To use this site you have to subscribe to their monthly package, which costs you some dollars. The subscription is worth considering as you can access to many jobs without worrying about scams and low wages.

Avg income:

  • People are earning approximately $31.82 an hour through flex jobs.

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7.  Micro workers:

The micro worker is also one of the best platforms to find small tasks. People post micro tasks to be completed mainly consider online data entry jobs without investment. However, the jobs on this site offer less than a dollar. But, these jobs can be considered as they do not require much work to do. If you have some extra time and want to cash them, you can check the micro worker.

microworkers Remote data entry jobs

The only drawback of this site, in my opinion, is that you can only be paid for the approved work. However, most of the sites have the same rule. You can only transact your amount once you have reached to $10 threshold.

How to start:   

  • Sign up for account
  • Find your skills related jobs
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • Income through Micro Workers depends upon Tasks you perform. Usually you can earn 30 or 40 cents per a small task.

8.   Scribe:

Scribe mainly focuses on audio transcription, but it also offers Home based data entry jobs. This is the site to start as a beginner. Because they usually hires beginners in online data entry work. This can be the best platform for part-time workers to make money online from home. 

All the jobs you are assigned have to be completed within two hours. This is a positively reviewed platform by the users and the costumers. By signing in you will be added to their waiting list till they have an available slot for you. After the selection, you will be prompted towards the test task, which you have to pass.  

scribe Home based data entry jobs

The benefit of the test task is if in case, you failed the task due to some reasons you will be guided where you lack or where you need improvements. This means you will not kick out of the job; you can get another chance.

They give you more time to be better at Remote data entry jobs, or they help you in your tasks as well to make you make money online from home.  

How to start:   

  • Fill up sign up form
  • Wait till they approve your membership
  • Get selected
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • Beginners can on Avg 10$-16$ on scribe.

9.   Working solutions:

The working solution provides a platform for home-based freelancers to work as independent contractors. This site primarily offers jobs for online data entry from home. They provide ultimate work balance and flexibility in working. Working solutions help to deliver exceptional services to offer a more remarkable customer experience.

working solution data entry from home

The working solution has the number one ranking on Glassdoor. They offer their platform to both people from the united states as well as worldwide. Workers are paid project to project and the invoice of working solution in two weeks. 

How to start:   

  • Fill up sign up form
  • Participate on assessments, interviews, and aptitude tests.
  • Get selected
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • Salary on working solutions depends upon “how much work is available, and how much time you put in”.

10.  Capital typing:

Capital typing is one of the reputable companies. Capital typing also calls themselves the world’s smartest office. Capital offers a wide range of online data entry jobs from home. The online data entry work you can get from this site is data transcription, research, database development, data extraction, etc.

capital typing data entry from home

By applying to the capital typing, if the company is interested in working with you based on your skillet, the recruiter will invite you to the Skype call for further process and interview. Once you have proved yourself the best candidate for the company, they will hire you.

Capital typing could be one of the right ways to make money online from home.

How to start:   

  • Go through sign up process
  • Participate on Skype interview
  • Get selected
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • You can earn up to 40$ per hour.

11.  AccuTran Global:

Accutran global mostly hires transcriptors, but you can be a great candidate even if you have a little amount of experience in transcription. They do not hire typical online data entry work for a real task.

This can be an excellent opportunity for the people from the united state, the united kingdom, and Canada as, this company only hires workers from the conditions mentioned above.

accutran global online data entry work from home

AccuTran Global also offers bonuses for difficult tasks to encourage the worker as well as to improve their costumers’ satisfaction. 

How to start:   

  • Apply through their website
  • Get selected
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • They pay $0.005/word for beginners. Their top rate of $0.0066 for difficult tasks.

12.   Axion data entry services:

Axion data entry services offer data input works. They provide a position of long-term services that may not have a higher turnover. Axion offers a wide range of Remote data entry jobs.

