Everything About Mower Equipment and How to Handle Them with Care?

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An average of 35000 Americans injures themselves from yard work, including amputations, broken bones, cuts or burns, while approximately 90 lose their lives from mishandling golf course equipment. Many conditions can go a long way to fulfill the tee sheet. The game partially depends on the field, making it a priority to have the equipment for mowing the field-aligned.


Being safe while using the golf course mower equipment, there is a series of instructions and common guidelines that must be religiously followed in any of your mowing seasons to prevent any injury.


The Mowing Equipment:

Mowing is an essential part of the maintenance team’s everyday operation. Most golf mowers are for a specific part of the golf course, and several are needed for daily maintenance. In addition, there are several golf course mowers to manage the golf course thoroughly.


Green Collar Mowers:

These mowers are usually the walk-behind and of the riding varieties. The golf course superintendents must know what they want before deciding what will be suitable for them. The walking mowers are considered better than the latter since they are easy to operate. Nevertheless, the riding ones get the job done within seconds.

The main advantage of using the green mowers is that it comes with many blades, unlike the rest. As a result, they offer a more precise cut with an even putting surface so that the golf ball can roll with consistency.

Tee Mowers:

The tee mowers are usually riding mowers which are not much preferred around the collars. The courses are expanding their collars to accommodate tee mowers or perhaps reconsidering the size of their tee boxe to understand this issue.


Approach Mowers:

Approach mowers are affected by staff, approach size and the standards of the course maintenance. Usually, walking mowers are preferable since they minimize the damage that is caused by triplex motors.


Fairway Mowers:

The Fairway mowers are four-wheeled machines with several more cutting units. The Toro golf course mowers are high-quality equipment that helps to reduce downtime and maintenance expenses.


Now when you are operating the mowers, the biggest issue comes is regarding safety. Unfortunately, accidents in the golf fields are not rare anymore, and they usually happen with indiscreet and reckless use of equipment or machine obsolescence. So if your machine has reached a point where even several repairs are not making it work like a pro, yet again then it’s time to upgrade to a new or classically refurbished used toro golf course equipment.


  1. You can find the detailed manual of any golf equipment on the internet with just a click away. Just look at the machine’s model number and read the instructions on how to operate it safely.


  1. Large sticks, rocks, holiday decorations and other debris could be spotted on the lawn with naked eyes, especially after celebrations. Just walk on the field and see if nothing gets stuck by the machinery, potentially harming the operator or bystanders.



This is just a part of the wide field of mowing the lawn for golf. As much as golf is important and an elite play, the safety of the maintenance staff is equally important for a smooth game.








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