How to Make Money on Coding: A Guide for Beginners

Now the demand for programmers is very high. But we are talking about specialists in their field. And gaining knowledge in the field of coding can lead to finding a good high-paying job. There are many different methods of earning money for a programmer on the Internet. And job sites are not the only option. Let’s consider other options of making money as a coder.

List of Proven Ways to Make Money from Coding

A programmer is a specialist in writing software code. Its main tool is commands, functions, and operators of the programming language. A programmer is a very demanding profession. Programmers are wealthy people. Those who immerse themselves in work achieve dizzying success very quickly. How to make money on it?

  1. Learning a programming language. For this, you need a good tutorial or course. You have to seriously study this course and write a curriculum. During this time, you may well become a novice coder or realize that programming is not for you at all.
  2. Educating people. To do this, you can develop your course. This way of making money is suitable only for a coder with experience. If you have little experience in programming, you can create a course for beginner programmers. In it, you will teach people the basics of programming. As soon as several years of experience have been accumulated, you can make a course to improve the qualifications of programmers. There are enough options to monetize the course (even if the course itself is free). You can also work with different specialized programming services, for example, MyAssignmentLab, providing others with coding assignment help in any language.
  3. Portfolio. This is a mandatory step for a beginner programmer. At this stage, you turn from a novice coder into a real programmer. To build a portfolio, offer your services for free. Just be sure to explain why you are doing it for free, and say: “I’m a beginner and I need a portfolio.”
  4. Creation of sites on the Internet or web programming. Launching and adjusting corporate and personal Internet resources are one of the best-earning options for both a beginner IT specialist and an experienced professional. Each commercial project has its own web page. So, website developers always have orders.
  5. Game development, creation of animated commercials. To successfully master the profession, you need to be well-versed in graphic programs and 3D technologies. Many novice coders start with game projects.
  6. Creating templates for sites. Hundreds and thousands of new websites appear on the Internet every day. Many of them are created on popular engines that require templates. If you know how to draw beautiful website designs and can work with them, then you can make website templates and then sell them.
  7. Your site. There are enough programming websites. But not all of them are of high quality as it seems. Therefore, you can create your own website and keep a programming blog on it. You can write articles on narrow topics, for example, about solving any problems in a particular programming language, or you can write articles on general IT topics, like coding. You can post your courses there, record podcasts, etc. The bottom line is to drive traffic to your site. And then this traffic can be monetized in different ways. Yes, this method is laborious and time-consuming. But it can be used as an additional way to earn money from programming.
  8. Testing. It means the identification of errors and failures in new software products: mobile applications, programs, games, and interactive software. Testers usually make money remotely by receiving orders from freelance exchanges or directly from employers.
  9. Paid bug fix. It is one of the highest-paid sources of income. For example, just a few years ago, during a hackathon, a Chinese programmer managed to earn over $200,000 from bugs of well-known products Google Chrome, Skype, etc. Its principle of operation: a) find a bug in any open-source software product. It is important to clarify in advance the availability and amount of remuneration from the company. b) Confirm the presence of a bug and submit it to the company. Offer you help in fixing the bug and get money for it.
  10. Development of plugins and extensions. This is a fairly common practice for a coder. Most often, plugins are developed for popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, and others. Having developed a good and necessary plugin, you can put it up for sale on special platforms, for example, Themeforest, CodeCanyon, etc.
  11. YouTube channel. Why not make money from codding by combining it with video blogging? After completing a course or reading any book on programming, you will already be one step ahead of those who haven’t studied anything yet but dreams of becoming a programmer. Therefore, you can start helping other people learn with minimal knowledge of your own. So, constantly build up your own skills and monetize them on YouTube.

The doors of making money on the Internet are bigger for coders than for ordinary people. They can earn millions of dollars by creating just one good project. Even if they are not going to create their own project, their skills are always appreciated and they easily find a job. Programmers very often become wealthy people. Development and immersion in work can lead to dizzying success.

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