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EPR License, is a permit borne out of the desperation to protect the environment. Introduced in India 2012, it was a sign for electronic product manufacturer and e waste importers to start working towards the environment. But it’s also a license that many are still not aware of.

Which is why, we have taken it upon yourself to divulge whatever you can understand about the license through one small article. Here, you’ll know:

  1. Why EPR Registration Certificate is the need of the hour?
  2. Who has to apply for it?
  3. Which Authority is responsible for issuing this certificate.
  4. What is the procedure?
  5. And finally, what documents are required to obtain EPR license?

Why EPR Registration is the need of the hour?

Going through the details of the EPR certificate format, you’ll encounter details that you’d need to input such as:

  1. The electronic wastes an electronic company is producing on a daily basis.
  2. The amount of plastic contained in those electronic wastes.
  3. The budget the entrepreneur has setup to deal with those wastes.
  4. The information about the recycler.

The mentioned details are necessary because the consumption has become high.

With the rise of plastic consumption in a country with over 1 billion population, what you see around is product that’s not biodegradable, can degrade a person’s health, and can necessarily destroy the air quality of the surroundings.

With the rise of consumption and electronic products in the same country, the amount of available non renewable resources is reducing at a breakneck speed.

 Inputting these details for EPR certification allows the Authority to watch over:

  1. How the manufacturers are taking responsible for their wasteful actions?
  2. How these manufacturers are attempting to spread awareness about E waste management?
  3. How these manufacturers or importers are able salvage non renewable resources for electronic waste?
  4. How these manufacturers are discarding or recycling plastic?

Dealing with the e waste management in this day and age is the only way to discard the products that can harm us, and salvage the products that are finite. Through EPR certification, the manufacturers and importers make a promise to do those things.

That is the reason EPR certification is the need of the hour.

Which authority issued the EPR certificate or Epr license?

The entire deal of EPR certificate is to tackle pollution and saving the environment. Thus, none other than CPCB or Central Pollution Control Board has been given the responsibility to issue the Epr license.

Who has to apply for EPR Registration online?

Regardless of method of certification, if you’re among any of the following, you need to obtain the registration:

  1. Electronic products manufacturer: Manufacturers of electronic products need to apply for the EPR registration along with the manufacturing license to have the right to setup a manufacturing facility.
  2. Importers of Electronic wastes: Around India, especially in the coastal regions, there are importers who are interested in electronic wastes more than anything. There job is to salvage resources from them and sell those in the market. As they taking on the responsibility of recycling – regardless of its profitable purpose – they need to apply for Epr license for import in India.
  3. E Waste Management Companies: E waste management companies societies, companies or organizations whose sole task is to either recycle or discard electronic waste products.

What is the procedure to obtain the EPR license?

In order to get this license, you need to fill the EPR registration form. All the steps explained below are associated with fulfilling this requirement:

  1. Prepare the documentation to attach with the application.
  2. Submit the application form to the state branch of CPCB.
  3. Wait as the application and the documents are processed.
  4. If those are in order, CPCB will order inspection of your manufacturing/importing premises.
  5. Inspector will create a report after assessing your manufacturing or importing facility.
  6. If no discrepancies are found at your facilities, you’ll obtain the Epr license.

What are the documents required to take on the above process

You can’t complete the EPR registration process if you don’t have the right documents. Following is a list of those requirements:

  1.  Incorporation certificate of your business
  2. Address proof of your facility
  3. Details through which department can contact you
  4. PAN card
  5. Documents of the authorized signatory
  6. Product details
  7. ROHS compliance details
  8. BIS license if applicable to your products
  9. Recycler details if not in house
  10. In house recycling unit details
  11. Estimated amount of e waste generated on daily basis
  12. Budget to perform your duties as an EPR responsible person
  13. Awareness program details
  14. EPR plan
  15. Agreement(s) you have signed with recyclers
  16. Website content showing blogs related to e waste management.


Epr license means a promise to be a better manufacturer and heeding the call of environmental conservation. And now you know how to become one. So, contact us start filing Epr license application. If you need more help regarding ISP license or other licenses you can consult registrationwala.

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