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The Portable Document Format Archival or commonly known as PDF/A was created as a preservation format for digital records, specifically documents. It is a subset of the PDF format and an international standard. Among the many advantages of PDFs is that they are extensively used around the world and are designed to store both images and machine-readable text in a single document. PDF/A is used to store many different records and documents, but it is most useful for storing long-term backups of digital textual documents, including Microsoft Word documents.

If you convert such a file to PDF/A, the resulting document retains its original document’s visual appearance. Also, every page of the original document appears as a single page in the preservation document, the same fonts are used and you can search the text of the PDF/A in the same way that you could in the initial version.

GogoPDF Tools and Features

The GogoPDF’s PDF to PDFA Converter is one of the amazing features of GogoPDF. GoGoPDF is an online platform that provides a PDF tool for your needs including converting, merging, splitting, compressing, locking and unlocking, and so on. You can use GoGoPDF to convert PDF files to Word, PPT, JPG, Excel, PNG, and PDF/A. The tools are simple to use, and they are free. GogoPDF’s website and features are accessible regardless of whether you are using any device such as a smartphone or a tablet. There is also no need to download or install anything on your computer. It is entirely web-based, with all processes taking place online.

GogoPDF also compresses PDF files, converts them to other file formats, and repairs corrupted files. These functions will not be available in a standard PDF viewer, but with GogoPDF, you can accomplish all of these tasks using a web browser. If you want to convert your PDF files to another format, simply upload the file to the website and it will be converted in a short amount of time. GogoPDF compresses a PDF file to reduce its size. It is presumed to be fast and easy. Besides that, if your PDF file becomes corrupted and is unable to be opened, you can use this platform to repair it. You can also combine all of your PDF files and save them as a single document by using the Merge feature. With such, you can save disk space while still keeping copies of all your important documents. There will be no technical issues because it will be converted at the same quality as the original file.

It is also the most cost-effective option if you do not like to consider the amount to pay in installing software on your devices. Another way to consolidate and keep your PDF file up to date is to remove some unnecessary pages. Instead of constructing or converting another document, use GogoPDF’s Delete Pages feature. This is a useful tool that lets you remove certain pages in a file that you choose. Take into account using GogoPDF to add page numbers to manuscript forms that require it. There are many options for modifying its appearance and making sure that it best fits the format of your current file. This is best suited to case studies and contract terms.

Procedure in Converting PDF to PDF/A

With things changing so pretty fast, properly preserving your important documents will save you a lot of stress in the future. Almost everyone who uses a computer eventually converts their files to PDF. The format is simple to view and share and it is compatible with all major operating systems.

Be sure to have a good internet connection when converting a file. Visit the GogoPDF website. Select “Convert PDF to PDF/A” from the list of services on the main website. Click the “Select files” to upload the PDF file that you like to be converted to PDF/A. You can also upload the document on Dropbox. The conversion will begin, and you will be notified that your file is now in PDF/A format.

If certain elements are found in the original PDF and need to be converted to PDF/A, it is feasible that a conformance downgrade is required. With these, you must allow the PDF/A Compliance Level to be downgraded and set the conformance level for your PDF/A document. PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b, and PDF/A-3u are the conformance levels.

As you lick to start the conversion process, it will notify you if your file is completely in PDF/A format. Once the file is in PDF/A format, you can download it directly or copy the link and share it via social media free convert pdf to word .


Convert your PDF documents to PDF/A to keep them accessible, protected, and secure at all times. When you use GoGoPDF, converting your PDF files to their specific formats such as PDF/A will make your work more productive and intelligent. You can use it any time you like and from any location as long as you have a stable internet connection. It is compatible with all major operating systems and you can also use it on any device.

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