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Logos are a visual representation of a brand. A logo design holds the power to convert a company into a brand. They represent a company in front of the world in the best possible manner. With logos being so important, every business should definitely have one. 

Designhill is a great place to build one for you. Use Designhill logo maker to create stunning logo designs in minutes. Check out this fullguide to create a logo with Designhill

  1. Type Business Name

Logos are the face of a brand. They represent the brand in front of the target audience. Main component of a logo is its name which usually comes from the company that it belongs to. In the beginning, a name is what gains recognition. As you grow, you can just opt a symbol to represent your brand. 

For instance, famous brands changed their logos from companies’ names and just opted for symbols like Nike, Chanel, Apple, BMW, etc. 

So, the first step in the process of creating a logo design is to type the name of your business. This will guide the logo creator to make a logo that revolves around your brand’s name. 

  1. Pick Your Style 

This step is necessary to give the logo maker more ideas about what you wish for.  

In this step, the software will show numerous templates of logo designs from Designhill’s huge library. These logo templates belong to various fields and areas. Depending on what your business specializes in, you can choose your template. 

For example, if your brand is professional and deals with such matters then go for a professional and simple template. On the other hand, if you want to get a logo for your cake shop then get a playful and colorful template. 

You can choose upto 5 templates that match your demands and needs. The logo designs that you will get at the end will be based on the choice of your templates. 

  1. Choose Colors 

Colors have such huge significance in how we see and feel things in our surroundings. In the case of logos, colors used trigger certain emotions in our mind. If you wish to create a stunning logo design that brings profits, you need a logo design colored in alignment with your business. 

For instance, red colour is a symbol of love, passion, wrath and energy while blue symbolizes calmness and tranquility. Purple shows royalty and sophistication while white symbolizes peace. 

Red and orange colors are used in restaurants to make people feel more hungry and order more. Figure out what kind of emotions your business wishes to trigger and use that for your brand logo. 

You can do branding and use colors from your brand palette in your logo design. 

So, choose colors you wish to incorporate in your logo design in this step. You can even go for multi colored logos like Google. 

  1. Show Off Your Company Slogan

Logos’ purpose is to connect and communicate with your viewers. It should be successful in portraying values of the brand. Slogan of a brand is also something that rightfully shares the message and values of a brand. 

In this step, you can type your business slogan, if you wish to use it in your brand’s logo. 

However, it is advised to keep your logo minimalistic. More and more components in logos make it hard to memorize and recognize later on. So, make your logo simple and minimalistic so that it is recognizable and memorable. 

  1. Add Industry Name 

This step asks you to enter the name of the industry that you deal in. It gives a clear idea to the logo maker on the quality and vibe of your logo. 

If you are dealing with the kid industry then the logo has to be attractive to kids and grab their attention at first sight. Logo designed for a kid brand cannot be sophisticated. 

Therefore, adding the name of the industry will bring similar results in the end that you need. Also, it will only save your time and efforts. Just add a few specific details and logo generator will create an amazing list of logos that stand out.  

  1. Add Icons To Your Logo

Selecting icons or symbols from your logo is probably the most exciting and interesting step of the logo making process. You can choose around 5 icons from the huge library that Designhill has to offer. 

Human brain gets attracted more to images than shapes and plain text. They are highly memorable and can be recognized very easily. Also, they look so pleasant and grab the attention of viewers quickly. 

This will make it easy for people to recognize your brand and feel it to be trustworthy. Ultimately, it will build a positive image in the viewer’s mind. So, they will do business with you and come again for more. 

Make your logo memorable, unique and appealing using icons and make great first impressions. After all, logos are the illustrations that create the first impression of a brand in people’s minds. 

  1. Time To Customize 

After completing all these steps, a list of logo templates appear that are specially designed for your brand. These show your company name, colours that you chose, slogan and icons if you chose any. These logos are the perfect combinations of all these elements. It will communicate with your audience and speak volumes about your business. 

Now, select one that suits you the best. The template that you choose should represent the brand’s values and convey its message clearly. Also, it should be memorable and easy to recognize. It should have the power to set you apart and attain a huge business following. 

After this, if there are any elements that you wish to change like colour, background, fonts, icons, etc you can customize. 

Download high resolution logo files for better features and quality. 

This guide to creating a logo with Designhill will help you design stunning logos that stand out. After all, logos are the face of the brand and should definitely be attention grabbing.

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