Key Opinion Leaders and why they matter according to NetBase Quid

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To understand why Key Opinion Leaders matter, we must first know what they are. You may have found that Wikipedia redirects the “Key Opinion Leader” page to their “Internet Celebrity” page through research. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. Whereas an internet celebrity, or an “influencer,” as they often called, can be a key opinion leader, it doesn’t mean all internet celebrities are key opinion leaders.

What’s the difference between Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders?

The significant difference is that a critical opinion leader can be anyone whose opinion is valued. A doctor is usually a key opinion leader on health issues. Not just in the regard that we go to them when we need our health checked but also because someone needing to write articles about a health-related topic may go to a doctor to get information to help with their writing. But internet celebrities and influencers operate solely online and may only provide entertainment while holding an opinion that the masses don’t find relevant. This doesn’t mean they can’t be, but it also doesn’t mean they are.

A friend who is good at an instrument may hold a pivotal opinion to you on if the song you wrote is any good but may not have a following by too many people outside your circle.

Why KOL’s matter in business

Businesses use KOL’s to help make decisions faster than they could on their own, saving them both time and money.

If you are very knowledgeable about computers, ram, and core processors and how they help or hurt a computer’s performance, it is a lot easier for you to pick what kind of computer you would want should you need to buy one. However, if you aren’t as knowledgeable, you would have to take time to research many different types of computers, and depending on how critical the purchase is, you may even have to learn about ram and core processors yourself to make sure your computer has the right one for the job you are accomplishing.

However, a KOL is like using a cheat code in a game. Just press up, up, down, down, left, right, right and unlock a KOL who already knows what ram and core processors are and can point you to the correct computer after asking only a few questions.

The same is true when you want to launch a product or service. If you know how to find and locate key opinion leaders, they may see the market you’re trying to reach or the hidden cost of manufacturing you may not be aware of, among many other things. The right KOL can save you lots of time, money, and disappointment in the future.

Tool’s You Can Use for Your Business

KOLs are great tools for your business to use in a situation where the right decision is a crucial one. Sometimes a decision needs to be made. Other times the right decision needs to be made. That’s much pressure on business owners and CEO.

There are many tools out there for business. If you have trouble finding and researching the tools you need, NetBase Quid offers services designed to deliver those tools to you and already partnered with companies like Coca-Cola, T-mobile, American Airlines, and more. NetBase Quid certainly has what your business needs.

In Closing

Key opinion leaders can be anyone who has a valued opinion. Businesses use them to gain help them make calculated decisions without having to do the calculations themselves. NetBase Quid is also another way you can get the tools you need for your business.

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