21 Best High Paying Online Teaching Jobs For 2021

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The Corona pandemic has caused huge losses in the education sector all over the world. Due to the closure of all schools and colleges, online teaching has proved to be very effective when students are not able to attend in the classroom. Since then the demand for online teaching jobs is also increasing a lot. In fact, online tutoring jobs are the most trending job opportunity after COVID.

An introduction about online teaching jobs

The Internet came into existence in 1969 but it became publicly accessible in 1991 as a World Wide Web. Today, almost everything from basics to the difficulty is available online.

This has enabled teaching and learning to widen its aspects rather than just sitting in a classroom to learn something. Teaching is the profession that creates other professions. Be a part of youth development and creation to earn more respect and gratitude.

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Online teaching jobs are the most prevalent, attractive and feasible forms of online tutoring and learning new things.

Not only elementary or higher school studies, but also culinary art, musical instruments, new language, dance classes or singing classes.

These online teaching jobs are providing employment to many retired teachers & professors and to many college-going students who have good instructing/ guiding skills.

Benefits of online teaching jobs

  • There is no hard-fast rule of teaching for certain bounded hours; the flexibility of this online teaching jobs can be best understood by this major advantage.
  • You can also have some precious me time as well. Another major factor is money. You can have an extra source of income to expand your shopping spree or any other desire.
  • The motivating student is a daunting task in a classroom of 20 or more students. But through online mode, you can have one-on-one chat to motivate and analyze each student to uplift their career and studying spirit.

21 High Paying Online Teaching Jobs

Are you looking to earn money without stepping out of your house? Well, that is what every youngster in this era is looking for. The best way to earn money with your compatibility is to work online. You can earn online as much as you want, and the best part of an online job is that you are your boss. Besides that, you can perform your loving task.

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When we step into online jobs, we found multiple jobs from which we can choose any based on our wish list. You don’t have to put effort into traveling to offices and work restlessly. Most importantly, online jobs are beneficial for introverts and socially awkward people, as research shows that most people love to work from home with their comfort level.

2020 was a history-changing year. It develops the sense of remote work or e-work from home, which soon converted into the trend. The best way to work online is the teaching which helps you develop the future and good personality profile of the one you are teaching. This guide will discover multiple online teaching jobs and online instructor jobs and jobs to teach English online with no experience and is also high paying.

1. Say ABC:

Say ABC is an online profile that not only provides you with educational stability; this site offers the best online instructor jobs.  It also provides you with a job with good payment. It is a platform that helps 5-12-year-old children in learning English. Their headquarters is in Beijing, China. People on this online teaching platform are earning up to $17 per 40 minutes.

sayabc online teaching jobs


  • You must be holding a bachelor’s or more than that degree.
  • Final year students are acceptable. 
  • It would help if you had good English and a minimum of one year of teaching experience. 
  • You must be holding a TEFL /TESOL certificate.


  • The average salary package is about 15-21 US dollars per lesson.

2. TutorSupply:

Tutor Supply is a part-time teaching job platform. It has a highly professional staff with good experience, and it has a wide range of faculties. They provide you with educational help in every subject of all levels. They offer jobs to expert educational consultants. Tutor Supply is the best platform to join as a tutor as it has a wide range of subjects. They will have an interview of yours by getting in touch with you.

Tutor SUPPLY, is an online teaching resource which provides various online teaching jobs to learners and non-lings. It is a database of all available online teaching jobs in different fields such as K-12, English, Math, History and more. To make it more convenient for users, the website provides a search function to narrow down the options that may be suitable according to the qualifications and experience desired.

If you wish to apply for a job, you can submit your resume and a cover letter describing your educational background, experience and skills. This is a great opportunity for students, homemakers, researchers, and professionals who wish to pursue a career in any of the fields listed.

In order to find online teaching jobs, tutors should register with Tutor SUPPLY. A user will have to register using a unique username and password, which are generated by the website. All records such as email address and username are encrypted to ensure user security and privacy.

tutor supply online tutoring jobs

After registration, tutors can access the database of online teaching jobs. There is a list of online tutors, which have been categorized into different groups such as beginners, intermediate, and advanced. It also includes a master’s program, Bachelors degree, certificate, and other diploma-granting courses.

