How To Get Netflix For Free Forever: Netflix Free Trial 2023

If you are trying to find “How to get Netflix for free forever”, Yes! You are in the right place. In this article, we have shared some working tricks to get a Netflix account for free forever.

Netflix has become the best streaming service globally with a huge collection of Series, Movies & Home Productions. But without any paid subscription, no one can access their content. It will cost low or high according to the plan which you choose. But we are going to show here how to get a free Netflix account for 2021. With these 100% working methods, you can access a Netflix account for free of cost.

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Netflix has three subscription plans, which differ in the streaming video quality and the number of people it can share. The good news is that it offers a free trial for every new customer for their first month.

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How to get Netflix for free forever : Working Tricks

  • 30 days trial
  • Repeat trail
  • Account sharing
  • Netflix cookies
  • Virtual card

Netflix Premium Account Features

Netflix provides a range of options for fulfilling your needs. According to The plan, users will define the range of devices, users can simultaneously watch Netflix.

You can download the Netflix app on any of your favorite devices with all of the plans and stream limitless TV shows And movies.

Cost Per Month7.99$9.99 $11.99$
The number of screens can access at the same time124
Number of devices can download on124
Unlimited TV shows and moviesYesYesYes
Watch on any devices (Tab, Phone, TV, Laptop )YesYesYes
Ultra HDNoNoYes


The methods mentioned on the web are 100 percent real, and you have nothing to worry about. Your anonymity is safe, and you can view movies and your favorite spectacles with a free Netflix account.

Lots of people around the world are using and enjoying Netflix service. Nevertheless, all can’t pay their subscription costs. Imagine if, without a monthly subscription, you get the Netflix account free of charge! A few simple tricks to get a free Netflix account will encourage you to enjoy your home time. Different ways to free Netflix accounts are accessible; if you’re interested in learning the way to free Netflix accounts, then let’s continue.

#1. Signing up for 30 Days Netflix Free Trial To Get Free Netflix Account For First Month

This streaming service offers every new customer 30 days free trial. For that period, you can access all their content as a paid subscriber. For a trial period, they do not charge you a single penny. But you need to add there your payment detail while signing up for an account. You do not need to be worry and scared; you will not be charged even 0.01 $. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on “try 30 Days Free” Button
  • Choose Plan
  • Fill up a form with your personal detail
  • Add payment detail
  • Continue

Once you complete these steps, You can access all content according to your individual subscription plan.

Next, what you have to do is just cancel your subscription before it ends. If you first sign up on the 5th of April, it will run till the 4th of May for free. Then you will be charged for next month. On this basis, you have to cancel your subscription on May 4. That’s how you can easily have a free Netflix account.

How To Cancel Netflix Account

  • Login to Netflix account
  • Click on your name on top right corner
  • Go to account
  • Then click on cancel membership
  • Confirm

#2. Netflix Free Trail Again And Again To Get Netflix For Free Forever

Generally, they provide a free trial period of 30 days to their customers who are new to them. Although we have already used its 30 days trial, We can get it again. But we have to use different payment methods and different email id to sign up for another free trial.

Follow all processes of method 1. But use a different card or PayPal id and use a different email id which must not be used before signing up for Netflix.

#3. Account Sharing To Get Netflix Account At Very Cheap Rate Like Free Netflix Account

If you need to save money or can not afford its paid subscription or think it is just a waste of time but still want to have this, This is a great idea to access Netflix at the cheapest rate. You can share its id and password with four people. You can share it with your nearest or trusted person and pay its bill together. It will cost very lower for a single person.

Follow these steps to share your Netflix account.

  • Login to your Netflix account
  • Go to account section
  • Select “manage profile”
  • Click on “add profile”
  • Give Name
  • Continue

Note: You can’t add a separate password for a shared account. All new profiles need to use the same login id and password while logging into the Netflix account. When you successfully log in to your account, it will ask, who is logging in? Then you have to choose the respective profile among the list which is assigned in the previous step.

