How Can Technical SEO Audit Help Websites Rank Better?

SEO audits are meant to help websites be successful, to show up on the front pages when Internet users make a search online. People click on the first websites that appear when they type a search and this is why it is so important to have a high ranking. Businesses need to invest in professional SEO and to use tools such as Google rank checker so that their websites are visible to search engines. What is the point of having a website it cannot be crawled, indexed and ranked?

Websites fail to perform as expected for a number of reasons and this is why it is recommended to have them audited by professionals. They can perform a technical SEO audit and see exactly what prevents websites from ranking the way they should. 

When to Use Google Rank Checker?

People should have an accurate idea of their ranking so that they know where they stand, what improvements they have to make and so on. Too many website owners make improvements to their websites blindly, without having an accurate idea of the current situation of their website. This means that instead of knowing what areas they should focus on, they pay for a wide range of SEO optimization services and expect to see results.

A tool such as Google rank checker enables website owners to check their ranking and their positioning in Google. For example, if they have been optimizing their websites for multiple keywords, they can see exactly which ones work and which don’t; therefore, they can replace the ones that do not bring any results instead of continuing to pay for their optimization. This is a great tool used by professionals who want to have a clear idea about a website.

Why Is Technical SEO Audit a Must-Have?

The smartest website owners are the ones that make decisions based on relevant and up-to-date information, the ones that have their websites audited regularly to see where they stand. Web pages that do not load, pop-ups that are frustrating… all these impact user experience and contribute to creating a negative experience. Customers are annoyed by such problems and this is the last thing business owners want.

A technical SEO audit is meant to uncover these problems so that they can be addressed; The importance of technical SEO is also stated by Neil Patel, “Technical SEO is an area of SEO that covers optimizations that improve search engine ranking by making your site easier for search engines to crawl. For example, improving site load time, checking robot.txt files, and making redirects work properly.

What Can Technical SEO Do for a Website?

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Individuals who have used the Google rank checker and seen their ranking position should decide on what to do next. This means that they have to see what actions are needed to recover from a bad ranking. Most of the time, a technical SEO audit is recommended as it addresses a wide range of issues such as:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Page loading speed
  • The health of the existing links
  • Duplicate content
  • Crawl errors
  • Site security
  • URL structure
  • XML sitemaps
  • Site architecture
  • Canonical tags

At the end of such an audit, website owners will be able to see how well their website performs, and whether it has any technical issues or not. A technical audit focuses on aspects such as hosting and indexing, content, keywords, metadata, link quality and outside references. 

Such an audit should be performed by professionals in this field who have the necessary knowledge and tools. SEO experts know where to look for errors, how to find duplicate content, how to remove poor images and so on. Their task is to deal with all the technical aspects so that they are no longer an issue. 

How to Use Google Rank Checker?

A wonderful aspect of this tool is that it is user-friendly and most people can access it. This amazing tool is used to check ranking by URL or keywords and it comes with great benefits:

  • Google rank checker delivers immediate results
  • You can trust the information it brings and take the necessary actions
  • You can use it to uncover critical data for websites such as keyword trend, volume, level of difficulty, and others.
  • You can see what keywords you should focus on to improve your ranking
  • You can assess the importance of each keyword and see which ones are the most relevant to your marketing campaign

In other words, there is no reason why people should not use this user-friendly tool that offers such essential information.

Why Should Websites Be Audited from a Technical Perspective?

According to an interesting article in Search Engine Journal, “Technical SEO, for its part, now encompasses all search engine best practices and allows no room for manipulation. This specialism never went away, but it has seen a recent renaissance as senior marketers realize that it drives performance as well as crawler compliance.

Technical SEO audit addresses four basic aspects and these are:

  • The content of the website- it is important to make sure that the available content is found and indexed by search engines.
  • Structure- an error-free URL structure allows users to access content easily
  • Identifying and addressing issues that stop users from accessing a certain website
  • Performance- improving the overall performance of a website and thus its ranking. 

Why It Matters to Check Google Rankings?

Business owners who want to bring organic traffic to their website should rank high on search engines. It is as simple as that. The only problem is that only a few websites from the endless ones that are out there have high rankings; these are the websites that are optimized on a regular basis, the ones that invest in building an online presence and reputation.

Websites at the top of search engines are the ones with great authority and trustworthiness. Checking Google ranking is recommended so that you know how you compete with in your niche and how much work is required to be able to be at least equal if not better. This is why a tool such as Google rank checker is of great use. It helps website owners improve their search engine optimization efforts, see what actions need to be taken to increase ranking and so on.

Another reason to use such a tool is to understand the target audience better; to see what it searches for and whether a certain website meets its needs or not. Competing with websites with a long-standing reputation and constant investment in professional SEO is not easy. Professional help is recommended to be able to do that.

How to Improve Your Website?


The major problem with websites is that people make improvements only to get a higher ranking. They do not understand that user experience matters the most for Google and that should have their target audience in mind whenever they upgrade their websites. This makes sense. Websites are created for their users and not for Google. If the people who access a website like it, are happy with what it offers, Google will see that. A positive user experience requires a great deal of work and Google rewards websites that meet the requirements of the users.

Regardless of the monthly budget, they have for search engine optimization, website owners should keep this in mind: the content they deliver, and the upgrades they make to their websites should be for the sake of the users. 

What Are the Risks of Optimization without a Technical SEO Audit?

Most website owners know how important it is to have their websites optimized regularly. This is imperative in order to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes and to keep content fresh and updated. Conducting an audit on a website is a major issue; individuals who cannot afford to make any mistakes and who want to focus on the weak points of their website should not hesitate to invest in a technical audit. 

Professionals use various tools to perform a technical SEO audit and the input they provide is valuable. 

This topic is also discussed by Semrush, “SEO audits are crucial to help your site and business avoid: 

  • Losing out on organic traffic due to site health issues 
  • Losing out on sales opportunities or losing the competitive edge to other brands
  • Having your site improperly indexed (meaning searchers won’t be able to find it) 
  • Facing penalties from Google for toxic backlinks

In short, auditing your site can reveal problems that may be costing you traffic and sales.

The good news is that website owners do not have to perform the audit themselves; they can hire SEO experts to do this for them; this is cost-effective because identifying errors early on and dealing with them on time is less expensive. There are so many things that can go wrong with the technical part of a website that can be easily addressed by professionals in this field. 

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