How To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

To increase your business sales, one thing that you definitely need to do is increase website traffic. 

If you wonder why the answer is pretty simple: as more people have visited your site, there are more chances of them signing up and subscribing to your feeds. 

The difficult part is that most common business owners think that improving search traffic and website visitors is difficult and an uphill task that ultimately leads them to not even trying to improve it. 

But not all of that is true. The below tips can be pretty useful for any kind of website and can help increase website traffic.

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Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

Unsuccessful website marketers always want more traffic. As much as internet marketers love to talk about how they’d increase traffic to their website, they seldom actually do it. Why? Most would say that they don’t have time to do so, or that they don’t know how to do so. But, before you can increase traffic to your website, you need to figure out why the website isn’t getting traffic. Is it a lack of content? Not enough keywords? No advertisements?

Here we have come with the best ideas to increase your website traffic.

Give away eBooks for free: 

You may have some second thoughts on this method on how to get web traffic since you are basically giving out the content for free. Why give something for free when you can put a price tag on it, right? Wrong. 

There’s a reason why the majority of the most successful marketers today keep on giving out their eBooks for free. The act not only drives traffic but also builds influence and boosts your business brand as well.

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If you think that blogs are outdated, then you are wrong. Blogging is still a very powerful tool to drive web traffic to your website. 

The notion in people’s minds is that many blogs are coming on the internet every day. 

But there is the fact that most of the blogs that are available today are based on a certain niche and have some kind of target audience. So virtually, the marketing competition is smothered on the web, which means a relevant blog can give you substantial traffic.

Setting up a blog is very easy. If you want a free blog, several free blogging platforms are out there like Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal.

Another advantage of blogs is that search engines love them because they are updated with fresh content regularly. Blogging is also a great way to connect and build relationships with your target customers.

Google Adwords:

One of the best ways to get fast traffic is by using PPC such as Google AdWords. This will get near enough instant traffic to your site, but it will cost you money. 

The good news is that you can get some free PPC traffic for free. Before registering with a PPC network such as AdWords, check their website for vouchers to encourage you to sign up with them

Many PPC places offer vouchers to new members, which can be as much as $30 of free PPC vouchers. Another way to find vouchers even if you have already signed up is to search in Google for ad vouchers for your PPC network. There are a lot of sites that list the voucher codes for free.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging can get you new traffic and start to get your name noticed in your niche. All you have to do is contact the owner of a blog relevant to your own blog or site and ask them if they would allow you to write some content for their blog. 

Most people will welcome you with open arms to get new relevant content, and they do not have to write it themselves.

When guest blogging, you need to check some of the recent posts already on the blog to get some idea of the sort of thing put up on the blog. 

You then need to make sure that you write a post that is interesting and, if possible, give them something they may not be aware of, or know about yet. When they read the post, you will find that you will get traffic to your own site from the content you wrote for someone else.

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The first thing you need to do is make sure that the content of your website is optimized for the search engines. This is largely all about keywords, keyword density, and how the search engine crawlers index your website. Keywords should be seamlessly integrated into the content of your website.

If the main goal of your website is to earn money through advertising revenue, then you must include profitable keywords. 

Regardless of how you use keywords, you will probably find some of the online keyword generators useful. You can also find programs that tell you how much your keyword is worth when an advertisement relevant to it is clicked on. 

This is also important if you are advertising your business as it will give you an idea of how much it will cost.

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YouTube Marketing:

When it comes to YouTube, certain ingredients need to be put into one bowl to achieve success. First of all, you need to ensure that you are targeting a popular niche. 

If you already have a website that you want to promote, your task may become harder. If you don’t care what you market as long as it makes money, it’s best to research the popular niches (some good guides can teach you how).

Once you know the niche, you need to create many absolutely thrilling videos. You need to optimize their titles/descriptions for YouTube with the niche keywords and make the title/description similar to the title of a “bestseller” – it has to make people want a piece of it. Next, you upload the videos onto YouTube one by one and track the results. 

