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Audience engagement is the major milestone for every website owner, especially for business owners who want to drive sales on their website. 

Embedding Social Media Feeds on your business website is not a brainer, but you have to first learn more about it before you implement it in your marketing. 

Social Feeds can be added to the website in various ways, like single posts on webpages, adding a code, or creating a widget on your website. But you might be confused about what is social media feeds, why should website use them, and if they are effective enough, then how to embed them onto the website? These are some of the questions that every website owner has in their mind. 

Don’t worry in this blog we will guide you through the meaning, types of social media feeds, as well as what are the best tools available in the market to embed social feeds on your website. 

So let’s get started!

What is Social Media Feed?

These are the collection of social media posts from single or multiple social channels altogether in one place. Social feeds consist of images, videos, reviews, etc. that are available on social media channels and combine them together to offer exclusive social media content on the unified screen. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are the major social media platforms that are used to gather social media feeds altogether. 

It helps you to tell your customers about the social presence of your business or website. Your website visitors want to know how you are performing on social media and what other people are saying about your business. 

Adding social feeds on a website can resolve this issue and help you offer the content that your potential audience is looking for. It will enhance your website and increase social proof that helps generates the trust and authenticity of your website. 

Types of Social Media Feeds

There are several types of social media feeds. Basically, the collection of all relevant social feeds using a related term from social media channels are all part of different types of social media feed.  But here we will tell you about major social media channels that are highly used by website owners to collect social feeds to embed on their website. 

  • Twitter Feeds: Embed Twitter Feed is the collection of tweets in the form of text, images, videos, etc. with the help of hashtags, mentions, username, tags, lists, etc. 
  • Instagram Feeds: Embed Instagram Feed is the collection of Instagram posts that include images, videos, reels, etc. using hashtags, handles, mentions, and tags.
  • Facebook Feeds: Embed Facebook Feed consists of collecting Facebook posts from the Facebook page, albums, reviews, recommendations, and posts from other Facebook users using mentions. 
  • Pinterest Feeds: Pinterest Feed is the collection of pins and images on Pinterest from the board and handles of the Pinterest users. 
  • YouTube Feeds: Lastly, the majorly used social media feed is from YouTube. Collection of YouTube videos, from single or multiple channels.

Best Future Tools to Embed Social Media Feeds on Website

#1 Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregator, which is exclusively designed to collect and curate social feeds from different social media channels. Tagembed offers 10+ social media sources to gather feeds in a combination or single feeds. You can easily manage feeds and embed them onto your website in a code-free method. 


#2 Embed Social

Embed Social is a tool that offers its users to collect social feeds, reviews, images, and videos into one gallery with various designing options. With Embed Social you will get the option to customize your social feeds into a beautiful layout and style that best fits your website.

embed social

#3 Juicer

With Juicer you will complete support and easy curation functionality with a single click, so you will easily curate content from multiple social media sources. With this, you can collect social feeds from multiple social media sources. Also, you can type multiple hashtags one at a time and collect all the related feeds in one place. 


#4 Curator

This is another popular tool to collect social feeds and embed them into the website easily and creatively. You can manage your social media content and design them into a beautiful style that fits your marketing needs.



Now you have learned all about social media feeds, their types, and the best tools in the market that helps you embed social feeds on your website. 

It helps you display your social presence to your target audience in a creative manner. With the help of social feeds on your website, your people come to know about real-life people’s engagement with your business. 

Social media aggregators help you gather all the related social feeds that you desire and embed them into your website in a painless and effortless way. 

So for whom are you waiting for? Start building a website that beats your competitors. 

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