Improve your website loading speed by 75% with these 7 proven tips

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There are no two opinions that your website is the gateway to your business, and its performance is directly proportional to your conversion rate and ROI. If your website is not performing well, then the chances of losing quality leads increase. 

As per the statistics, websites having a loading speed of more than 5 seconds will probably see 70% more average sessions. Also, 40% of users will probably visit another site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Creating a slow website does not solve your purpose. If you want to see results as per your expectations, you need to focus on the responsiveness and loading speed of your website. It is the reason why many companies prefer to outsource website development services from reputed agencies. 

So, if you don’t want to leave a negative impact on your website visitors, then make sure that the loading speed of your site is minimum. Don’t know how to boost your website performance? Dive into the below checklist for a better understanding. 

Tips to Boost your website loading speed

Let’s begin….

Minimize your HTTP requests

Have you ever noticed the number of HTTP requests that are on your website? Probably not, because there are different parts of the page like scripts, images, videos, etc. Each element of the page needs HTTP requests. So, if you want to see some good results in the loading speed of your website, try to minimize the HTTP requests. To know the actual number of HTTP requests your site makes, you can use browser developer tools. 

Minimizing the number of HTTP requests will speed up your website, which will further help you build long-term relations with your customers. 

Reduce Image Size

Another tip that can directly impact your website loading speed is images and videos. Many times we compromise the quality of images and videos just to manage the time, but actually, we forget that this might lead to a negative impact. 

Yes, images play a huge role in improving your website speed. So, if you want to run a successful site, try to include helpful images with small sizes. Thus, start optimizing your images to load faster without actually affecting their quality.

Defer JavaScript loading

Many of you might be thinking about the word defer. Well! Deferring a file is all about preventing it from loading until other elements of the website have loaded. This approach is commonly preferred when your website includes large files like java. 

By deferring those heavy files, you can ensure that the rest of the content can load without any delay. If you’re managing a wordpress website, then you can use the WP Rocket plugin for deferring javascript. Moreover, if your website is created using HTML, then you can place an external javascript file before the <body> tag.

Use a caching plugin

Are you fed up with the high loading speed of WordPress websites? If yes, then a caching plugin can help you to fulfill your desires. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your website loading speed. Say if you are already using the WP engine, then of course, you can ignore this tip. 

These plugins are both free and easy to use. Its primary function is to do quite a lot beyond browser caching. Moreover, with this tip, you can see real-time results without investing much time and money. 

Remove unnecessary themes and plugins

It is being noticed that many people use various types of plugins, out of which many are useless. Are you one of them? 

Just take a moment and think about how many plugins you use? Don’t have the exact number? Well! It’s obvious, but do you know that it actually affects your website loading time? 

It’s time to find out all the plugins that you have downloaded for your website. Say if you are using a high CPU plugin, such as SumoMe, Jetpack, etc., remove it now. The same is in the case for themes. Delete all the themes that you don’t want in your system as it’s actually increasing the website speed of your site, nothing else. 

Use CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Due to the global network, people visit your site from different countries. So, it’s quite common that the loading speed might vary from person to person and location to location. Many organizations do not consider this as an issue, but actually, it is as it directly affects your website loading speed. 

Don’t know how to fix this? Well! CDN (content delivery network) is all that you need. Basically, it keeps your website data in different data centers, due to which it becomes easy to load the content. Thus, your website audience will get the information from the nearest data center that helps in improving the site load time.  

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Clean your database 

Last but not least, a tip that will help you to get good results is by cleaning up your database. If your website is messy, then it will surely take visitors to load in more time. Probably it’s due to deactivated plugins, drafts, posts that are under revisions, etc. 

But once you optimize your site and have a clear database, it will help you manage your site and boost your website loading speed. Basically, it will take less time for the browser to gather data and return files from the site database. Thus, make sure your database is not cluttered with a lot of useful content.

The Final Say 

Creating an excellent website is not rocket science. If you keep a few things in mind, you can easily hit the targets and take visitors down the sales funnel. 

Besides designing and development, website loading speed is significant for website performance, and it is one of the most common problems faced by people. But hopefully, this issue can be resolved by keeping the above tips in mind. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start getting happy returns by improving your website loading speed! 

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