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You may have encountered problems in the past regarding the security of your PDF documents. For instance, someone may have taken your PDF content and passed them off as their own. Or maybe you found that your PDF is being used as a reference for another person’s work but they didn’t attribute to any sources.

These are both problems regarding having others respect your intellectual property rights over the PDF document. The good news is that you can now learn how to embed a watermark in all your PDF documents so that you get the credit for the content.

How a Watermark Works at Securing Documents

The first thing you need to learn about how to add watermark to PDF is that it is like a digital signature. So you should pick a watermark that is either an image or piece of text that you want exclusively identified with you, your company, or your organization.

The watermark you select should only be associated with you and no one else. So it should be something that you believe represents the values that you stand for. In the case of a company or an organization, the values these espouse should be represented by the watermark. Some people take a long time to select the correct watermark because of this.

If your PDF document has a watermark, it will be very difficult for someone else to alter the content of your PDF. For that reason alone, you should select a standout image or piece of text that others cannot replicate.

Steps to Take in Adding a Watermark Image or Piece of Text

  • Prepare Your PDF Document – What this means is that you should read through your PDF document well. Try to spot errors in spelling, word choice, sentence construction, and placement of paragraphs. If there are none, you can proceed.
  • Prepare Your Watermark – This means having the file of your watermark ready for use.
  • Access the Website – Yes, this means having to find a place where the Internet signal is strong. Students may know where they can go on campus to start accessing the cloud service. Your company or your organization may also have specific locations within the office where the signal is strongest. The reason for this is that you need the Internet signal to remain strong throughout the process.
  • Drag and Drop the PDF Document – You will easily find the place within the tool where you can place the PDF document from your files.
  • Type the Text or Select the Image – The text or image referred to is the precise watermark itself. For text watermarks, you have to encode the text in the appropriate field. For image watermarks, you can just select the watermark file.
  • Place the Watermark Over the Correct PDF Document Page – This is self-explanatory though some people might be unsure where the watermark should be placed. This part you can figure out on your own. Just make sure the watermark is large enough to cover the content of the page.
  • Process the Watermark – You can proceed to add the watermark. Wait for the cloud service to prompt you when the watermark has been attached.
  • Download the Finished Product – This means the watermark has been attached and is ready for use as you see fit.

Options You Can Try

Before you do the watermarking process, it may be interesting to find out ways you can jazz up the PDF to be watermarked. The cloud service of does offer you some choices in this. For instance, you may want to change the font style, size, or color. You may also try out other watermarks if you feel like experimenting.

You may also find that you don’t have to confine your watermarking efforts to just your laptop or desktop computer. Some gadgets that can access the Internet such as a tablet might be useful for this purpose too.

One good aspect of the watermarking process is that you can always use any operating system that you already have on your device. This means you can pick a Macintosh, Windows, Linux, or Ubuntu to carry out this task. This makes it convenient for most people who rely on these operating systems for most computer-related tasks.

You might also be surprised to learn that you can upload the saved PDF into the cloud service itself. Since the cloud service has 256-bit encryption technology, your files will be as secure as when it is saved inside your device. You won’t have to worry about whether others can access and change your data without your knowledge.

Access Other PDFBear Tools After You Watermark!

The good part about using the watermark service for your PDF is that you get exposed to other tools too. For example, if you want to split the PDF first and combine specific pages to create a brand new stand-alone PDF document, you can do that with too. You can then select the brand new PDF document and add a watermark to its pages and save it. Voila! You now have a new document that has the right watermark security feature.

Who Benefits From Using the Watermark?

Anyone who needs to use a PDF document will benefit from learning how to add a watermark to a PDF using this service. For instance, lawyers usually have a lot of documents to prepare when they have to go to court for a client. Having a watermark on these documents helps other lawyers and the justice system employees to know which documents belong to which law firm.

Another good example is doctors who are invited to speak at meetings and conferences. They may have their PDFs that need watermarking. They may need a watermark so that other doctors and health care professionals will realize that the research documents were prepared by a particular doctor or health care worker.


A watermark is a good idea for anyone who has a PDF document to protect from data thieves. If your PDF has a watermark, that makes it harder for them to claim that your work is theirs. And if you receive a PDF that has a watermark you know that it belongs to someone else. Using PDFs is a good idea provided it is protected by your preferred watermark text or image.

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