Learn Bitcoin Trading in Easy Steps

Cryptocurrencies have for sure taken the market by the storm. For some, it is a big investment for long-term profits, some are making investments to avoid the centralized systems, and some are attracted to their continuously rising prices. But one thing is for sure that cryptocurrencies have become a topic of interest for everyone. No matter whatever is your reason for trading in the Cryptocurrency market, one thing is absolutely clear that all of the people want to make some profits from to visit: Bitcoin currency

Now, we must also understand that amongst all the options available in the crypto market, bitcoin is the oldest crypto that has existed for more than a decade now. Moreover, with the biggest market capitalization among all the other currencies, it has created a name of its own amongst investors. All the aforementioned factors play a big role behind its continuous popularity among inventors or for people who want to start investing in Bitcoin.

For beginners, trading can be tricky to know how to do trading, and the reason for such confusion is natural for any new investor because of the nature of Bitcoin, which is volatile and lacks knowledge making it a steep curve to overcome. 

We will be discussing 4 easy steps that you need to take care of to make the right start in the market.

Bitcoin Trading Steps:

Here are all the steps that you must know about 

  1. What affects bitcoin’s price
  • Supply of bitcoin

The supply of Bitcoin in the world is 21 million, which is limited, unlike the fiat currency, which has an unlimited supply that leads to high inflation. Only when there is more demand for Bitcoin will there be then only, they will be mined more than the 21 million marks.

  • News

The market is so volatile that even one bad news can affect the whole market price because it creates fear in investors’ minds and leads to the withdrawal of money from the market.

  • Events

Some important events can easily affect the market, and the event can be either good or bad. The good might push people to be bullish, and the bad leads to a bear market.

  1. Trading style and strategy
  • Day Trading

The day trading strategy is the simplest, which includes buying or selling Bitcoin on the same trading day. 

  • Trend trading

Trend trading is done by seeing the trends of the market. If the trend is bullish, then people hold on to investments, and if bearish, they sell the holdings.

  • Bitcoin hedging

This method is used when you are suspicious about the market. To cut your losses, you open the short position, and when the price declines, your investment will offset losses.

  • HODL

You carefully check when you will sell them when losses are going out of control by using the stop loss.  

  1. Different means of exposure
  • Derivatives

Here in this method, you do not own the Bitcoin. Instead, you speculate on Bitcoin prices for the future to make your margins in a bullish or bearish market.

  • Bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin exchange is the simplest way. Here you own the Bitcoin from the exchange and hold onto them in expectation of an increase in price.

  • Crypto 10 index

Here the top 10 cryptos in the market are taken as the bases which speculate the future prices, and then investments are made.

  1. A plan

The last but not the least thing is having a proper plan in place. Knowing how much you want to earn creates stops and limits that can save you from the greed of more which the majority of the time turns against the people.


Trading in Bitcoin is a popular option for the majority of people who want to invest in the crypto market. But for beginners, it can be difficult to get the basic fundamentals of the market on which the market depends. The trading in Bitcoin has now become easier with an auto trading platform where a person can easily open an account for Bitcoin to make his first step in the Bitcoin investment. You can learn more here about cryptocurrencies. The article has gone through 4 important steps one needs for Bitcoin trading.

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