Seize Your Position in the Online Grocery Marketplace by Developing an App like Instacart

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Hi there! If you have been keeping a close watch on the grocery delivery business, one thing is certain. The demand for online grocery ordering has taken a huge leap in the past few months. Statista reports that the number of adult grocery shoppers will be 30.4 million by the year 2022. If you are in an utter dilemma to choose a business venture, then the grocery delivery business is the definite business idea for you. This blog is dedicated to edifying you on the comprehensive insights of the online grocery delivery business. 

Why Should You Go For Developing A Grocery Delivery App?

  • Stock Management Is Made Easy!

Checking up on the stocks available and managing them have been tedious tasks in the traditional grocery business. Say goodbye to traditional ways of managing goods and say welcome to the easiest ways of managing stocks. You can feed the number of grocery items along with all their particulars on the Instacart Clone app. Every time a stock gets deducted, you will be notified of the same, which helps you in managing the stocks easily.

  • Target users

Targeting users have always been the toughest nut to crack. Agree? Unless and until you know their choices, it will be difficult to target them. But with the analytics present in the online grocery app, you can follow your user’s preferences, and target them accordingly. You may be familiar with the analytics tool. It will record all the activities of the users and prepare a summary of their choices. Based on the insights from the analytics you can design your targeting strategies like displaying recommendations or recently purchased products.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty is crucial and it can be fulfilled via an online grocery app. But how? With an app, you can know the customer’s feedback, know the performance of your delivery persons through reviews given by users, etc. Apart from optimizing the quality of your service, you can also keep users engaged by exciting them with referral rewards, discounts, and coupon codes.

Benefits You Can Offer To Users By Developing The Grocery Ordering App

  • Convenience

Users can attain the highest level of convenience by ordering groceries online. Because they can order groceries online at any time without having to move away from their comfort zones.

  • Saves Time And Money

By ordering groceries online, users can cut off the time needed to visit grocery stores. Also, users can eliminate the travel expenses associated with visiting grocery stores.

  • Access To A Range Of Product Lines

We all might have experienced a situation, where our favorite product runs out of stock. Since grocery apps list products from different stores, users will have access to different ranges of products. This will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Next, let us see through some of the latest trends that are ruling the grocery delivery services.

Trend-Setters In Grocery Delivery Services

  • Curbside Pick-Up

Curbside pick-up is where users can order items from the Instacart Clone app and pick-up them from stores directly. Here, managing the curbside pick-up can be streamlined by idolizing Walmart. Walmart lets users avail of curbside pick-up, where users will have to collect the orders from the designated pick-up areas. While Costco lets user’s takeaway their orders by displaying a valid government ID. After collecting the orders, users will have to leave their e-signature on the shopper personnel’s device.

  • Contactless Delivery 

Contactless delivery services have their roots in the pandemic. It was during the pandemic times, several delivery services introduced contactless delivery, where there is no direct establishment of contact between buyers and the shopper personnel.

Any business gets more enhanced if it adds certain value propositions that will be appreciable by users. In this regard, we shall see some of the added benefits you can give away to your users.

Brownie Points You Can Offer To Users

  • Recipe books

Adding recipe books to your app will be an added advantage as users can try out different recipes. By adding recipes, you can also promote different brands, which will increase your revenue from product promotions.

  • Diet-based foods

Not to exaggerate, people are conscious of choosing food items. Nowadays, people wish to enjoy their favorite foods without having the guilt of consuming calorie-rich or sugar-rich foods. Many grocery apps sell items based on their nutritional values.

  • Farm-Fresh

Though there are numerous packaged products, users will go in search of fresh products. Keeping this in mind, grocery apps have allocated a separate section to list farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Need To Have A Grocery App Like Instacart

Until now, we have been discussing grocery app development. Instacart clone is one of the popular grocery apps that are developed by entrepreneurs worldwide. The clone solution is a ready-made script, using which you can build your grocery app as per your requirements. If you question the benefit of adopting the Instacart clone, then cost-effective and time-efficient are the two answers. Yes, unlike developing an app from scratch, the clone app development is simple and requires less investment.

What Are The Features Associated With The Instacart Clone?

  • Track orders
  • Schedule the delivery
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Store pick-up
  • In-app alerts
  • Integrated payments
  • Live navigation
  • Order history
  • Reviews and ratings


The online grocery business is at the peak of its growth. If you wish to turn this opportunity into the favor of your business, go with developing the Instacart clone app. Packed with real-time features, the app will help you in boosting your user base, thereby increasing overall sales.

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