Here’s a Quick Way to Finding the Right Engagement Ring for your Partner

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Finding the right engagement ring for your partner can be incredibly daunting, considering the myriad options you could choose from. Some engagement rings are embellished with beautifully ornamented stones highlighting the jewellery piece’s pure essence, while other jewellery sets have a more minimalistic appeal to them. 

Whatever it is which you have in mind, finding the exact fit for your partner should come off with the following considerations:

Consider the Right Ring Measurement

When you make a decision to buy an engagement ring for your partner, always consider looking for the right ring measurement. You wouldn’t want to purchase something that doesn’t fit its purpose, right? 

Before you head on and buy one, always see to it that you already got your partner’s exact ring size. 

If you are planning for a surprise proposal, it is best to ask for your partner’s ring measurements from her closest friends or relatives. In this way, you will get a subtle hint of the exact ring specifications you need to look out for. 

Buy from a legitimate jeweller

Buying from a legitimate jeweller will assure you that you will get the best quality engagement ring. Since there have been multiple imitations in the market, you must sift through the authentic ones and get yourself a close look for possible fakes. 

If you are still not very sure whether you have bought an authentic piece, you can subsequently have it tested by an appraiser or ask for assistance from an expert. In this way, you can potentially save yourself from bogus transactions and purchases. 

Carat Size

Aside from the aesthetic appeal and appearance, you should also consider the stone size, as this will greatly determine the quality of the piece that you want to buy

If your partner still hasn’t given you the carat size that she wants, you can ask for the recommendations of the jeweller or refer to the specification given by her close friends. 

Ideally, a bigger carat size would also mean that there is a higher price to it. So, always remember to narrow down your search to the best available piece that fits well with your budget. 

Also, you can try looking for various engagement rings online and try to compare prices. 

Choose what ring shape you would like to buy 

Buying a ring that suits your preference well should be the top priority of things you need to look out for.  

Since the ring shape or cut may determine the different pricing for each piece, you must check out the rings with better dimensions and embellishments. 

Before you head on and make a purchase, be sure to ask your partner first if she has a particular ring size or shape in mind. This will guide you through the purchase and assure you that you will get the best deal out of your purchase. 

Consider Ring Customization

One of the few things you can resort to if you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your partner is to have it customized. Consider this if you want to create a lasting impression on your partner! 

Consulting a jewellery designer for a customized engagement ring can help make a uniquely appealing piece.


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