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Every here and there, you must have heard of the word content. Well, Content is the premier king in this digital decade. You make money or become a famous/ influencer based on the quality and uniqueness of your content. Content writing is a specialisation service that enables a person or an organisation to provide relevant data, facts, and figures compiled in a particular writing format.

The person expert in this field is often referred to as a content writer. The best part of being a writer is that it does fit anyone with any background or history. The only need is the “IDEA” that you have to pen down.

Types Of Online Content Writing Jobs

Depending on the need of the hour, it can be categorised into different forms –

Story writing

This is the most interesting type. It seeks your imaginative brain, which lets you pour your imaginations into a piece of writing. Generally, these are short versions of a long novel story to be read in one go. Ideal for dreamy heads.

News Report Writing

News is a fact that has happened recently or is happening currently. The person involved is called the Reporter. He could belong to a newspaper, magazine or news channel, or individual as well. They have a high demand in the writing and publishing industry. 


A pen is sharper than a sword. Whether to spread the word or to create awareness, writings have been proved helpful all the way around. Blogs and blogging platforms are one such way to put your opinions out into the masses. Here you can write freely flowing way. No need for a formal tone or heavy words. Just some original, engaging content. Newcomers can start a career in writing with blogging as their first ladder step. Even the business website uses the blog corner to keep the interaction and traffic active. 

Short tales (Micro writings)

A few sentences compiled into savage writing is called micro writing. This type does not require more than 5 minutes per writing. It could be for self-understanding or a sub-version of a long tale or a summary. Even an Instagram bio is micro writing. Knowingly or unknowingly, almost all of us do it daily. 


Have u ever wondered how you search with some keywords on Google, and it always comes up with the most relevant articles arranged from top to bottom. This feature is known as search engine optimisation. This is a newly emerging field where the writer uses specific keywords, arrange, and plan to rank as high as possible. Expertise is required in this field. 

Technical writing

Maybe a tech guy knows the drill but cannot put 2 and 2 together to get a valuable output. But since he knows the drill, he could be of use to the other people where his drill knowledge could make writing into the technicality of the subject. Generally, technical data is being scribbled across the pages and presented in the best professional manner possible.

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Ghost Writing

Like any other story writing, novel, or book writing, ghostwriting is also an original piece of writing. But an ethical issue arises here, the writer doesn’t get the credit for the writing. He is being ghosted when the piece is published with the owner’s label, who got it to pen down. Though this is also fine until and unless you are paid handsomely. 

While all of these types are available and you are well-versed with them, you must wonder where to pursue them? How to pursue them? Is this profile made for you? Are you going to make a lucrative career? Well there, we’ve got your back, mate. 

Learn Content Writing For Free

Talking about the platform to learn this skill, there are multiple online resources available to enrol in. Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, etc., which provide different courses at minimum possible charges. They offer an opportunity to let you learn a mix of content writing with professionalism.

However, a degree in literature, journalism, and mass communication is preferred. You may also need a master’s degree to win over technical and research writings. These are not all necessary, but with them, the process becomes easier. Even the basics of writing are taught in schools to kick-start with the lowest level.

Why Should You Start Your Career As a Content Writer

When things were offline, there was no such need for content writers. The adoption of the worldwide web in the 1990s turned the pages which enabled businesses to represent through a website and to attract the visitor or customer they have to write some content as well. That’s how content writers emerge out of the blue.

And in this 21st century, there is almost no field left where content writers are not required or needed. Spreading awareness through blogs, landing pages for business websites, novels, books, press releases of company meetings, marketing copy, etc. Within the technological advancements further, this field is never going to end. You will never fail to find bread and butter through this profession. The future is bright if you are going to try yourself in it. 

How To Start Content Writing As a Career

After talking a lot about writing, their types, history, and prospects, it now comes the turn of a CONTENT WRITER to be introduced. And how to become one. Content writers are individuals or a group of skilled writers who combine facts, knowledge, data with their writing skills to present an engaging and arousing piece of composition.

It is planned and arranged according to the audience to be presented before. A content writer is way more significant than we can imagine in this digital era. By merely writing engaging content, businesses could go from streets to the sky, and a notion can spread from nowhere to worldwide. What war cannot achieve, a good piece of winsome article can. 

The beginning is always hard, and so does the fruit produced. You reap what you sow. To begin a career in this field, You might have to follow the following steps _

Step 1 – To create a portfolio. Start working to build a network, contacts, and acquire some basic etiquette and skills, not for money.

Step 2 – Improve through practice. Make a societal presence. Blogging could be a good option. You may also post on LinkedIn to enhance and make an impact among the crowd.

Step 3- Now, you are all set to work on a monetary basis. Depending on your availability, you may do it on a project basis as a freelancer or a full-time worker. 

Step 4 – In the meantime, you must be aware of your writing niche. Whether you are an imagination bug and writing short stories, micro tales, novels, or a tech-savvy serving technical research and analysis firm, you must have figured it out while creating a pulling portfolio. 

How To Become a Good Content Writer

Now, you might need a strong coffee, good brainstorming, and a typist’s fingers; writing being a lethargic and time-consuming job, you have to find ways to keep yourself up; otherwise, you will end up with a boring chunk. 

  • Always take quick short breaks when you think you are running out of words.
  • Don’t overdo or over research. Do it once or maximum 2 times
  • Look out for some synonyms to avoid repetitions. 
  • Use humor too if it is informal writing. Phrases can be of good importance here.
  • Do 2 revisions at least and see if it is wanting you to read further. If not, then you need the editing.

How To Find Online Content Writing Jobs

All set with skills, portfolio, and social presence- You have to make some dinero now by finding a decent job. We will help you in finding one. 

  1. If you are a student or pursuing some other dream career, you might want to do it part-time. For that, you can find a suitable project basis work on websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, people per hour, etc where you can work from home.
  2. Technical guys can apply in MNCs where there is a vacancy. For that, you can swing by on Linkedin network, naukri.com, or particular company websites. 
  3. If you are into news or press release writing, you might want to have a journalism or literature degree to get a preference in selection in a paper house or book company. 
  4. Impress the job board with a mix of the hot and cold pitch while applying for one.

How Much Does a Content Writer Earn

In this economy, there are a lot of opportunities to earn a living from the Internet. Many of these involve writing, either for yourself or for publications or other organisations. Working as a content writer is a good choice for many people since it doesn’t require a lot of formal education, and it can be a great way to make some extra money.

If you are an online content writer, it is good to know the average pay for writers in your field. If you are thinking about taking up content writing, please keep in mind that you will earn as per your word and experience. On average, a mid-level content writer earns $48,627 per year.


In the end, wise words from wise men — “ Content in writing is supreme and gives words to your thoughts.” It is a beautiful profession with multiple lead possibilities to explore and excel. We have given you an insight; now, the ball is in your court to play out of your comfort zone to become what you are destined to be or capable of. 

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