These Tutor SUPPLY fields are specifically catered for those who desire to establish their credentials and enhance their skills in the field of education. With the help of this website, individuals can search for the appropriate tutors in their area.


  • You must be certified highly and must have expert knowledge in all areas of your subject. 
  • You must be holding QTA (teaching techniques) and DBS. 
  • You must qualify for the interview.


  • They will send you a link with further detailed information with a salary package after you clear the interview.

3. Panda ABC:

Panda ABC is an online English learning and online teaching job from home site. It is convenient to work with Panda ABC as it is a platform for one on four English teachings for children. You adjust your schedule according to your availability and choose the time you are compatible with.

Panda ABC is great platform for people to make extra money online.The reason that someone might want to do online teaching jobs is because they want to change their career. If you have been doing one type of job for years, you might be looking for a change to another area that you are more interested in.

There are a lot of different online teaching jobs available and all you need to do is apply to a school that is hiring. When you apply for a job online, it will allow you to learn all the things that you need to know about the online teaching profession before you go into the interview stage. This will make it much easier for you to get hired for an online teaching position.

panda abc online teaching jobs

The first step that you need to take when you are thinking about applying for online teaching jobs is to research the schools that you are interested in attending. They will have requirements that you need to follow in order to get accepted to the school.

Once you have applied to the school and received all the required credentials, you can then start to teach online. Online teaching is a great career choice for a lot of people, but you will need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can in order to succeed.


  • You must be a native English speaker.
  • It is mandatory to hold a bachelor’s degree in English. TESOL is preferable. 
  • You must have a fast internet connection with good quality of audio and good video capability. 


  • Working on this site will help you earn up to 30 US dollars per 50 minutes. The earning depends on your attendance rate.

4. Bling ABC:

Bling ABC is an educational English learning site. They are so confident about the quality of their studies. They have set high standards for the teachers, but the best part is that they pay you competitively. They also train you with expert details of confidence and teaching skills before your first class. They work with your ability in setting up your schedule.

bling abc online tutoring jobs

Bling ABC is the latest and greatest way to teach kids at home using interactive, innovative online teaching jobs. This is a program developed by the University of Washington that allows you to teach online.


  • You must hold a bachelor’s degree. 
  • You should hold the provincial teaching license. 
  • You must be a native English speaker. 
  • You can only work on a PC or Laptop with speedy internet with good audio and video capability.


  • They offer a competitive rate to their teachers and you may earn up to 14-27 US dollars. The rate depends on your availability.

5. Magic Ears:

The magic ear is a great English learning and teaching website for the age group under 4-12. It is a virtual teaching job. They help and inspire students in learning English and help teachers in everything regarding students. They serve their students with highly qualified, professional, and certified teachers online.

If you are looking for a rewarding and profitable career in teaching English as a second language, you may want to consider Magic Ears as one of your many options. This is an exciting new business opportunity that offers an innovative approach to online teaching jobs.

Magic Ears operates as a company that sells a variety of electronic teaching aids that can be used by both teachers and students. The company claims that it can teach children from various countries at the same level, because it recognizes each country’s educational standards. If you enjoy working with young students and enjoy being a part of the exciting world of online teaching, this may be just the job for you.

magic ears online teaching jobs

To qualify for any of their online teaching jobs, you need to have certain basic requirements. In order to teach online English as a native English speaker, you must fulfill three basic requirements:a teaching degree or an English as a Second Language (ESL) degree from an accredited school. You must also complete registration with the National Association for Foreign Language Teaching (NFCLT) which will allow you to work in several different capacities within the industry.

After you fulfill these basic requirements, you will be required to take an examination that will determine if you meet the minimum requirement to teach English as a native English speaker.

Once you have met the minimum requirement, you will be able to apply for an open position. The company is set up so that teachers can promote themselves to other local schools and employers. So, if you are planning to start teaching English as a native English speaker, Magic Ears may be an ideal opportunity for you.


  • They require a licensed teacher who should have a graduate degree. 
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in English while students accept it means it is an online college teaching job and an ESL instructor.


