How to Choose the Best Place for Solar Panels

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For the last few decades, several US homeowners have considered whether solar panels were a worthwhile investment for their homes. In many cases, the answer has been yes. Since 2014, the cost of solar panels has significantly decreased, dropping nearly 70%.

This lower cost and increased efficiency have attracted many peoples’ interests. However, the decisions don’t come to an end once you decide to buy solar panels. Once you’ve done this, you must then determine where to put solar panels.

Solar panel placement contributes greatly to solar panel efficiency. If you’re wondering where in your home to install solar panels, then keep reading! We’ll cover all the information you need.

Finding A Good Location For A Solar Panel

Solar panels rely on receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight to generate electricity. If you want your solar panels to work efficiently, you have to find the best location on the building to install them.

In most cases, you’ll want your solar panels to receive what gardeners call “full sun.” That is, you want your panels to be in a location where the sun shines directly on them for most of the day.

For many homes, this makes a southern facing direction ideal for your placement. Usually, the southernmost side of the roof gets the most unfiltered sunlight.

However, there are two types of “southern.” One is the magnetic south, and the other the true south. You’ll want your panels facing true south. You can use a compass to distinguish between the two.

Installing Solar Panels On A Pitch

Several residential roofs include a pitch, which is simply a downward angle on the roof. In many cases, an angle facing true south makes an ideal location for your solar panel installation.

There are several reasons for this. First, because solar panels tilt at an angle, they naturally fit well on angled roof locations. Your installation team won’t need any extra equipment for their installation.

This location has another pragmatic benefit. When your panels angle downwards, rainwater doesn’t accumulate on them. Instead, the water runs right down the roof, rinsing your panel surfaces as it goes.

Furthermore, passersby often notice your solar panels at this location. Why does this matter? Because solar panels help to increase your home value.

If people can see your panels, it makes them more willing to buy your home. You can learn more about this at

Effects Of Your Roof Angle On Solar Output

When you look for the best geographic location for solar panels, you’ll often find it’s in places with uninhibited sunlight and a perfect roof angle. For your home, that perfect angle is typically a pitch of 30-45 degrees.

Solar panels at this angle often increase their production rate. This production increases their efficiency, helping you to cut more of your electric bill.

Get Your Solar Panels Today

With these tips, finding the best place for your solar panels should be a cinch. All that’s left to do is call your solar panel installation service. With their expertise, you can guarantee your solar panels will work with maximum efficiency.

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