Reasons to entrust your Business Commercials and Audios to a Voice Over Professional

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When creating audio-video commercials/ads for your business, there are numerous aspects to consider. Companies spend tons of cash to make the visual better and entertaining only to find out that the voice over quality is not too professional. The need for getting a professional voice over service is not only limited to big MNC’s but also for small-scale businesses who wish to establish their own distinct identity with Voice Over Professional. Most businesses would need animation voice over services for their marketing video.

The beauty of a voice over artist is that he/she can produce a unique vocal style, much similar to a radio jockey, that compliments your business aura. From serious heavy tone to soft calming tone, the voice over of your commercials and audios needs to be catered towards your target audience. A technique that takes time to master and deliver constantly, which only a professional voice over artist can commit to.

It is paramount that the recording voice of the artist should match the business campaign. Inexperienced voice over personnel can threaten your image, no matter how good they sound. There is a range of factors to consider during voice overs. Tone, firmness, pitch, volume are a few of the skills a voice over artist possesses.

The overall goal of a commercial audio-video project is to reach a wider range of audiences, and a good voice over is a perfect tool to connect to them and convey the message of the business smoothly. A premium-quality voice over artist has the ability to quickly and effectively adapt to your business style, as well as change the speech tone of the commercial or audio according to your preference, even during a pressured environment.

Voice over artists are avid readers, as they read a lot of voice over scripts. This not only grants them the ability to have a keen eye and confidently pinpoint any vague and redundant lines in the script but also verbal ways to connect with your target audience. The consideration will improve the flow of the speech and express your business’s message effectively. 

A VO artist can also spot errors in the structure of the sentence or grammatical errors which can result in a fiasco. Professional voice over can vary depending upon the theme. There is a significant difference between voice over for a cartoon and a voice over for a jingle. Skilled voice over actors know this and they undergo professional training to perfect their art so that they can master the skill of speaking for various genres. They can effortlessly adapt to the changing needs of the business and the audience.

As for an amateur voice over artist, he/she will surely have immense difficulty to skillfully pull back the pitch, tone, or energy during the voice-over recording, which will ultimately lead to long time-consuming retakes. Convey the same to a professional artist and he will get the desired result every time.

There are multiple types of voice overs required depending upon the theme of the commercial or audios. Some of them include-

Image Commercials

Narrating upon the images and videos that unfold in the project. A typical example of this type of voice over is common for travel and tourism commercials and audios where there are just sequences of beautiful shots on the screen which require a deep heavy voice for the narration. It engages the viewers on a subconscious level and makes them visit the destination as soon as they can.

Topical Commercials

This type of voice over sheds light on a new or existing product and compels the consumers to listen, which in turn pushes them to take action.  A good example of these types are food commercials, mix the visuals of delicious mouthwatering food with a great voice over and this will amplify the message.

Engagement audios and commercials

Spark a positive reaction inside the viewers or listeners with the right voice. Commercials in such categories connect with the viewer’s emotions, make them understand the core, and emotionally persuade them to take action.

Education audios and commercials

From vaccines to universities, make your audience learn something important about your project. The role of a good voice over will not only make them learn but will also make it look sophisticated, professional, and trustable.

Company profile commercials

These days nearly every business has profile commercials or audios to build a well-known brand that can self-sustain. The trick to success is to make the end-user remember your name, leading to an increased retention rate. A short 30 to 60-sec commercial which is brand-oriented and promotes your company, will make you stand out from the crowd.

In a nutshell, the role of a voice over in a commercial cannot be undermined. Whether it’s a TVC, a YouTube video or a radio jingle – it’s the voice that impacts us the most. Voyzapp – a leading online voice over marketplace in India, hosts thousands of professional voice actors who work round the clock to offer perfect voice overs.

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