  • You will pay higher than the average after clearing the application process. They will find no charge for your sickness or emergencies.

6. GoGo Kid:

Gogo kid is an educational online English teaching site for children aged 4-12. Their offices are in Beijing, Chaina. They inspire the students towards studies. They work with qualified, professional, and experienced teachers who are focused on making students learn in a friendly atmosphere.

GoGo Kids is a leading online tutoring company that offers tutoring from qualified tutors at affordable rates. These tutors are recruited on the basis of their performance and ability. Tutors take tests and grade papers of students, which GoGo Kids will grade for its customers.

The online tutoring jobs offered by GoGo Kids are designed to suit the requirements of students across the various levels of education.

gogo kids online teaching jobs

Students with a basic level of education can earn a diploma online and those who have an increased qualification can opt for higher studies or higher paying online tutoring jobs.

Students can register with GoGo Kids online tutoring service by providing the details of their profile such as name, designation, academic qualification, age and so on. Once enrolling, all the students will receive a username and password through which they can access the online tutoring services.

GoGo Kids has earned itself a lot of popularity in the field of online tutoring. It has become very popular because of its various online tutoring jobs that it offers to its online tutors. GoGo Kids also provides online tutoring from well qualified and experienced online tutors.


  • They require an ESL instructor; you must be holding a bachelor’s degree and 2+ years of experience. 
  • You must have good ability to teach kids aged 4-12.


You can earn approx 25$ with gogo kid. The availability will decide your rates.

7. I Tutor Group:

I tutor group is based in Shanghai, China. They have online tutor jobs for teachers; they are global leaders in online teaching platforms. They work with experienced and qualified teachers and a high paying online educational site. They work on all the subjects of all levels—more than everything they serve the best education with their teachers’ help.

The first and foremost advantage of the I Tutor Group is that it provides excellent quality education for its members. The tutor group online teaching offers courses in a wide variety of subjects such as English grammar, reading and writing, math, science and much more.

It also provides specialized training to its members such as computer based training. The tutors who are part of the I Tutor Group can access any kind of course at any time of the day or night. This online teaching service provides opportunities to those who want to build up a business online or do a part time job.

itutor group online english teaching jobs

The I Tutor Group also helps you earn money through advertising. Through the online teaching program you can attract thousands of tutors all over the world. When a student has to face a difficulty in learning a particular subject or skill through regular classes, the tutor can solve the problem instantly by giving practical tips and solutions through online tutoring.

The I Tutor Group is managed and funded by a few private and public educational institutions in the US. These institutions provide all the facilities that are needed by the tutors and students to access the online teaching services.

As part of the I Tutor Group there are online tutors who are willing to help those who want to improve their English communication skills. They are skilled in correcting errors in grammar, reading and writing as well as in understanding difficult concepts.


  • You must be a bachelor or more in the relative subject and must have one year experience. 
  • Must have a valid TESL/TEFL certificate. 
  • You must be fluent in speaking English.


  • You may earn US$ 1,500-2,000 monthly with this platform.

8. Lingoda:

Lingoda is a teaching team which gives you the ultimate flexible job according to your comfort and ability. You can teach adult students anytime you want by working with this site. It also helps you in building your experience and developing confidence with the help of its friendly atmosphere.

Lingoda is an online learning system that is intended to provide guidance for all aspects of academic study in a structured manner.It is an ideal tool for students who have the problem of time management and also provides flexibility and convenience.

lingoda online english teaching jobs

The entire process is designed to improve focus, retention and comprehension. These aspects are vital for students who are otherwise often at a loss regarding their studies. In this regard, online tutoring jobs can come as a blessing and it will definitely help the student to overcome the time constraints that he might be facing due to other engagements.

To begin with, you will find plenty of opportunities to search for online tutoring jobs on the Lingoda website. You will have access to the database of trained teachers and you can search for the job that suits you the best.

There are various payment options that you can make use of on the site such as payments through PayPal, Alertpay and even Azeert. There is no cost associated with the user account and you can use it in order to get access to online tutoring services twenty-four hours a day.

