New Marketing Trends Demand New, Authentic Thinking

Modern digital marketing is deceptively simple, but also very easy to get wrong. Figures analyzed by Entrepreneur magazine reveal that the majority of SEO campaigns fail, despite the best-laid plans, and this is only becoming more frequent. Digital marketing is an incredibly fluid and flexible area of technology and advertising, and it’s something that needs to be approached in a flexible way. In the world of blogging, this has never been more important. The good news is that bloggers are ideally placed to take advantage of change.

Unique searches

What a modern digital marketing agency will tell you about search optimization will largely focus on one area – authenticity. Competition is fierce and the market is more congested than ever, with businesses that historically worked within the brick-and-mortar realm heading online. Cutting through the competition is a matter of storytelling – and accomplishing that via the machinations of SEO is a trick worth knowing. Search Engine Journal notes how the esoteric practice of storytelling is crucial regardless of industry and is something that can be constructed from market research. 

Take keywords, and analyze them. Why are searchers using this keyword, and how are they talking about it? What do competition websites do to address it? Knowing the story of your work, and the keywords associated with it will help you to fine-tune your content and meta output.

Brand consistency

The need for authenticity is also matched up with the need for consistency. Inconsistent messaging, or frequent changes in the type and delivery of your messages, will denigrate your message. This can be difficult to process, however, against the backdrop of SEO and content marketing, which demands flexibility. Construct your new content within a defined framework. Mapping out how your business operates, where your brand lies, and how you can expand naturally – without altering the core brand ideals – is crucial to be flexible and still effective in a market that prizes authenticity.

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Reaching out

According to Powered By Search One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make in their SEO efforts is failing to conduct outreach with their communities. Great content is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to marketing. To really have an impact, you must tailor that content to the community, and that can only be done if you have the research on hand. Reaching out to your customers and community on a regular basis, and ensuring that they have consistent communication with you, will help you find insights on them and the wider market that you can then put to good use. Going in blind, even with good content, risks becoming detached from your customers and partners and losing that authentic edge.

SEO is only as good as the data behind it and that’s true for authentic marketing. Building a consistent brand voice and approaching your customer’s journey in a way absolutely tailor-made for them will achieve something huge – finding your way through to larger markets.

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