How Effective Print Marketing Material Can Win You in the Digital World [Best of 2021]

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When surrounded all day long by computers, mobiles, tablets and all-things digital, something as simple as reading a book or taking inspiration from the traditional poster prints is always soothing and welcome. Speaking of which, the print market isn’t dead and even in today’s highly competitive and digitally saturated market, some of the most innovative brands and businesses take pride in highlighting themselves through printing. Design trends and printing technology has come a long way to achieve the awesome as we come across amazing brochures, stickers and poster print examples.

Just think of a brilliant flyer design that has the potential to draw viewers and make them hold onto it thus passing even the craziest advertisements on Google and Facebook. If you’re looking forward to establishing lasting connections and developing a highly impactful communications strategy, harness the combined potential of print and digital for maximum results. Let’s have a look at how you can win the digital game with effective prints.


Eye catching posters are memorable and incredible to position your business, brand or service higher and make a lasting impact. The first benefit is freedom to go creative with designing and communicate mostly through visual cues rather than text. Have your poster full of life with vibrant colours and cool layout but do keep it stick with the brand and business guidelines.

Besides, online ads can cost your business too much just to target a particular audience whereas you can easily do it by placing the poster right at a particular spot at almost half the cost of paid ads. So, it can be said that posters remain a great marketing and communication tool in today’s digital age


Yet another powerful print communication medium is stickers keeping your customers always sticking with your brand when placed strategically on digital products, for instance; laptops, smartphones, workstations, stationery and even clothing. Once customers are engaged with your stickers, they eventually expose your brand to a wider audience. That said, stickers can also make your social media campaigns go viral with creative integration by encouraging the audience in taking their pictures with your brand stickers. Now that we know, this particular marketing trend shouldn’t be overlooked.


Those who love books would always prefer the feel of crisp paper, hardback cover and the excitement of going to the bookstore, sifting through the pile. Which means there’s always a demand for bookmarks that can be unique, brand-specific and printed as per design specifications.

You can design amazing bookmarks using various digital software by incorporating pre-built creative assets or even throw your own design creativity in something as simple as a bookmark; however, even the smallest has the potential to make a big difference depending on overall creative strategy.

Even in today’s fast-paced disposable world, you can build a lasting impact with creative bookmark printing.

Business Cards

When you’re making new corporate connections at a particular event, job fair or a meeting, exchanging vital information in just seconds or minutes is impossible. This is when business cards come in handy being evergreen and all-time favourite choice of corporate professionals to introduce themselves and as a means of taking communication further.

Business card design and printing companies in Dubai are always coming up with inventive designs, creative hacks to a simple business card, a unique logo, colour and everything which makes up a perfect card. The recent trend is transparency, QR code integration and all the futuristic trends that we’ve been seeing in sci-fi movies thus connecting the print industry with digital technology in an amazing way.

Creative Flyers

When encouraging the audience to explore your brand further through print marketing, creative flyers remain unparalleled and a highly preferred medium to spread information. Indeed, you can always exchange your website and social media info but nothing can beat the physical existence and creative content with appealing fonts, brought together on a piece of paper before sticking it to a wall.

In-fact, you can even incorporate digital tech in the flyer prints as scannable QR codes or a logo which can further download your corporate-specific mobile app (if any). Thus, flyers will always be a preferred print marketing material that convey your brand details through cutting-edge designs and keen layout, opening a new world of opportunities for creative designers in the print and digital industry.


Between emails, texts, video calls and virtual meetings, receiving a personalised postcard can truly tap into emotion and raises motivation. Not just to spark up communication between family and friends but you can also establish a profitable, loyal and long-lasting client relationship by sending inexpensive printed postcards with a personalised message to show that you actually care and invested some effort.

A visually appealing postcard with a powerful message and perfect balance of design as well as colour have the potential to communicate even better than any other digital medium. You can easily find highly competitive and pocket-friendly postcard printing services to make your print marketing campaign super successful.

Successful brands will always find creative ways to leverage online (digital) and offline (print) marketing rather than leaving both to compete and retaliate in a pessimistic way.

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