Another great benefit associated with Lingoda online tutoring jobs is that the user can interact with the tutor by emailing or chatting. This helps you to check up on the progress of the tutor.

The tutor may also suggest certain improvements and changes to your assignments. You will be required to pay a fee for the service but it is completely worth it considering the advantages that it offers.


  • You must have a certificate in teaching and at least 2-3 years’ experience. 
  • You must clear the interview or application process. 
  • You must be fluent in English.


  • They will mail you all information after you succeed in your interview or application process.

9. Cambly:

Cambly is a site which offers high payment for online English tutor jobs. They are focused on working with experienced teachers, and they pay you according to your compatibility, qualification, and ability to work. You must be friendly and confident to work with them. With this online teaching site you are free to work on your schedule and comfort ability.

cambly online english tutoring jobs

Cambly is an online English learning site that provides adult learners around the globe with lessons in a variety of subjects. To be an eligible online English teacher, all you need is to be either a native English speaker or at least a close-to-native English speaker who can communicate well in English.

There are few other requirements, which make this one of the easier platforms to get started with, especially if you do not possess a formal teaching background or a bachelor’s degree in English. The other good thing about working with Cambly online tutoring jobs is that you can work at your own pace and not be committed to a certain number of weekly classes.

If you are a first time online teacher, it would be better if you already have some teaching experience and references from previous employers.


  • You must be a bachelor’s in English and IELT, or TOEFL is valid to work with them. 
  • You must be a native English speaker.


  • They will reveal salary packages to you if you clear the application process.

10. Landi English:

Landi English is an English learning and teaching site, based on CLIL. This website aims to make their native Chinese students learn English as well as students around the world. They offer multiple jobs. You can join any according to your desires. They claim to pay a high and stable salary.

Landi online tutoring service that was developed by Amy Waterman, who has been a teaching for many years. She used to teach reading, writing and grammar at the local public school in her home town of Kettering, Ohio, and supplemented her income by offering tuition-referral services.

landi english online english tutoring jobs

She began to look for a way to help others in need of English tuition when she came across an advert for a job working from home. This lead to the creation of Landi English online, where she offers tuition and advice on many subjects including American English, grammar, reading and writing and history.

Landi English offers jobs to individuals who are able to meet their minimum qualifications. They also offer private tutoring services through a website.

The website is very easy to navigate, as well as being relatively feature-rich. It provides clear instructions on the services they provide, and is a great resource for finding additional information about teaching or learning English as a second language.

They have jobs available all around the world, and Amy is always happy to recommend another teacher who could help someone with their English teaching skills. If you’re interested in becoming an online tutor, or if you know someone who would be good as a tutor for Landi English, then you can just sign up for their free tuition website.

Online tutoring is becoming quite popular and there are a lot of jobs available – all it takes is a bit of research and a willingness to do extra classes if that’s what is required. You may find that this is an ideal job for the whole family, since Amy is very involved in the Landi English online community, helping new users get started and chat with other users.

It’s an especially good way to make new friends, since you’ll be surrounded by people who love the language as much as you do!


  • You must be eligible to work in the UK, US, or Canada. 
  • You must be holding a bachelor’s degree or more than above in English. 
  • You must own a teaching certificate if you do not have any problem, they will help you with that after passing the interview.


  • With this online tutoring platform, you can earn 10.00$-18.00$ per hour.

11. Skooli:

Skooli is an online teaching job that helps students learn all the subjects under a highly-certified teacher’s supervision. They also offer a good job with wider salary packages. They prefer only the best online tutors, claiming to pay more than any other online institute. You can set your own working schedules by working with them.

skooli online english teaching jobs

With the rise in popularity of distance learning and online teaching jobs, you no longer need to travel to a nearby college campus to teach students and make money. With a Skooli online teaching job, you will be able to earn handsome money from home at any time of the day or night.

No matter what your schedule is, you are sure to find a job that fits with your availability. This doesn’t just make it easier to go to school but also easier to maintain a job and parenthood at the same time.

The best part about working with a skooli tutor online is that you can earn money while you are in your own home. You can sit down in your chair, turn on the computer and work for hours every day or night.


