How to resolve Error B200 for Canon Pixma MP560

Getting the error B200 on Canon Pixma MP560 is very common. This error on your Canon printer can appear due to numerous reasons. It is a common printer error and you can easily fix it by using a few manual techniques. Before searching for a solution, you need to search for the reason behind the Canon Pixma MP560 error.

Possible reasons behind Canon Pixma Error:

  1. The printer driver is not installed properly
  2. Paper jamming
  3. Error in cartridge installation
  4. Stuck or pending print job
  5. The printer fuser/printhead gets overheated

Common ways for solving Canon Pixma MP560 error:

Restart your printer

Before searching for other solutions, try restarting the printer. The B200 error can appear due to some runtime issues which can be easily fixed by restarting the printer. Take out the power cord and USB cable (when the printer is on). Now wait for about a minute and reconnect the power cord. The Canon Pixma should be started automatically. Now connect the USB cable and then give the print command. If the Canon printer is still showing B200 error then seek other solutions.

Try resetting your Canon printer

If you are getting the B200 error after making some changes on the device then you should go for Canon Printer Reset. Resetting the Canon printer to factory settings will revert all the changes:

  1. Go to Canon printer and press the Setup button
  2. Use arrow buttons and go to Device settings
  3. Press the OK button
  4. Go to the Reset Setting and click on Yes 
  5. Select the Reset All button and hit the OK button
  6. You will get the Canon confirmation window
  7. Hit on the Yes button

Now your Canon printer will get reset to the factory settings. Give a print command from PC and check for Canon printer error code.

Check Canon printer driver

On the PC, check whether the Canon printer driver is installed on your device or not. Your Canon Pixma won’t work if you haven’t installed the printer driver. You can directly copy the driver setup from the CD (you received it with the printer). If you can’t use the CD then visit the Canon website and install the driver. If you have the driver the check for the updates. When you are getting the error code B200 due to the corrupted printer driver then uninstall it from your device. Reinstall a new Canon printer setup on your computer and then try to take the printout. 

Delete the pending print jobs

The printer can get into an error state when a print job gets stuck or you have lots of pending print jobs. Whenever the error appears, check the print queue. If the print job gets stuck then delete it and remove all the files from the print spooler. If the error is appearing due to printer memory then you have to delete all the pending jobs from the printer:

  1. Go to the Windows notification area
  2. Double-click on the printer icon
  3. Choose the Printer 
  4. Click on Cancel All Documents
  5. You may get a confirmation window

Select the Confirm button and the pending jobs on your Canon printer will be removed. Now give a new print command to the Canon device and check for the error.

Connect iPhone to Canon Printer WiFi

All Apple devices, such as the Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad, have a typical feature called AirPrint. This feature allows the Apple device to connect to any wireless printer over a wireless network connection to publish documents or images directly from the Apple device.

To allow your iPhone portable tool to the printer and use the wireless printer from your iPhone or iPods or iPads, you must configure your printer with your wireless network. The treatment for connecting the iPad to the Canon printer wirelessly is described.

Touch the share symbol displayed in the corner of the screen, a pop-up food selection will be displayed. Click the print option in this menu, it will open the print food selection. Now select the print alternatives. Now, click on Printer in the food selection field. You will surely get many printers. You need to choose the name of your printer and then press the print button from the upper-right edge of the screen to proceed with the print command.

Inspect printer fuser and print-head

Canon error B200 can appear when the printer fuser or printhead gets overheated. This issue appears when the user is taking a large number of printouts simultaneously. The printhead overheated and stopped printing. Overhead can also damage the fuser. Turn off the printer device until the fuser or printhead cooled down. If your Canon printhead gets clogged with ink then clean it. You can clean the printhead manually with a cloth and cleansing (alcohol-based) liquid.

You can also use the Canon printer utility tool for this job. After checking the fuser and printhead; restart your Canon printer and check whether your error code B200 gets resolved or not. If you are still getting the error after trying every method then you should contact the Canon team for help.

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