To start working with Axion, you have to get yourself registered in their database and provide asked information. Information may include the country, your previous experience name, etc. the company gives priority to the experienced and skilled individuals to work for them as an independent freelancer.

axion online data entry work from home

Axion can be a great source to make money online from home with online data entry work if you have an experience of about 1-2 years in a particular field. One of the basic requirements of the firm is that the person can at least type 50 words per minute.

How to start:   

  • Register through their site
  • Get verified worker
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • According to Glassdoor , Data Entry Worker salaries at Axion can range from $11-$12.

13.  UpWork:

Upwork is the most commonly used platform for home-based jobs. This platform allows people worldwide to become buyers and sellers of different services, including Home based data entry jobs. Up Work is the platform where millions of people post their tasks to be done, and the seller of the service has to bid on that task.

upwork online data entry work from home

The process of accepting the best seller usually depends upon ratings and the number of good reviews and skills just like Fiverr. You can get online data entry jobs from Upwork and can make money online from home without the fear of scams. 

How to start:   

  • Sign up
  • Create great profile
  • Get hired
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • Avg income on Upwork is $5 – $53 per project.

14.  Lionbridge:

Lionbridge is one of the work from the home company, or you can say a remote company. It offers many types of online and home-based services. However, it usually posts a job advertisement regarding Remote data entry jobs on its website.

This site can be beneficial and pay to the people who are multilingual as the site works with diverse clients and offers video transcription of different languages. For instance, if you are multilingual, it can be easy for you to caption the video.

lionbridge online data entry jobs without investment

However, if someone is looking for simple data-entry work so this site cannot be helpful for them. 

How to start:   

  • Join through Signing up.
  • Get jobs
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • You can earn approximately $9.41 per hour with lionbridge.

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15.   The smart crowd:

It is the part of the above-mentioned Lionbridge company. The smart crowd is one of the oldest and trusted companies providing work from home for almost about twenty years now.

This company claims to provide home-based jobs for online data entry works and help the individual to works as an independent corporation. They also prove the phrase to make money online from home the safest and trusted.

How to start:   

  • Sign up for account
  • Get approved
  • Get various jobs
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • They pay low as $3 and as high as $36, depending on skills you have.

16.  The Data Entry Company (TDEC)

The company is always in search of a candidate for online data entry jobs from home. TEDC is the world’s largest data service provider across the globe for many governmental and commercial services. 

tdec ways to make money fast

However, they do not post the job advertisement on their site so, the best option to apply for the post is by sending them an email and waiting for their response. There can be greater chances of you getting an hired as there are not many people hoping for opting for the position. 

How to start:   

  • Apply for the post is by sending them an email and wait for their response.
  • Get hired
  • Start earning

Avg income:

  • Salary on TDEC depends upon Your skills, and Tasks you perform.

17.  Kendallcreek communications:

Kendallcreek communications is the legal transcription service provider. They mostly hires freelancers for the remote data entry work. Kendallcreek offers legal services of transcribing, data extracting, and many others. Most of the time, they work with clients, including U.S. government agencies.

kendall online data entry jobs without investment

You have to be careful before applying that you are applying through a real and authentic website to help you avoid scams.  

How to start:   

  • Apply for jobs through their website
  • Get selected
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • They pay by the page, ranging from 0.75$/page to 1.75$/page.

18. Quicktate

Quicktate is a great deal of online work that anyone can take advantage of. It can easily be done right from the comfort of one’s home. The great thing about this is that the website will not cost anything for one to become a part of and to start working for. Everyone can benefit from Quicktate data entry jobs from home and this is an excellent opportunity for anyone to try it out.

quicktate Home based data entry jobs

How to start:   

  • Fill their sign up from properly
  • Wait to be getting approved
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • QuickTate transcribers can earn $240 – $950 per month, on average

19. Data plus+

Data plus+ is an online work from home program. It is a service that provides people with financial information, to help them make better financial decisions. They will have access to real time financial data and advice from experts in the financial industry. The company believes that everyone should have access to this information, so they created Data Plus+.

data+ online data entry jobs from home

Data Plus+ has partnerships with many large banks, including Bank of America, Capital One, Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Wells Fargo, and Capital Bank. These companies provide Data Plus+ with customer information so that people can use the service to make smart financial decisions.