  • You must be holding a bachelor’s or more than that in your field. 
  • You must also have teaching licenses and special instructor qualifications.


  • With this online teaching platform, you will earn based on your qualification and educational background.

12. Oakary:

Oak is a website that works with professional, experienced, and friendly staff. They offer flexible hours of working. This website allows you to teach from any part of the world. They pay you well, and the best part is that it is no problem if you do not have any experience. In this platform ,a  basic class runs for 25-45 minutes per session.

oakary online teaching jobs


  • No experience is required. 
  • You must be a bachelor’s in your field and must have teaching licenses.


  • With this platform, you can earn 16$ to 25$ per hour.

13. US Kid:

Us Kid! Their offices are located in China. They have multiple jobs that pay you well with good work availability, but they want their teachers to be great and friendly with kids, and one must be creative and critical. They increase your pay with time and experience. You are also free to teach as much as you want.

uskid online teaching jobs


  • You must be bachelors with your subject and must have teaching licenses. 
  • Here experience is not a huddle.


  • With this online tutoring site, you can earn up to 17-28 US dollars per hour.

14. English A to Z:

English A to Z is an online learning and teaching website. It not only provides a good platform for students; it also works a lot for their teaching staff. They provide improvement in the teaching skills besides helping you develop your teaching and professional abilities.

If you’re an English teacher and would like to earn some money with your knowledge, then English A to Z online teaching platform is definitely for you. This is a program designed for those who teach English as a second language (ESL) at schools or in businesses.

Through this platform you can take online classes in English, whether it’s for personal use or as a class project.You can make money through the program by getting paid on a per lesson basis for every student who completes the program.

With this type of arrangement you can work at home during the day, watch TV at night, or even do whatever you want with the kids while they are at school.

Earning some extra income with English A to Z online teaching platform is something that just about anyone can do. It all takes a little bit of effort, but if you are dedicated you will be able to make a good living with this method.

In order to get started with this online tutoring platform, you will first need to become a member at the English A to Z community. This website has information on the types of classes you can take as well as tips on how to succeed in your online teaching career.


  • Basic teaching skills are required. 
  • You must be experienced.

Average salary:

  • A teacher can earn high according to his access.

15. Skillshare:

Skillshare is another platform in which one can teach every sort of skill. Also, you can learn a lot of skills from Skillshare. It means that if someone wants to learn skills, then skill share is one of the best options for them. Well, are you skilled enough to teach? If yes, then you can earn a handsome amount simply by teaching skills to other people. Very effective and skilled teachers are teaching in skill share.

skillshare online teaching jobs

Skillshare is an Internet based company that provides jobs for teachers. With this platform, you can earn a base salary of $15 per hour, but this will depend on the level of your experience and skills. However, as a teacher you will have to understand that you won’t get full-time wages, but only part-time salary, which is still more than most people earn per hour.

The pay is therefore not comparable to that of other professionals, but if you want to teach or do some form of teaching, this could be your only option. And the important thing is that if you do a good job and are dedicated, then you will not only make a lot of money per hour but overtime as well.


  • Any creative skill is the only requirement to work on Skillshare.

Average salary:

  • A teacher can earn up to 0.05 to 0.10 USD per minute on this platform.

16. Hugo English:

Hugo English is a platform which teaches English in American Accent. They teach students of 5 to 16 years of age. English lessons are being taught from 6 PM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday. Whereas, the timing schedule on Saturday and Sunday will be 9 AM to 9 PM.  Remember, this time standard is Chinese based. 

hugo english online tutoring jobs


  • Effective English speaking and writing skills are required.

Average salary:

  • With this platform, a teacher can be paid up to 14-20 USD per hour.

17. A+ teacher:

A+ teacher prefers students and teachers of Asia. IF you are from Asia, then this is the golden opportunity to add extra bills on your account. Each course is being taught online. Each session of this course lasts for 27 minutes.  A+ teacher will teach you from the material which you like. They did not impose per-planned courses for teaching. Teaching from unfamiliar courses to students is not included in policies of A+ teacher.