#4. Use Netflix Cookies To Get Netflix For Free Forever

Have you ever heard about Netflix cookies? Netflix cookies are those pieces of data that Netflix stores on your browser when you watch Netflix. You can easily watch Netflix by exporting all those cookies and inserting them into your browser.

free netflix account cookies

Netflix might be one of the best streaming platforms in the market. It is a premium streaming application that gives you a one-month free trial, but you have to pay to access their content from next month. Everybody can not afford for paid subscription. So we have brought this article to those who want to get a free Netflix account forever by using its cookies.

What is Netflix cookies ?

Netflix cookies are those pieces of data that Netflix stores on your browser when you watch Netflix. You can easily watch Netflix by exporting all those cookies and inserting them into your browser.

Advantage Of Using Cookies

  • Using Netflix cookies is very simple
  • It don’t take large space

How To Get Free Netflix Account With Use Of Netflix Cookies In PCs

  • Open google chrome in your PC
  • Download the extension named “EditThisCookie”
  • Install the extension
  • Wait to get extension get added to your browser
  • Click on Extension
  • From drop down menu, Click on import button
  • Copy and paste it’s cookies of your choice
  • Go to next step by clicking on Yes button
  • Open on same tab (you can get logged in without user id and password)
  • Start streaming

After logged in, Don’t try to get logged out because those cookies will destroy, And you need to start with the first step again. When cookies stop working properly, you can go with another cookie.

How to use Netflix cookies in smartphones

  • For android user : Download and install Yandex Browser
  • Copy this URL and paste it into address bar of yandex browser. “
  • Tap on “add to chrome” option
  • On yandex browser, Tap on extension option
  • Tap on “Editthiscookie”
  • You will see there a blank box, Paste copied cookies on the box
  • It will automatically logged in to premium account
  • Start streaming

It is very easy to access a premium Netflix account for free of cost by using its cookies. With this simple technique, you can save a lot of money.

#5. Use Virtual Card To Get Free Netflix Account

You can use your Netflix account with your Virtual Card. A trial account can be established with a virtual card. When the trial period is over, a new virtual card will create another free Netflix account. This method is legal but even, as many websites issue a virtual card, you have to be patient because only a few have the real uses.

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It is the most acceptable legal way of enjoying a Netflix account for free. After you have signed up with Netflix, it will give you a 30-day free trial. Throughout this free trial period, you can view all features of Premium UHD Netflix Accounts at no cost.

Then You will need to have a new email address and credit card number each time you plan to use Netflix for free. Yet always remember to cancel those trials if you don’t want to pay after your trial. You will get a confirmation of the free trial offer from Netflix three days before the expiry date.

FAQs About Free Netflix Account

How To Get A Free Netflix Trial?

Netflix is offering a 30-day free trial at no cost. Once your trial has ended, you can cancel your subscription. You can read about my step-by-step instructions for obtaining a free trial at the top of this post. For full information about the free Netflix account, please read the entire post.

How can I get a free Netflix Account?

You can not get a free Netflix account though there are some tricks that help you to get a free Netflix account, Some are:  Using virtual cards, account sharing, Using cookies, etc.

How Do I get free Netflix forever?

You can get a free Netflix free trial for a month only not for your whole life.

Can you still watch Netflix without paying?

No, it is only free for a month. You can’t get it for free without using some trick. It can only be obtained by using the tricks provided above in the article.

Which country has free Netflix?

In almost every country, you can get free Netflix, but only for the first month of your subscription.

Is Netflix Free for 30 days?

Yes, you get a month’s free Netflix trial when you subscribe to Netflix. Next month, you must pay. You still have many ways to avoid paying, it is already mentioned above in the article.

I hope this article really helps you to get a free Netflix account. So, download the Netflix app to your smartphones and enjoy watching your favorite series and movies. In the case of PCs, you can watch Netflix via browser.

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