How Can a Transportation Business Leverage Signage Tech? Expert Tips & Insights for 2021

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When traveling from point A to point B, your mode of transportation is all about communication; whether by air, rail, road, or sea, passengers only have a few microseconds to gather information. This is when digital signage steps in as a perfect infotainment and creative advertisement solution. Let’s dig deeper!

Digital Signage: Role in the Transportation Industry

Effective and efficient incorporation of signage solutions into public transportation can significantly improve the user’s experience. At train stations, airports, local bus stands, metro routes and car parking areas, the signage displays important details and information that’s relevant, accurate and engaging. The technology streamlines real-time communication with the units commonly installed in public vehicle areas, pedestrian walkways and travel depots. Here’s how the travel and transportation industry can best leverage technology!

Reduce Wait Times

Seeing a longer queue or waiting line at the airport, railway station, bus stand or any other place is sure to make anyone feel frustrated with an overall poor, exhausting travel experience. Travellers, already in a hurry or are short tempered can further create fuss thus making the situation worse. Digital signage displays can strategically communicate the total waiting time, about your turn at the ticket counter and even help you navigate to the lane via wayfinding screen display.

When simple poster prints and static displays can communicate in a highly effective way, electronic signage units are far more dynamic, offering rich media content that’s even customised to target a particular audience for an overall better outcome. Other than that, automated content management and updates can further turn your waiting time into entertainment primetime.

Executive Branding

Modern-day digital signage Dubai displays can be used to launch effective branding campaigns. Public transportation nowadays is used to promote various brands and communicate promotional messages about a product or service by displaying dynamic content while moving from a place to another, thus being extremely useful in executive branding.


When at the airport or train station, a clear display to navigate you across is of utmost importance. Instead of bulky, large, static banners and stand-up signs, interactive electronic/digital screens to guide you are an incredible investment and a much more much-needed technology. Also known as wayfinding signage units, these are mostly directed towards travellers, displaying different visual cues such as arrival and departure information, baggage claims, local taxi stands, customer services, eateries and much more.

Video Wall Units

At the entrance is your first chance to engage visitors and deliver a truly fascinating experience through signage displays. A video wall is the answer that turns a simple wall into a huge canvas when you can creatively use it for communicating with travellers. Consider railways, airports, or bus stops, where video walls can share various guidelines, safety procedures, and other such information for easier commuting.

Shopping & Creative Space

It’s obvious for travellers to be in a hurry and lack the time to properly stop by at different outlets and shop for valuable items or even travel gifts. In addition, travel stations and stops are always busy, which is why you need to reinforce and influence your message. This is when signage screens come in handy, usually mounted as overhead display units, large flat screen display stands, at the storefront, and so on, to attract customers as well as to inform them about the available products, so they don’t need to waste their time moving from store to store.

Catering to the maximum convenience of customers, airports, railways and other places of mass transit also have creative spaces dedicated to various purposes, such as for kids to play, as small public libraries, as prayer areas and so on. A signage displays clearly representing the particular space is more than welcome in such places.

Public Transport Options

On arrival, travellers usually book public transport to commute further which makes public transport stands and booths a perfect place to install signage screens. That said, bus shelters can have interactive screens, one-click ticket generating machines, creative billboards for information and advertising and so on. Other than that, the same signage display units can also be used to choose and book transport based on personal preferences such as bus, taxis, private cars and so on.

Cruise Ships

Even cruise ships that offer luxury accommodation for guests aboard the vessel are keen at adopting digital signage technology. The display screens are commonly found in mess halls, kitchens, on-board shopping, digital menu boards and so on. Other uses are wayfinding to navigate you across the liner and to communicate the area on the ship like “Deck Unit”, “Captain’s Chamber” and even for emergency situations such as lifeboats, flare guns etc.

Interactive Kiosks

Travel signage displays also include interactive kiosks that are strategically installed at different places to communicate essential information. Take for instance if someone’s having difficulty in navigating through a large public area, an interactive kiosk can surely guide. These particular signage displays also offer different travel times based on particular destinations and world clocks.

Also used to explore a place through creative information display and fun facts as the technology, in combination as both an entertainment and communication tool can further better up your travel experience.

Improved signage panels support new technologies which means they’ve the potential to boost up the entire transportation industry and enhance travel experience.

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