A+ teacher online tutoring jobs


  • The teacher must be from Asia because this app is specially designed for natives of Asia.

Average salary:

  • Salary of an A + teacher starts from 30 USD per hour.

18. SkimaTalk:

SkimaTalk is an online teaching platform. Members that used to teach on SkimaTalk are native English speakers. Teachers of SkimaTalk belong to the professional instruction community. A person can easily learn English using skype video. Teachers from SkimaTalk contact with students using Skype. Way of teaching of SkimaTalk is unique and affordable. It is very easy to manage English classes using SkimaTalk.

skima talk online tutoring jobs


  • The teacher must be native English speaker.

Average salary:

  • Salary of a teacher on SkimaTalk starts from 8 USD per hour.

19. Hujiang EdTech:

Hujiang EdTech is hiring teachers globally, and this platform is based on e-learning. Active users on this platform are about 110 million. The services of Hujiang are divided into different parts. These parts are named as news, online community, online tools and courses.  Hujiang EdTech is promoting many platforms which are giving online teaching services.

hujiang online tutoring jobs


  • TKT, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA certified are required to apply for jobs in Hujiang EdTech.

Average salary:

  • Salary of the teacher on Hujiang EdTech starts from 16 USD per hour.

20. Boxfish:

Boxfish will provide comfortable learning for home. There is no time restriction to learn by Boxfish. Every student is free to manage their schedule. An affordable and attractive package is provided to teachers by Boxfish. Furthermore, because of the attractive package, professionals come on this platform and share their knowledge with others. Millions of students can learn English using Boxfish.

boxfish online tutoring jobs


  • Native English speakers of the USA, UK, and Canada can apply for job in this online teaching platform.
  • TOFL/TESOL certification is required.

Average salary:

  • Salary of a teacher at Boxfish starts from 10 USD per 25 minutes.

21. Whales English:

Whales English is an online school, and this school is based in Beijing, China. This school used to teach students on age from 3 to 18 years. Huge gaps are developing between privileged and underprivileged in society and the aim of Whales English is to reduce this gap.  In most online English teaching platforms, there is a huge gap between students and teachers. This platform helps in the development of a friendly environment between teachers and students.

whales english online tutoring jobs


  • The teacher must be a native English speaker and a bachelor’s degree holder. 
  • Also,can work for 8 hours per week.

Average salary:

  • Salary of a teacher at Whales English is 23.25 USD per hour.

Bonus: Some Other Best Platform To Join For Online Teaching Jobs

# YouTube

Yes, you heard it right. The first and the most reachable platform to start online teaching is a daily most used app i.e., you tube.

It’s a diverse and widespread platform where you can instruct millions of students of different ages and from different parts of the world. If you are a teacher already, you can definitely try your next online step here.

How to start an online teaching jobs career on YouTube !

  • You just need to record the video and upload the teaching videos over the platform. Be it some elementary or secondary school studies or any other artistic skills that you are master at. 
  • You can use animations, handwritten notes or a blackboard live teaching to prepare the video going to be uploaded.
  • For some hints and working on the YouTube recording and uploading feature, you can watch some tutorials over the same platform. You can create a tutorial video of any art or skills that you wish to teach online by performing it.
  • Beginners such as students, who already keep up with the technology, will find it easier to use and teach there. YouTube earning is a bit different.

Average Earning : 

You earn as per the views you receive over a period of time for a particular video or tutoring. For this, you need to spread your video to your contacts or links from where you can get likes, views, and subscriptions to earn and make a decent living.

Networking is another key aspect of it. You can even advertise on some social media sites to attract a group of relevant viewers. Here you just need to be precise in your teaching with or without experience.

# Unacademy

Majority of the students must have heard of it from some advertisements of other students using it. It has a network of over 10,000+ teachers to educate in different categories. Such as NEET UG, UPSC, Bank PO, CA, CS, Class 11th 12th, Foundation courses and other competitive courses to upgrade your preparation.

Main motto of this platform is to support the varying educational needs of a diverse, career-oriented, and nationally dispersed student body with the goal of preparing students personally, academically and professionally. 

