15 High Authority RSS Feed Submission Sites List

RSS feed submission is the process of submitting your RSS feed to RSS feed submission sites in order to increase your visibility and attract more readers. By submitting your RSS feed to RSS feed submission sites, you are essentially giving them permission to include your content in their directory, which can help you attract new readers and followers. Additionally, many RSS feed submission sites will also provide backlinks to your website or blog, which can help improve your search engine ranking.

What Is RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is an XML-based format for syndicating web content. RSS is a technology that allows subscribers to keep up with the latest headlines and updates from websites using a feed. 

RSS Feeds are a way to keep up with blogs you follow without having to visit each individual blog every time. When you subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed, the blog will send you an email every time a new post is made to the blog. You can then read the post in your browser, or save it to your computer for later.

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What Are RSS Feed Submission Sites?

RSS feed submission sites are web-based platforms that allow users to submit content in the form of an RSS feed. These sites typically offer a variety of features, such as the ability to syndicate content, track user engagement, and generate leads. RSS feed submission sites allow your content to be distributed to a wider audience, and can also help to increase your traffic and subscribers.

Rss feed submission sites

Major Benefits Of RSS Feed Submission Sites

RSS feed submission has many benefits for your website SEO. The following are just a few of them.


In most cases, submitting your website to RSS feed submission sites will result in you receiving a returning backlink. When you get backlinks from various high-quality websites, you can boost your search engine optimization.


When your latest posts are shared with a huge audience, you’ll be able to achieve great popularity for your blog.


The search engine generally takes a while to index a new article or blog post on your website. However, if you use RSS feed submission sites, you will be able to expose your new posts instantly to a large audience. As a result, search engines like google can also discover your new content and index it quickly. 


As this helps to serve your newly published content to a large audience, you will get huge referral traffic to your website or blog.


By submitting your feed to the RSS feed submission sites, you can have your content delivered directly to millions of web users worldwide. This can help you build an audience quickly and improve your online presence.

Free and easy to use

RSS submission sites are completely free and they are also easy to use. To get started you just need to sign up on their websites and submit your feed URL. 

Why RSS Feed Submission In SEO?

RSS feeds are an essential tool for Search Engine Optimization, and they are well understood by webmasters. In order to provide users with updated information, webmasters create accounts on RSS feed submission sites and post their RSS feeds.

Because the software automatically submits your RSS feeds to RSS directories regularly, you save time and energy from manual submission.

How To Upload RSS Feed?

Here is the simple step to submit your RSS feed to the RSS feed submission sites.

  • List out some high authority RSS feed submission sites.
  • Create and verify your account.
  • Find your RSS feed URL.
  • Complete the process by submitting it.

Where Can You Find Your Feed?

If you are a WordPress user, congratulations! WordPress provides RSS feeds by default.

You’ll find it at /feed.

For example, https://www.yourblog.com/feed.

Best RSS Feed Submission Sites List

There are many RSS Feed Submission Sites available on the internet, but finding the best ones can be difficult. This is why I have compiled this list of the best RSS Feed Submission Sites. This list includes RSS Feed Submission Sites that are free to use, as well as of high authority.

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In conclusion, RSS feed submission sites are a great way to get your content in front of a wider audience. They are also a great way to build links and increase your website’s SEO. By submitting your RSS feed to these sites, you can reach a larger number of people and improve your website’s visibility. So, what are you looking for? submit your RSS feed today and see the results for yourself!

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