Fact Check: 14 Common Misconceptions About Casino Bonuses

People who are interested in joining a casino online will often go on the lookout for casino bonuses that they can receive. The idea is that the bonus will help them to enjoy their casino experience and it can also be used as a sort of trial period where people test out games and establish some kind of understanding of their own. One potential pitfall with bonus offers is some misconceptions about casinos and what those bonuses mean.

1. Casino Bonuses are only available to new players

While this is true in many ways, having in mind how many casinos, among which the biggest like for example casino 888, offer welcome bonuses it is also mythic. If someone is already a member of the casino they will be able to access the bonus. They will typically need to log in with their existing account details, but sometimes they can use an email address where they have registered in the past, so long as they still have access to that email account log-in details.

2. Bonuses are not actually free money

This is a common misconception. When people hear the word bonus, they might think that it is somehow free money, but in fact, that is not the case at all. The bonus will need to be ‘played through’ before it can be cashed out, which essentially means that you have to actually bet with it. If you are winning, then this will simply be a way of boosting your winnings but if you are losing then this will mean losses instead of winnings. So, essentially it is free money but only if you win with it.

3. Bonuses are awarded for making deposits or completing tasks

This is another misconception regarding how they work. As mentioned above, the bonus needs to be ‘played through’ before it can be cashed out. This means that you will need to make some kind of deposit first and then once you make the deposit, the automatic bonus will be added onto your balance automatically. It is not something that is actually awarded or given out.

4. Bonuses are only awarded to new members

It is true to say that new members are ideal candidates for bonuses because they are the people who are most likely to make a deposit in the first place, but it can still be awarded to existing members. Again, this is something that happens automatically when you make your deposit. If you have previously made a deposit then you might be offered a new bonus when you do so again. There is really no way of telling in advance whether the casino will offer a new bonus or not though.

5. Bonuses are only awarded to people who deposit a certain amount

This can be true, but it is also entirely dependent on the casino and its own individual terms and conditions. Some casinos will offer a bonus to new members no matter how much they deposit while others will only do so if you make a larger deposit. There is really no way of knowing in advance, one way or the other. It is just something that you need to look into when you sign up at any particular casino online. As with anything else in the sports betting world, you need to be careful when signing up with any online casino.

6. Bonuses are only awarded with certain games

This is normally true for casinos that have a large number of games in their online library, but there are also quite a few casinos that will offer bonuses no matter what game you are playing. They might offer bonuses on slots or they might even offer bonuses on card games, depending on their own individual terms and conditions. As already mentioned, a lot of this is a case of knowing what the individual casino offers.

7. Bonuses will only apply for a specific amount of time

This can also be true in some cases, especially when it comes to bonuses that are given out by the casino. They might run for a limited time or they might run indefinitely, depending on what is stated in the terms and conditions when it is awarded. There is no way of knowing in advance what the terms and conditions will be and that is why it needs to be taken into consideration before signing up, as we suggest.

8. Bonuses will only apply to certain games

This is true to a certain extent, but not always. Sometimes, casinos will offer bonuses on any game that they have in their library and as such you can expect this to apply regardless of how much you deposit or how much you play with those deposits.

9. Bonuses will never apply to live casino games

This is also a misconception that can be addressed fairly easily. Some casinos say that they will not apply to live casino games but this is really only the case when they have a separate set of terms and conditions for the live casino. In most cases, it is possible for a bonus to be given out in a live casino session just as it can be in any other kind of session or sitting at the tables.

10. Bonuses will never give you more than what you have deposited

This is not entirely true. In most cases, once a win of any kind is made from an amount of your deposit, the bonus will be added on top of that to the whole amount so long as it qualifies for it. That means, if you deposit $100 and then make your first $50 win with it, the bonus will be added on top of that because you have made $50 in wins. As such, you would have a total of $150 from those first three wins.

11. Bonuses are only applicable to certain games

This is also true for some casinos but as already mentioned, there are also those that will offer casino bonuses on any game that they have in their online library called casino games. You can expect them to apply to this regardless of what kind of games you play with the deposit and winnings made from it.

12. Bonuses will not be issued on mobile devices

This is also largely true for some casinos and again, it is largely dependent on the language these casinos use in their terms and conditions or their general rules and regulations. You can expect that some casinos will offer bonuses for mobile devices while others will not, depending on the individual casino that you choose to play at. It really comes down to doing your own research before signing up with any online casino.

13. Bonuses only apply to depositing via debit or credit cards

This is unlikely to be true for all casinos because you can deposit with cash as well, usually in amounts that are less than $10. It is not the case that just credit or debit cards are accepted, but cash deposits are also accepted. The casino might have different terms and conditions for their cash bonus offers but overall, the majority of casinos will accept cash deposits for both credit and debit cards.

14. Bonuses only apply to the games that have a bonus percentage next to them

This is not necessarily true, although it can be in some cases. In fact, it usually is, but sometimes a casino might just have a bonus for any game that they have in their online library and as such, you can expect this to apply regardless of whether there is a clue about the availability of the bonus or not.


Now you know all there is to know about casino bonuses and what they really mean. There will be mistakes made and there will be misconceptions regarding them and we hope that our guide clears this up for you. Even though you have been given a detailed understanding of what casino bonuses are and how they work, it is still very important that you know the risks involved with them as well as the reasons why it is essential to play them cautiously.

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