How to start online teaching jobs career in Unacademy

It is not only accessible to Indians but also to other foreign students who wish to pursue career in INDIA in these fields. They have separate apps for students and educators. Educators can sign up for their respective portals and a demo approval will set your career into the online teachings on unacademy.

You can teach them live or upload some offline courses where each and every learner can access it. But there is a plus platform as well, where learners buy a subscription at affordable prices to access more features of unacademy like daily quizzes, DPPs and many more.

Average Earning :

Your salary is calculated upon the basis of views per hour you get on your streamed courses or special live classes. For a verified and top educator income is quite high. Teachers with experience are preferred. Even students who have cleared some competitions are also legible.

# Vedantu

Vedantu is a similar platform to Unacademy. To start teaching here, you are provided with an application form. Fill it out and prepare a persuasive and interactive demo of your relevant subject which is noise-free. They have an option for part-time and full-time tutors. Pascale and time flexibility is at its best.

You can also opt for multiple subjects tutoring as well. For professional teachers and professors, the pay scale is quite high. You can definitely try your luck if you are a teaching or guiding expert.

$ Question and doubts experts

Some students tend to ask questions on some online websites to clear their doubts. This is the opportunity for teachers to become a subject matter expert and resolve doubts of students through online mode only. You can sign up on some popular websites such as chegg, doubtnut, toppr, clay6, khan academy, Britannica, byjus, lumenlearning etc. They might take some test or quiz before appointing you as subject matter expert.

After being appointed, relevant doubts and questions are directed to you on your profile or email. You can solve and get the doubts rectified for the students out there. Payment for each query solved is different on different online platforms.

Average Earning :

It may vary from $10 to $20 dollars per hour or $3 to $5 per query solved. Shy people should at least try and create an extra income source for their livelihood.

# Notes provider

Students are very chivalrous and keep on escaping the online classes as well. But at the exam peak time, they go into deep search of short notes and important questions. Here the educators can provide students with high quality notes. You can make them available on some website or personally. Notesgen is a leading name in this category.

You can upload your handwritten or typed notes in a PDF form with an appropriate description of the notes provided. You are paid for each note purchase. You have to put on a price tag as per the quality, quantity and importance of the notes that you are sharing with the students. You also have a chat option to add some update edits in them.

# Telegram or whats app

If you are sensitive to online live teaching on other platforms and fear payment frauds , then this is the best suited option for you. You can start your own telegram channel or whats app group to add students to it. And provide classes on Google meet or Zoom classes. You can charge on the hourly basis as soon as the student is admitted to your channel. There you can provide notes, links to the scheduled classes and other study material. Flexible time schedule, limited students and secure advance payments are the main highlights.

# Recruiters platform

You can even search for online teaching jobs on job provider platforms like indeed, LinkedIn or naukri.com. Where the needy students, learners or any teaching institutions advertise or put up the post for hiring an online tutor.

One of the ads reads as; need a 15+ year’s experience online teacher in the math analytics and statistics for private tutoring to a 20 year old BSC Hons Stats student. Interested applicants can contact them with their resume and a free demo class. Selection will be done on the basis of the understand ability of the student and your way with the students.

Another one reads as, need an online tutor for learning proficient English speaking in more of a business oriented profile. Interested and talented applicants can apply before 5th of October with a legible unto date resume. Selection criteria are a demo class, experience years and history of producing ranchers if any.

Here are some other up to date top platforms where you can give a kick start to your online teaching jobs career on your own and earn more and spread your teachings more to every corner of the world.

List of colleges and universities which offer online teaching jobs opportunities

  1. American intercontinental university
  2. American public university system – APUS
  3. Grand canyon university – GCU
  4. Independence university
  5. K12
  6. Kaplan
  7. Pearson
  8. Prof360
  9. Rasmussen college
  10. Strayer university
  11. VIPKID
  12. Walden university

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Online Teaching Jobs Quick Tips

