People often go to work, not from a good life. Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners is a very relevant topic today given New Year.  But Kuwait is not an obvious choice for earnings among forces, especially among the European continent. And all because of some features and specifics of this country which we will consider in this article. Kuwait is considered a rich country, all because of oil. After all, most of the Gulf countries live off oil. But it is the decline in black gold reserves that is forcing the Kuwaiti authorities to attract more foreigners to work in their country.

Specifics of work in Kuwait for foreigners

The advantage for forces who want to go to work in Kuwait is that even with a small seed (only 2 million people), more than 70% of Kuwait’s workforce is predominantly forced. In this regard, this country primarily prefers indigenous people, but highly qualified forces will not be abandoned. But it also gives an advantage to forces, because then you do not need to know Arabic thoroughly, just speak English. In this regard, Kuwait primarily prefers indigenous people, but highly qualified forces will not be abandoned. But there are restrictions on forces in Kuwait, according to which he cannot work at any job if he is over 50 years old. But for the most part, this applies to low-skilled workers. Force will also have to get used to the culture and customs of Kuwait, as well as to the hot climate. This country is considered a Muslim country, but more than 17% of the population are Christians. It is very good that in every day life force in this country are fluent in English. Another advantage of Kuwait is the absence of taxation and the fact that the unemployment rate in this country does not exceed 3-4%, which allows for new vacancies

How to get a job in Kuwait

You can’t just come to Kuwait and get a job. In order for a forces to be able to work, he must first enter into an employment contract with his employer. In addition, the employer is fully responsible for the employer and also takes care of such payments as

·        implementing a visa

·        work permit

·        invitation, etc.

Also, of course, the employer makes a number of requirements

·        documents confirming qualification or education

·        fluent in English

·        experience in the field in which the force is going to work.

What are the salaries in Kuwait for foreigners

Of course, the higher the qualification of a forced worker, the higher his salary. It is better for forcers to look for job options among skilled occupations because there are enough unskilled workers in Kuwait. In this country, the average salary is $ 30 per hour, or 5-6 thousand per month (and this is only for ordinary workers. Most vacancies for force are in tourism and recreation. For example, waiters, bartenders, cooks (salaries from $ 1,000 per And the most popular professions in Kuwait for force are: IT, education, builders, medicine. A qualified doctor in this country can count on at least 6 thousand a month, teachers in this country earn from 2 thousand dollars, a civil engineer – from two and a half thousand dollars a month, plus a minimum wage in Kuwait for domestic workers ($ 200 a month).

How to find a job in Kuwait

As well as in anything in work it is necessary to compete. Especially in Kuwait, especially forces. After all, a forcer in this country can mostly apply for highly qualified professions. Since unskilled professions are “occupied” mainly by the local population. The main requirements for force workers are -qualification and knowledge of English. There are many organizations in Kuwait that help forcers find work, such as the Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Most vacancies are, of course, concentrated in the capital, this country.

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