How To Attract More Customers With Video Marketing

Currently, Video Marketing is the most efficient technique to generate leads and convert them into customers. Undoubtedly, visual content is of great importance in social networks and digital media in general since they can transmit a message in an immediate and powerful way. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze how they drive the strategies of millions of brands.

Why is it important to include video?

According to studies carried out, 74% of marketers affirm that video generates more conversions than any other type of content, thanks to the attention it arouses among audiences of all types and ages. Therefore, it is necessary to study the possibilities that this technique offers before undertaking high-altitude campaigns. For example, a video ad will attract more potential customers and generate more revenue than a text ad. Everyone can search online and use a free video ad maker to get started.

The steps to do video marketing

1. Define the audience and the type of content

Each brand must perfectly define what type of audience its work is aimed at according to its Buyer Personas previously created. Are they millennials, children, seniors, homemakers aged 35-45, professional women and men? Perhaps the same product is consumed by several of these user groups. According to this segmentation, it is necessary to decide what type of video they need:

  • Millennials: this type of audience likes fast, entertaining videos accompanied by a dynamic and rhythmic soundtrack.
  • Professionals and company managers: currently, media such as Instagram and its IGTV section have taken social media video to another level. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of its advantages and include information and documentaries of up to one hour in length aimed at this audience, looking for more complete and informative content about those products that interest them.
  • Generation “Z”: members of the post-millennial generation will find short stories on Instagram and Snapchat very attractive. Since it is the youngest type of audience that exists, it is advisable to offer them snack content on video. That is, those that will consume quickly but equally useful for the marketing plan.

2. Define the duration of the video.

Since the type of audience and content is known, the next thing will be to plan videos according to their specific duration. To do this, you have to answer two basic questions:

  • What will be the means of distribution? That is, will they be created specifically for the brand’s social networks? Perhaps they will be distributed on the corporate blog or perhaps they will be part of a promotional campaign on the e-commerce platform.
  • What specific objectives is the brand looking for? Although the main one will be to attract customers with Video Marketing, of course, others will help directly or indirectly to this goal, such as the following:
  • Generate traffic to the corporate blog, requiring videos of average length directed to the public looking for direct answers.
  • Strengthen branding: new clients, as well as existing ones, need to know relevant aspects of the company, not always related to commercial issues. This will be important to build trust and loyalty between them, so longer videos with plenty of information and visuals will be the type of content that works in this case. 
  • Help the prospect make a favorable decision: which will be achieved more easily with short videos that include sufficient information related to the product or longer tutorials that show in detail how each of them will improve their experience every day.

Once these factors are known, the duration will be defined, according to specific rules. The ideal duration of each social media video is:

* Facebook: 2 minutes.

* Twitter: 30 seconds.

* Instagram: 60 seconds.

* YouTube: 2 minutes.

However, this factor will also depend on the objectives of each brand. Suppose the work is entrusted to an agency. In that case, it is necessary to reach a common point, in which the promotion and lead generation objectives are met, but without boring the clientele with too long videos. If the video will be longer, it is necessary to ensure that it has what is necessary to catch the public and become viral. For example, 5, 6, or 7-minute videos can work wonders in more ambitious campaigns, as long as an engaging story is delivered to the audience, rich in resources, and with the power to hold each user’s attention from beginning to end. 

3. Combine Video Marketing with Email Marketing for Better Results.

Both techniques have the power to generate leads and nurture them into customers. In addition to including the message intended for each audience segment, it is necessary to embed videos published on social networks in context with the content, to increase the Click Through Rate and complement the information. This technique guarantees the user’s attention and is also favorable for generating followers on the different social media platforms of the brand.

According to the stage of purchase in which the prospect is, it is important to deliver video content that provides answers and solutions to their questions. Thanks to this, it will be easier to help you move to the next one and make a favorable decision.

4. Landing pages and Video Marketing are a perfect match.

Videos help to direct potential customers to optimized landing pages from the corporate blog, Instagram, Facebook or a video social network.

They will always be provided sufficient and explicit information for them to take a specific action, be it taking advantage of a discount on their first purchase or download an electronic product. It is important to include short and engaging videos that provide additional information and grab attention. 

5. Add a call to action

Each video must include a visible and attractive CTA to generate the customers that the brand expects. There are different ways to do it, according to the medium and type of content:

  • Some brands include it directly in the video, generally at the end of it, inviting the user to visit a specific medium, download a product, take advantage of a promotion or any other action that seeks to generate conversions.
  • YouTube is an ideal medium to include calls to action in the description of the videos, directing the user to a landing page, individual e-commerce page or any other digital medium.
  • In addition, you have to take advantage of the Instagram profile to include CTA’s and at the same time explain in the videos published to users what each of them refers to.

To sum up

Video Marketing on Social Networks and other digital media is a practically infallible technique to attract customers and convert them into loyal brand followers. The previous points offer valuable ideas to apply through each strategy to maximize results and contribute to the better positioning of the company on the internet. We’ve listed how to do video marketing step by step. Now you can follow up the process and get started with your video content.

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