Guest Posting Best Practices For SEO In 2022

Although fresh and worthy content is the key to success for ranking high in search engines and involving massive traffic, it is still not enough. To get out the best from your digital marketing strategies, guest posting in SEO is an essential component. Such a tactic will help you strengthen brand awareness, raise user credibility, expand career opportunities, boost lead generation performance and increase company profit in total.

So having explored a variety of strategies, we have picked the best practices for guest blogging for SEO to submit. Let’s study them in detail with examples.

Decide on Your Goals

The first and the most crucial thing is to determine your company goals and what you strive to get from guest posts. Then, you may create a specific plan with step-by-step points and reasons why you need to apply for a guest blog.

There are many causes of their usage. For example, link-building, sky-rocketing brand awareness, enhancing your general SEO strategy, attaining high traffic, or acquiring valuable relationships with your niche colleagues.

One immutable rule for all these cases is the trustworthiness of websites where you perform guest blog posting. Since Google appreciates backlinking pulled from only high-authority sites, you should carefully choose a source for publishing not to go wrong. If a site is high-quality and audience-vast, feel free to apply for it without a doubt.

Find Proper Opportunities

When you have set your goals, it is time to focus on their field of realization. Sometimes desired results may contradict your guest posting strategy. So how to discover highly effective solutions simultaneously, not breaking the overall SEO framework? First, clarify what your public prefers the most and analyze guest blog perspectives there. You may pull in the sale and marketing team to investigate the buyer personas and pick up sites matching them.

Another way to broaden your guest post possibilities is to utilize specific tools to analyze where your rivals reach backlinking from. For example, if some site gives links back to your opponent, you have a chance to receive backlinks from it, too, provided your content is of first-class quality.

It is also worth creating a list of the upcoming guest blogging sites. Make profound Google research and define web sources accepting your industry articles. That way, you will undoubtedly come upon sites your competitors missed. 

Evaluate Guest Posting Websites

As soon as you note sites for guest posts, filter them by your requirements. You should understand that not every web page will meet your needs.

The perfect tactic would be to generate specific criteria for measuring it against every website from the list. Then, concentrate on whether they ensure the relevant audience to target, enough trustworthiness to enable you with backlinking potential, and stable traffic monthly. Once a site matches all your items, make a list with the superior choices. Due to such a responsible and meticulous approach, you will certainly submit post to top blogs.

Come Up With a Blog Topic

Worthy content is the most significant to approve for guest blogging. While thinking about topic ideas, you should stick to the two main parameters – its relevance for the targeted site and whether the website produces such type of content. It is better to accent on pitching the engaging topic to every site than to post the same subjects on various websites.

Try not to repeat ideas already covered on the blog. Instead, study thematic gaps within the content and offer your articles to fill them. It is more likely website owners will easily accept your texts.

Develop a Guest Post Presentation

Guest blogging doesn’t guarantee that publishers will trouble-free approve your article and post it on their sources immediately. So, you have to make an effort to attract their attention and the best way to perform it is via custom outreach emails with attached guest posting offerings.

Crafting an appealing guest post pitch to notice takes the forthcoming things to do:

Get in Touch With the Appropriate Person

If you want your outreach email to reach the destination, don’t just send an email to the address mentioned in the general publisher’s contact info. Instead, do your best to obtain the publisher’s corporate email. So the probability of getting noticed will significantly rise.

Acquaint Yourself With the Website’s Guest Blogging Guidelines

Before getting in touch with a publisher and negotiating, ensure the site’s guidelines are acceptable to you and easy to keep to. It makes no sense to appeal to publishers with strict instructions that could be pretty challenging to follow.

Think Up a Captivating Subject Line

While you offer your texts publisher, a few other competitors do the same at this time. So whether you succeed depends on how noticeable is your email subject line in the sea of inboxes. Thus it is critical to make sure the heading is incredibly compelling and stands out from the crowd of similar pitches. The worst mistake belongs to such subject lines as ‘Guest Post Submission/ Collaboration Request.’

Be Unique

Copy-pasting guest post templates and mailing them to all publishers may end with negative outcomes, i.e., refusal. Give your presentation a personal shade so it displays that you devoted your time to explore their business and website. Avoid playing around with words, be polite, concise and precise within your proposal.

Explain Advantages

Don’t limit only the introduction and guest post offer. Your email should contain detailed info to emphasize the benefits publishers may attain by posting your article on their site. You may demonstrate it via screenshots showing how your content could supplement contextual gaps and interact with their writings. 

Prove Your Proficiency

Amplify your request by attaching links to the preceding guest postings published on the other web pages and illustrate metrics boost owing to such performance. The more examples you add, the better it is since it will give more profound insights into your writing potential.

Craft Content Worth Posting

In case the publisher has accepted your pitch and would like to get a post for publishing on their site, you have to use your guest blog posting opportunities to the fullest. Site owners will be eager to cooperate with you on a regular basis if you can produce worthy content sticking to deadlines.

With crafting high-quality writing, the first step is to be aware of guidelines. Every site has its unique rules for guest blogs, and if you don’t stick to them, you risk getting guest post refusal. Besides, it is significant to deliver informative rather than promotional content.

By making valuable posts, you enable the public to find out something new and broaden their outlook. Thus, they will have great interest in your content and strive to discover more info showing up at your sources. Moreover, remember to scan texts for spelling and grammar mistakes since error-free articles engage people more and evoke immense trust.

As for backlinking, learn if you have permission to add backlinks to your web pages through guest postings. Sometimes some sites prohibit attaching links that way, and the author bio section is the only spot you may do it.

Bio also plays a considerable role in readers’ involvement. So take care it to be intriguing and alluring to promote people discovering more about your site and company on the whole. Moreover, adding an appealing CTA and high traffic to your site will be in the bag.

Monitor Guest Posts Activity

Thinking everything ends up with a written guest post? This is not the case. If you want to keep a good relationship with site owners, contact them and agree on publish date. As soon as your article appears on their source, participate in the post-promotion to drive vast visibility and traffic.

You can do it differently however you wish. For example, share links via social media or point out the publisher’s name and website while promoting. Two options are easy as a pie and time-consuming, but the last one yet encourages lasting and credible relationships with publishers’ establishments. 

Track your guest post comment section and try not to skip responding to each one. It would also be great to attach a portfolio on your site, including all guest articles posted to date.

Keep an Eye on Your Guest Blogging Outcomes

As practice shows, you won’t have a clear vision of your guest posting in SEO performance and if it has profited you unless monitoring results. You can utilize the forthcoming parameters to assess how beneficial is your guest posts activities within one or another site:

  • Referral traffic quantity
  • Comments amount
  • Social shares quantity
  • New site users’ amount
  • Brand links or mentions number
  • New leads quantity
  • Amends in SERP location

By estimating according to these items, you will be aware of what sources have advantaged you the most. This will give you a hint about sites worth reaching out to for guest blog publication.


Creating guest blog posts of roaring success in 2022 requires solid research, effort, proficiency, commitment and persistence. Since the guest posting sphere is highly competitive, you should be skillful, determined and flexible enough to attain excellent potential opportunities, handle tasks with flying colors, and meet any customer needs. So to be ahead of a wave, keep to the below-mentioned guest blog posting tips:

  • Set your career goals
  • Look for the proper opportunities
  • Estimate varied guest posting sites
  • Create exceptional blog topics
  • Craft unique guest post pitches
  • Make sure your article is worthy of publishing
  • Track guest post-performance constantly
  • Monitor your guest blogging results

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