10 Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds 2021: Impactful Presentations That Stand Out

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Putting together an awe-inspiring presentation requires two preludes: form and function. That means the slides have to be aesthetically pleasing and need to carry quality information that is comprehensive and easy to digest.

Whether it is a corporate status report or a creative presentation deck, it is important to pay attention to the details, design, and data it is presenting. The most plausible way of achieving this is by using professionally designed PowerPoint background templates, bursting with editable features and design structure that says it all!

And let us not forget the visually fantastic 2021 trends that are all about bold graphics, muted pastels, geometric shapes, and neon pop-ups, creating a winning presentation every time.

For starters, here is a list of 10 best and most polished PowerPoint backgrounds with a unique layout that tops the charts! Let’s jump right in!

Neon hues

For a decade or more, PowerPoint templates have been all about white backgrounds. However, 2021 opens new doors to innovate and try the ‘dark mode’ instead. And since we are all going retro with our design trends, 2021 is all about embracing that dark mode with hues of neons, breaking free of that monotonous chain of PowerPoint themes, and giving our presentations an extra boost.

Nature-inspired, nature-approved

Outdoor scenery has always been a creative inspiration for many. And in 2021 PowerPoint themes, it is coming to full bloom. The ideal antidote to our lives limited to city and urban landscapes, a beautiful nature-inspired design is all we need to make a refreshing impact.

This versatile background design can be incorporated into any technique, style, or format of presentations. They also support the modern designing norms, something bursting with natural beauty, taking us back to Mother Nature and its gifts.

Geometric shapes and asymmetric layouts are striking and bold enough to catch the eye. They are, thus, an ideal fit and a trend that dominates 2021 backgrounds. Bring a splash of color in a sophisticated manner with our geometric layouts. Apart from looking modern, they help bring more diversity to the presentation world.

Socially conscious design

People are affected by what they hear, see and feel. After 2020, a year of turmoil, challenges, environmental crisis, and loss, there is a need to include an immediate call to action in our design structure. And socially conscious and environment-friendly backgrounds tend to do so in the best way possible. They also help convey the message of preserving Mother Earth and its gifts for future generations.

Custom image masks

One of the things that favor modern design culture the most is using custom masks in the background. Rather than adding simple images, 2021 calls for the adoption of an innovative approach such as split images, pop-ups, etc, transforming them into entirely new shapes. These masks especially make a PowerPoint background more appealing, like the one we have added below.

Gradients are here to stay 

The gradient pattern dates back to the 90s after which it took a backseat. However, 2021 is all set to rock this style yet again, showing no sign of slowing down. With hues and shades of each color, a gradient background helps you create stunning transitions with a fresh approach. Be it icons, logos, shapes, or PowerPoint presentation themes, gradients will bring them to life.

Data visualizations

Some presentations speak out to the audience. While many corporate designs are all about explaining, the growing trend embraces self-evident visual representations, minimizing the role of a speaker. In fact, 2021 background themes require a stand-alone attitude towards data visualization. One of the most promising ways of doing that is by using animated data interpretations. However, a simple chart and graph will also do the trick.

Social media

Many social media channels like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc, have become extremely popular especially as 2020 made us confined to our own homes. The ongoing digital wave is another reason that led to an evident boom in social media engagement. And 2021 is no different. It requires a well-established online presence to create and display snackable statistics.

Minimalism is the key

Keep it simple and basic! There is a reason behind this age old advice, especially when it comes to background images and templates. Because every word of it is true! Minimalistic presentations are a sure-shot way to showcase, educate, entice, and invigorate your audience because of their laid-back approach. They also offer the best supportive structure to present your message without it being too overwhelming for the audience. Thus, choose a background theme that is minimalistic and keep it classy!

Keep it muted and well balanced

Colors influence our souls. Needless to say, bolder hues get more pull and attention. Nevertheless, muted hues are more calming and pleasing to the eye. They reflect the incredible beauty of the world which was hit hard by turmoil and agitation in 2020. So a shift towards the understated and chilled-out color palette is absolutely mandatory!

SlideTeam and its gallery are trendsetters and trend followers. Therefore, any trending design you look for can be found there. If that is what interests you, make sure to visit this amazing website and download your best pick. The best part is that these themes and designs are fully editable and customizable, adding that personal touch to your offering!

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