How to start:   

  • Apply for job through their website
  • Get hired
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • Its salary range is higher than other online data entry jobs.

20. Freelancer

Freelancer is basically an online work market such as Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, and oDesk. It allows employers to find, hire, and compensate freelancers efficiently without wasting time on lengthy application processes. Freelancer doesn’t seem to have quite the same virtual office setting that Upwork boast of, however it still has many features that guarantee that employers are getting value for their cash.

freelancer online data entry jobs free registration

How to start:   

  • Sign up and verify account
  • Create strong profile
  • Apply for projects
  • Get hired
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • A research shows that Freelancer.com workers can on $21 per hour on average.

21. Toptal

If you have no experience or little knowledge of total online work from home jobs, your best option may be to start with one of the paid Toptal opportunities that are available. Most of these paid toptal online opportunities allow you to get paid either per assignment or per project. This is the best way to go about securing a total online work from home job because it takes away a lot of risk and guesswork from you.

toptal online data entry work from home

If you’re willing to put in the work and the program that the company provides you with is secure and proven to make money, then you should be able to make money without having to ask for any upfront fees or investments.

How to start:   

  • Sign up and get verified.
  • Find jobs related to your skills
  • Start working

Avg income:

  • You can earn up to $43/hour on Toptal, depending on your skills.

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Bonus Tips For Achieving Success With Home based data entry jobs – Critical Steps to Ensure Your Success 

Deep Research

One of the best tips for achieving success with Home based data entry jobs is to first do research on the Internet. Research is the keyword for getting tips for attaining success with online data entry jobs from home. Many people have spent a lot of time on the Internet researching tips for attaining success with online data entry jobs. This is because they know the tips and methods that have worked for many other people. Doing this research will save you a great deal of time. 

Use Online Resources

Another of the tips for achieving success with online data entry jobs from home is to use the online resources. You should use all the available resources to your advantage. These online resources can be found by searching using search engines and the Internet. Another of the tips for achieving success with online data entry jobs is to do research. You can also find a lot of valuable information about online data entry jobs on the World Wide Web. 

Follow Tips From Expert

You should also follow the online tips for achieving success with online data entry jobs free registration, from home by signing up with various freelance websites. You should register with as many sites as possible and apply for the various jobs. This will help to get more jobs and make more money. The best thing about these websites is that they offer training and tips for attaining success with online data entry jobs from home. You can learn tips such as how to choose the most attractive sites to submit your applications with and how to create interesting and compelling cover letters. 

Choose Right Platfrom

If you want to achieve success with online data entry work from home, you should try to make sure that you choose the right sites to submit your application with. One of the tips for achieving success with “online data entry jobs free registration” is to only use reputable sites. There are some unscrupulous websites that may lure you with offers that seem too good to be true. Make sure you check the credibility of the online site before submitting your application. 

Research The Platform You Are Joining In

The next tips for achieving success with Home based data entry jobs are to choose the sites carefully read the job description before applying. It is important to note that the online sites have certain requirements to meet and these may not necessarily be in accordance with your skills and experience. 

Read the whole content of the posting and be aware of any limitations that might apply in your case. It is also important to choose the sites that are easy to use and navigate. If you cannot use the site easily, then it is probably a sign that the site does not know how successful its members are or if it is just a scam. 


The last tips for achieving success with online data entry jobs from home are to be patient and persistent. This is something that you should practice even after you land a job. It is important that you keep trying your best even if you are not getting positive results. If the site is genuine, then you should be able to get the desired results eventually.


Many people are working for online data entry work from home to make money online from home. This is one of the best ways to cash your extra time with very little effort. Above mentioned are some free online data entry jobs, you can apply. These sites are made to avoid scams and establish the right way of earning from home-based jobs.

If you find these free data entry sites valuable or have worked with them before, do share your experience with us.

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