Keep It Low Key: 7 Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

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Do you hate having to bring out the mower and other tools to take care of the lawn every weekend?

Having your own yard is one of the best benefits of being a homeowner, but the endless maintenance can get old. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you want the upside of a backyard without the troubles, read on. This guide will examine 7 low maintenance backyard ideas.

Gone are the days of weeds, pests, and shaggy grass. Follow some of these steps to revolutionize how you enjoy the backyard.

1) Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to non-living aspects in the yard. Good examples of this are paver stones, bricks, and patios. Adding hardscape to your backyard will dramatically decrease the maintenance while adding aesthetics.

Pavers are versatile and customizable. You can design them to take up as much or as little of the yard as you like.

2) Add a Path

A good way to break up a large backyard is by adding a path. Walkways and paths are a traditional look with a purpose. Have it lead from your backyard to the gate or shed.

Paths cut down on mowing and weeds. Meanwhile, you won’t have dirty feet when walking outback.

3) Build a Deck

If you are looking for low maintenance backyard ideas on a budget, consider a DIY deck. It may sound like a daunting job, but there are dozens of plans available.

If you use the right materials, they will last for a long time. What’s more, the larger you build the deck, the less yard area you’ll need to worry about.

4) Perennial Flowers

Not all backyard maintenance is about covering the grass. Some homeowners may want a garden. Fortunately, there are great ways to add color without adding work.

A good trick is planting perennial flowers. These plants will continue to bloom every year. Forget keeping up with the garden. These independent flowers will explode in color every season.

5) Rocks for Decor

Perhaps planting flowers is still too much work for you. There is an even simpler option. Adding rocks is maintenance free backyard landscaping.

Larger rocks are perfect natural art. Alternatively, gravel and pebbles are great garden border ideas. You may even consider adding gravel around the house. Companies like Reynolds Pest will tell you keeping vegetation away from the house can mitigate bugs.

6) No Mow Grasses

There is always the possibility of adding grasses that don’t need to be cut. Switchgrass and fountain grass are a few popular options. These plants never need to be mowed or trimmed. Leave these grasses to do their own thing.

Beyond that, they are a unique landscaping look. Consider grasses that strive in your particular climate.

7) Turf

If you want the look and feel of grass without any of the maintenance, turf might be the play.

Many homeowners are adding fake grass to their yards. For small yards, it’s not out of the question to turf the entire area. Turf looks and feels real. No cutting, watering, or maintenance is required. You only need to enjoy it.

Consider these Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

These low maintenance backyard ideas will decrease the time you have to spend with tools. Add some of these upgrades and you can start spending your weekends enjoying the yard instead of working on it.

If you found this guide useful, stick around the blog for more homeowner articles.

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