  • if you are a teacher and you want to move up to a higher paying position, you will have to go through a process where you get some hands-on training at a teaching college or institution. 
  • If you are a person who is not employed, you would need to find a method for receiving training that is convenient. This could include online learning or classroom training. 
  • Some people are able to take online courses and some are able to take classroom classes. There are even some who would prefer to receive instruction straight from a teacher. No matter how you decide to get trained, however, you must make sure that it will lead to a paycheck. 
  • One of the most common ways to make money with online teaching jobs is by participating in an online course. The benefit of taking such a course is that you do not have to leave your job and travel to the campus. 
  • If you want to start earning extra money right away, then this method would be perfect for you. However, if you prefer to be paid in cold cash, then you can go ahead and apply for an assignment or project based on your talents and skills.
  • The pay may not be very big, but when you see how much you can increase your pay by getting paid through the internet, it would be worth it. Plus, since most online classes are short term assignments, you can enjoy a vacation and still make a decent amount of money. 
  • In addition, if you would decide to become an intern, you would be working under a manager who is also your supervisor. This means that you will be working under a professional who is highly educated in the field you are interested in. 
  • Aside from the fact that he can give you more assignments and projects, he will also teach you about different aspects of the course, which you might not get paid to learn. This way, you will be able to build your portfolio when you apply for future positions. And you will be ready when you face your boss for the next position interview.
  • You can make a lot of money with online teaching jobs, but you need to put in a lot of effort. Aside from the hours you spend in school, you should also have the determination to excel in the field you are working in. If you can display your skills and talents, you would definitely get hired by one of the schools in the area.
  • Best Online Teaching Jobs can help you earn a good salary even while teaching at home. There are several people around the world, who have a problem of earning a decent living by taking up their full time job and yet they want to become a teacher. However the most important benefit of being a teacher is the freedom and flexibility that they get in the classroom along with the chance to instruct people on subjects of their choice. It is possible to pick and choose the subjects of discussion depending upon one’s’ mood or interest.
  • Most of the teachers have the ability to explain the various subjects in a simple way so that the students can understand it easily. They should be very patient as children often become bored with the repetitive nature of the lectures.
  • The concept of best online teaching jobs is associated with the idea of tutoring. A teacher can earn a lot of money from home by simply signing up for a tutorial class.
  • A tutor is someone who is capable of helping out those who need practical teaching from the experts. The concept of online teaching is not new to any one but now the scope has been increased a lot. 
  • A teacher can join an online college as a full time employee and also get paid by the distance learning distance education program that he has enrolled for. 
  • It is not at all difficult to enroll in a distance learning college and then find the best online teaching jobs. There are a number of factors that determine the pay scale in such online college classes. A person who wants to teach young kids or children can either opt for online college classes or a regular college. 
  • Most online teaching jobs mainly offer $15 -$20 per hour. Part-time and full-time teacher’s availability is in high-rise demand during these pandemic days.
  • It is important to ensure that the children do not have any misconceptions about the topics. In order to make sure that the class is interesting and stimulating, the instructor must be able to prepare for the classes in an excellent manner. 
  • Becoming a qualified teacher requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It is advisable to start your career as an instructor and then take further advanced training if you wish to become a qualified teacher trainer. 
  • Once you clear the basic requirements, you can actually look for online teaching jobs and start earning. Other than helping students with their academic work, the instructor also serves as a sounding board for parents and guardians and can impart valuable knowledge to them about academic standards.
  • If you decide to take up online education courses on a full time basis, it is advisable that you use your teaching license and pass all the exams. 

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A brief introduction about salary online teaching jobs is that The Internet came to existence in 1969 but only became widely available to the public in 1991. Today, nearly everything from basic learning to the most complex problem is available online.

This has allowed learning and teaching to broaden its horizons and not just sit in a class to learn something. The teachers and students can communicate with each other online, which makes teaching and education an enjoyable experience for both.

If you are a teacher or a student who wants to get online teaching jobs then you can start by looking for the websites of the different companies that offer this opportunity. This will help you find out whether you fit into their culture or not.

The best online teaching jobs would usually require a certain number of hours in a week and you need to be committed towards it. As a teacher you should be able to teach the material in a manner which motivates your student so that the latter wants to pursue further education and learn more.

You can begin by submitting your resume online and include all the important details such as experience, academic qualification, and the platform where you have gained the relevant knowledge.

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