Don’t forget to enable comments and encourage the viewers to share their thoughts. Once one of your videos becomes extremely popular, make a website and stuff it with whatever would sell in this niche, or simply use AdSense on the site. 

As you can see, YouTube can become your personal website traffic builder, and there are good eBooks that can teach you how.

Facebook Marketing:

Firstly, when we join Facebook, we must make an account. This account should be preferably made with your name and your primary email. You should use your name and primary email as this will be one of your important marketing tools. 

With it, you can build your credibility online and increase your trust with people. You should not only seek to promote your own products but also make friends with others. You should take note of what they need and build relationships with them. 

This will get them to trust you more, and it would be easier to market your products in the long run. Check the best time to post on social media and get more engagement and reach for your post.

Next, you should join groups that are in your niche. There are many established groups that you can leverage on. As you join the groups, you must be active in their discussions, and commenting on posts would help you converse with the people in the group. 

From here, you can start to add people as friends. This would give you a higher rate of success in getting to know people interested in the niche you are promoting. 

As you continue adding people on Facebook, you should not post too much on your friends’ walls. However, you must interact with them as a person. This would then help them be more comfortable with you.

Article Marketing:

Another way of drawing traffic is by writing good informative articles about the subject of your website. This is called article marketing. 

Write good unique content on a particular subject and then submit your articles to different article directories. 

Below each article, there is a resource box with author information – this is where you will put a few words about yourself and/or your website and a link to your website. 

The article is found by search engine spiders quite quickly, so you will get traffic from people looking for information and find your article on the topic. 

If the article is interesting and useful, they click your link to get more useful information from your website.

The most efficient articles focus on one particular topic, which may be relevantly narrow or broader. 

It is useful to do some research before and include the relevant keywords in your article. Make the title clear and write the article to get the answers they were looking for.

Forum Marketing:

Forums are basically communities of like-minded people asking questions & sharing answers in the same niche or area of interest.

So, how do you succeed at forum marketing and use it to increase website traffic? Here are 5 simple steps…

  • Search Google for YOUR NICHE + forums and look through the top ones.
  • Look out for those that have a good number of members (15,000+) and that people are posting new threads daily (5+).

Check the rules for adding signatures with hyperlinks back to the site, how many posts you must make before you can create a sig, send private messages to other forum members, add photo/logo, etc. These are important for your forum marketing success.

Check out some posts and see if the attitudes of those contributing are positive, helpful & supportive. If there’s quite a lot of negativity or flaming, leave immediately and find a better forum.

Once you’ve found a forum that meets your needs, simply register as a new member. This is the first major step of how to increase website traffic using forum marketing.


People like connecting with people, so write a short bio about yourself in your profile, include a link to your website, and upload a photo.

As you connect with other forum members, some will look at your profile, which will help build relationships. It’s important to add your website URL as some will also click through to your site.

Best to avoid adding email addresses as some members may try to spam you. Alternatively, set up a new email & use it just for the forums.

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To get started in a new forum, post an intro in the newcomer’s section. People will gladly welcome you!

Look at forum posts and answer any questions that you can. Ask questions that you have & thank people for their answers. Seek to add value wherever you can.

Also, PM (private message) people if you like their site or post to start building a relationship with them.

Maintain a positive tone & attitude with all your posts. Avoid getting into any arguments.


Use different font colors, italics, bold, CAPS, underlining, bullets, numbering, smiley, etc., to highlight key points and make your content easier to read and digest.

Not many people do this, so it’s a good way to be attractive online and stand out.


Get used to using these techniques, and you will find, over time, that the hits to your website, although they may not soar through the roof, will be hit from genuinely interested customers who will stay with you and will be there for a reason – i.e., they want your product or service!

Increasing your website traffic may seem too much effort in the beginning. Still, once you’ve established a position and get known as an expert in a particular field, the traffic starts increasing automatically – you just need to update your website and provide good useful content to the visitors. 

Get their questions answered, and they will come back for me. Offer them more than they expect, and they will be your loyal fans forever.


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