How To Improve Internet Speed in Your Home with Smart Wi-Fi

It is estimated that over 4 billion people across the globe use internet services. With that many people connected it is no wonder that dropped signals and buffering are daily annoyances that we must deal with every day. In the average home it is hard to have a good connection because there is always more than one device hooked up at a time. The average household has 11 to 25 devices hooked up. That is in one house.

A smart Wi-Fi router can help alleviate some of the congestion that is occurring, which is what slows the speed of your internet, and causes the bandwidth to decrease dramatically. It is a common misconception, though, that the number of devices in a house can decrease the effectiveness of the router. That may be true with some of the older technology, but in the tech world today a smart Wi-Fi router can manage over 200 devices in a house. 

If that is not enough for you to realize that a smart router will increase internet speed through its advanced technology, then maybe you should think about it this way. Let us say that you have a large water hose, like a fire hose. The nozzle on the end stops the flow until it is opened. Once it is opened the stream will shoot out small amounts of water with tremendous force. However, if you take the nozzle off and then turn the water on, you will get a large amount of water with no force. 

Now switch your thoughts a little and replace your internet connection for the large hose. If you connect numerous devices up to an old router it will cause the same type of bottleneck as the nozzle on the fire hose does. As the devices are turned off the internet will start getting tiny amounts of usage added on to it, until it finally reaches the maximum that it can handle. Which means the nozzle is opened all the way. If you remove the bottleneck (nozzle) you have a full stream that can be used.

That is where the smart Wi-Fi router comes in. Especially when it is hooked up to one of the higher tier NBN plans. It will remove the bottleneck by allowing all the devices in your home to be connected at once, without losing any speed. You can even connect a device directly to the modem with cables and it will not pull the internet signal, like it does with the older devices. New technological devices call for new routers. The more devices that you have hooked up, the more you need a smart router.

Another way that it increases your speed is by adjusting the signal to one that is not congested by the use of everyone outside of the house that is pulling signals. There are numerous frequencies that Wi-Fi can connect to. A smart router will scan through them all and connect to the one that will give your home the fastest speed possible. 

If you have a smart home this type of router will improve your connection speed dramatically. But even for those of us that live simple lives, use basic routers, and modems, we can benefit from having a smart Wi-Fi system. The more upgrades that you make, the more likely you are to stay ahead of the technological advances. Of course, it is almost impossible to always be up to date with computers, internet, and mobile devices, but it is possible to increase the speed of your service, and your devices, with this one simple change.

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