How To Embed Facebook Reviews To Shopify Website?

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Facebook has grown into a multi-purpose platform, now it is not limited to making friends. Facebook is a powerful tool for marketers to promote their businesses, increase sales, and build stronger relationships with their customers. 

One of the major components of Facebook that creates a huge impact on a brand’s image is reviews on Facebook business profile. 

Recent Marketing trends include embedding Facebook Review Widget on business websites, no matter a portfolio website or an eCommerce store. 

As we are talking about the Shopify website, you can embellish your Shopify Store with reviews of Facebook.  

Facebook is a social platform with millions of users from all over the planet, which means establishing your business on Facebook can deliver you huge benefits that you never experienced before. 

If Shopify is your marketing tool to boost sales and increase customer loyalty, then don’t miss out on an opportunity to embed Facebook customer reviews and Rating on main or product pages. 

Do you want to learn how to embed Facebook Reviews on your Shopify website? Then give this blog a read and we will walk you through some easy ways to add Facebook Customer Reviews on your Shopify website. 

So let’s begin!

Why Add Facebook Reviews On Your Shopify Website

Before we start to learn how to embed Facebook Reviews on your website, you must understand why these reviews of Facebook are beneficial for your online store. 

When a customer arrives on your website, they are at one of the buyer journey stages, Awareness, Desire, or Decision. 

Your audience might land on your website to find a solution or even not clear about the specific problem, this comes under the Awareness stage. 

If your customer finds your website relevant, trustworthy, and best fixed for their problem, they carry forward to the next stage generating interest for your product and service, that is Desire Stage.

When your audience is aware of your business, has a desire for your product, this leads your potential customers to make their mind to purchase their desired product from your business, this is called the Decision Stage. 

All three stages are vital for your business to grow online sales. Embedding Facebook Reviews will expand the customer experience more towards your brand and increase their experience at every stage. 

As you are selling your products on the Shopify website, it will enhance their experience with your business and help them know what other people are saying about your product or service. 

Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Shopify Website

#1 Tagembed 

Tagembed offers easy and effective solutions to collect and embed Facebook Reviews on your website. It provides various features and functionalities that help effortlessly curate reviews from your Facebook Page and design it into a beautiful-looking widget to add on your website. 

Tagembed offers code-free solutions, which means you do not require much technical expertise to create your Facebook Review widget. 

Tagembed is also popularly known as one of the best social media aggregation tools, that open wide opportunities to collect social media feed from multiple social media platforms. 

#2 offers exclusive marketing solutions especially for eCommerce websites from creating pop-ups, contact forms, review applications, etc. that boost customer engagement on the website. provides an effective solution to embed Facebook Reviews on your Shopify store in a seamless integration on your website.  

It helps you reduce the hassle of hiring developers or technical expertise to create and embed reviews on your website. 

With this tool, you can easily insert reviews of Facebook into your Shopify website. They provide complete support to their clients and get their Shopify website ready with reviews of Facebook. 


If you are looking for more than just embedding Facebook Reviews on your Shopify website, also helps you in sending requests to your customers to get reviews on your Facebook page through email, text message, etc. 

It is a trusted website plugin, helping various Shopify store owners to simplify their customer solutions and provide them with the best experience on your website.

#4 EmbedSocial 

EmbedSocial is another big tool in the market that helps you create a Facebook review widget on your Shopify website. With the help of this tool, you can gather selected reviews from Facebook of your fans and display them on your website without any inconvenience. 

They provide effective solutions that make your whole Facebook Widget embedding process smooth and seamless with various styles that fit your website. 


That said, now you have come to know how reviews of Facebook page and profile are beneficial for your Shopify website. 

Around 1.3 billion people are daily active Facebook users, showing high potential for marketing and promoting. A survey of Facebook users reveals that 80 percent of Facebook users buy or make purchase decisions after reading reviews or recommendations from Facebook Page. 

If you don’t have your business Facebook Page yet, then you’re missing out on enormous opportunities to reach your target audience with lots of marketing benefits for your business. 

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, is compelling enough to scale your business. It helps you achieve business objectives with unexceptional results. 

So without making any delay, start adding Facebook Reviews on your Shopify Website. Drive your audience crazy that brings sales to your eCommerce store. 

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