Secret Ways to Get Cheaper Van Rentals in Miami

Sometimes vacation spending is enormous because it includes many things: hotel, restaurants, excursions, etc. If you want to save some money and prolong the trip, this article is for you. It will be more advantageous to move with your van with a low rent price. What is more, you can attend more places and buy some extra souvenirs or other things. It is delightful, don’t you agree?

Top Three Secret Strategies To Get Cheaper Car Rentals

You will be surprised, but these secret methods, as everything genial, are simple. On the one hand, you can sit and look at 25$ per day and wait for a more considerable reduction. But you can miss a good deal, so there must be other ways to find the most acceptable price for a van rental in Miami. It is handy to start your search in a rental car app. Let’s consider the top three secret strategies:

  1. Try lesser-known services.
  2. Go around the Insurance Extra Spending.
  3. Get rid of Fees and Industry Quirks.

Try Lesser-Known Sites

Some services give favourable terms with membership, like AAA. Costco Travel usually offers cheaper than in other major companies; this service is safe and proven. Lesser-known sites propose lower prices or databases with discount coupons. Be careful with intense discounts and such sites as Priceline and Hotwire — they both hide the agency which van belongs to and don’t back your purchase even if you disagree with conditions. 

Go around Insurance Extra Spending

You can save from 15$ to 25$ per day of the total rent cost with your car and travel insurance. Their coverage is enough for your rental vehicle during the trip. Just read the terms attentively, then bring your proofing documents and take the keys. If you haven’t any insurance yet, you can buy the stand-alone insurance policy, which costs partial of the total rental charge. 

Get rid of Fees and Industry Quirks

Did you read the fine print on the document before you rent a car? If not, we strongly encourage you to do it and learn about things that aren’t needed at all but cost a pretty penny. Companies provided unnecessary fees for GPS navigation and radio up to 8$ per day. Your phone has the same functions so that you can use it for free. The same goes for frequent-flier miles and airport taxes and fees. Don’t rent the car from the airport, if you want to make it less expensive.


Now you can only try these life hacks and make sure that it works. Secret ways seem to be obvious when you realize them because this is about attention and not more. Nothing special is mentioned in selecting the most comfortable price, just a few key issues. We wish you a great vacation in Miami and profitable spending at your leisure!

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