Measuring Productivity in Software Development Teams

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Success and utmost productivity are one key factor any stakeholder in the development of a software project has to consider. This is especially important at the moment the project is to be launched. And for it to go forth in unison and harmony, a stronger backbone is needed- the software development team. A fact that we all have to bear is that all these teams tag themselves with uniqueness in that, their style of performance is different. Undeniably, what we want at the end of the day is the success of the team which has to be made up of skillful men and women as well as having deep experience in software development.

Having said that, the question that comes into mind is, how do I measure the agility and productivity of my team? How can the team’s performance be improved?

Gauging the Team’s Productivity

For a universal understanding, productivity can be defined as the capability of a skilled individual to deliver needed services or goods. In software development, the meaning of ‘productivity’ is added more weight. Developing software is one of the hardest jobs in the world which calls for relentless efforts from the team at large. This will thus make the entire team outdo the terrific competition that is projected by other development teams.

Bearing in mind such a competition, you may be worried about how your team’s productivity can be perfectly measured. For you to ensure that your group has professionals who are effective in developing software, then you need to consider the following:

Choose What Makes up the Development Team for your Firm
When consolidating the team members for your project, proper keenness must be focused on who specifically makes it up. The kind of development team you create highly determines the success of your software project.
Three major types exist. You can thus choose for yourself from any of these:


This special type of team is made of members who perform their function with enthusiasm in a certain field. It is important to include these members in your team as they normally focus their working attention on one specific problem with all their skilled knowledge. With what result? The working style becomes more resourceful and operative. The disadvantage? Effective communication is not many a time relied upon by these team members of software development. Such a case is more common because the specialization is narrowed and the functions of other team members may not be well understood by the connoisseurs. This severely makes communication between the poor.


‘I do it all’ type of members. These guys have a diverse general knowledge that encompasses more than one area and other fields. Generalists are unique in such a way that they can offer help in nearly every problem they come across. An added advantage is that such support can bring in a definitive solution to the burning issue. Sometimes, generalists may run out of the desired skill and knowledge to face the problem of interest. This will make your project suffer a loss and definitely draw it back.

Cross Beed Team

This team is simply made of connoisseurs and generalists. You guessed it right. This team has the best advantage. Your connoisseurs will be relentlessly focused on functional needs, whereas the generalists will be behind the wheel of effective communication and harmony within the team. The bad thing with this adorable team is that it is difficult to consolidate them, especially with little capital and time.
The bottom line? Ensure that the team that you build pushes your project into success and at least should compose both connoisseurs and generalists.

Institute Clear Functions and Objectives

The functions of a productive software development team, are highly engaging and include more than designing the software, developing its performance, and testing its effectiveness. Additionally, your team needs to have more specified personnel. One of them is the product owner. This guy will help you in envisioning the looks of the product once it is out. He will also tell you who the specific consumers are and the functions of the product. A project manager is another needed personnel who will be in the front line of ensuring that the team works efficiently and the product satisfies the users’ expectations.
Furthermore, you will need a software architect. This specialist chooses the type of desired strength of technology for use in the project. For the software to develop successfully, the knowledge of product engineers essential. Other important team members include business analysts, quality assurance professionals, and experience designers. All of these members need to have their specific functions and objectives to meet as a team for the productivity of the software development.
Now take a look at the following metrics of software development that can help in measuring the productivity of your team.

Customer satisfaction

In an attempt of gathering information on how end-product users perceive your product, it essential that you use this metric. You will get to know how your team strives to meet the satisfaction and expectations of the user.
Business performance
Retention rate, rate of customer acquisition, and monthly recurring revenue are among one the metrics you can employ when you want to know the success strength of the software development project. The metrics of business performance give consideration to expenses, bookings, and duration the customer places as a value. As you measure the productivity of your software development team, these metrics ensure that you arrive at specific factors that impacted the business either positively or negatively.

Product engagement

This is another metrics that help you know how productive your software development team is. Essentially, the end-product user’s attention should be well captured and satisfaction met. You will come up with information concerning the attitude and love the customers have for your product.
Sometimes your software development team may be making little mistakes that require retouch or there may be obstacles barring your software product from getting to the desired users on time. You will definitely come to know of these if you use the deliverables metric.

Agility metrics

This metric won’t necessarily point out the specific cause, but it will focus your attention on matters that require more seriousness and set a meeting to iron them out.


At the end of the day, the software team you designed for the development of your project will need to be checked in terms of productivity and performance. It is therefore wise to note that it is not a single-report job. You will need to employ measures like choosing a good team and setting out clear-cut goals for the team. Furthermore, you must employ two or more of the above-mentioned metrics for accurate measurement of the team’s productivity.

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